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  1. just want to add a clarification to my post #19, I meant to add that if transparency is able to be applied to the left part of the screen, (the side that shows the program icons), I meant if such transparency was doable, that the program icons are not changed, but left alone so as to be seen, like the right screen is when transparency is added, and still shows the writing items. (PS:I tried to do an edit of my post 19, but it kept saying i had a pending edit and wouldn't let me edit it).
  2. Last update was Dec 2014, this is now April 2015, any updates in the near future?
  3. trying out the latest version on my W8.1 x64, seems to be working so far OK. I like the way it now can set the transparency, makes it look almost like the AERO effect on W7 :) I have a request, would like to be able to change background colors on the menu that lists the programs, and be able to set the transparency as well, (l like the transparency look on the right side). Its looking better, I my just change to this on a permanent basis from the start menu X I have been using.
  4. V1.6 was over 11mg, this one V2 looks to be under 9mg, if there were more added "enhancments", what was taken out? seems it would be a bit larger not smaller.
  5. I quoted the wrong item, this was to your last reply to me.
  6. As for the Admin right deal, I know how to run a program with that, I was talking about the Quicken program giving me a popup when I just run it as usual about needing admin rights, I am the admin, and have even set the security settings with "everyone", and it still complains with the box, this is a quicken program box, not the usual admin box in windows. This program runs fine with any other start menu. Turbotax also has a problem running when just clicking the icon, only way it runs is to do the right click run as admin, or set it to run as admin in properties, this is not required with other start menus. The right clicking on a folder to bring up the files within that folder is what I'm talking about, in windows explorer right clicking a file will bring up a menu, with several options, ie move to, properties, scan with, open with, ect, ect. I thought the windows recycle bin is supposed to show up as a pinned item on a start menu? As for the WIFI getting hosed, I can't say exactly what went down on that issue, so I can't say much more, like I said it was after messing around with trying to get your startmenu to open turbotax and do the usual update, it wouldn't, and only after a reinstall of a bacfkup image prior to the startmenu did it get back right. so who knows. For now I decided to wait for the final product, before I attempt to use start menu 8 again, I said I liked the looks of the program, and the aero glass effect possible in w8.1.1 using the transparent slider, I also like the blue color when using the W7 style, but can't use it until all programs run without problems again, also not all installed programs seem to be in the listing, several programs are missing when clicking on "programs" . Happy holidays to you all 2 :)
  7. Well I'm not sure just what the problem was, or if it was related to this beta software, but after messing around with this, I found my WIFI was not connecting anymore, that Turbotax program wasn't able to properly install the last updates either, even connected using my Ethernet cable. I went round and round all day with my ISP provider, and ended up just having them send me a new modem. I tried all kinds of stuff, but to no avail, ended up restoring my system from a Dec 9th image backup, "before" all this and am back working as usual. So won't be trying out any more of these beta's, I'll look for a final, and only after a full image will I re try it.
  8. Tried to attach the file several times, does not want to be added for some reason. here is the contents 2014-12-19 10:14:37:787 SMServer: Server Success 2014-12-19 10:15:10:221 GetAdminProcessToken return 1012 2014-12-19 10:15:36:052 GetAdminProcessToken return 980 2014-12-19 10:19:37:914 GetAdminProcessToken return 948
  9. OK well sorry to say that only one of those issues worked, I could open Turbo tax without using the "run as admin" this time, but the other issues still exist. Recycle bin still not pinned to start, right clicking files from a list still not bringing up the menus, and Quicken still complaining about being signed ina s admin, even using "run as admin".
  10. Will Do ...... btw: I use several of your software titles.
  11. OK my IObit friends, I went back to my usual start menu, startmenu X. I'll have to wait for the final V2 and re try it again to see what if anything changes.
  12. Right clicking files or folders from an open list does nothing either. No menu pop up to choose from.
  13. right clicking the recycle bin icon on the W8.1 desktop to "pin to start" does not make it show up in this startmenu 8.
  14. where is the "recycle bin icon"
  15. re installed 1.6 just now to see if Quicken and Turbotax are the same, well they both run OK when clicking the icons in the programs listing.without having to run as admin. Quicken didn't run right even when run as admon in this beta version. But now I don't see any program icons on the main list ie opened programs. Also seems a lot of programs are not even seen in the programs listing that are installed. I'll re install the beta again just to try again. =========== re installed beta, and the same problem exists with these 2 programs. Some reason this beta isn't seeing the proper settings like in 1.6 And the programs listing is still the same. Also under the computer C drive the programs data folder isn't even listed.
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