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  1. Just thought id drop in and post my views on the beta 2.0 vesion.. I tried the stable version and loved everything about it, id not long found this prog so i had only used the windows defrag which does not give too much output and just plain sucks really lol... Anyways after doing a search i found Smart Defrag and figured wth give it a try and i was totally amazed. Everything about it was just spot on, from the design layout, speed of operations ease of use. I really like the graphical output while the software works its magic on the defragging, it was great to see exaclty what was goin on and that there was something happening unlike the windows defrag which just lay around at 0% for so long i figured it didnt like my hard drives lol I have 2 HDD both 1TB or more, one is an external which connects via usb.. Ive been having issues with this on windows 7 dont know why but would not defrag via windows defragger also would not let me perform disk scanners. I also had a file that could not be deleted. Anyways i connected it to my new laptop which is win 8.1 tried windows defrag again and nothing.. but was able to delete the file that was not being deleted before which was good. So this led me to this software. Smart Defrag did all my drives without any problems the external drive did take some time but it was the 1st time it had been done since i owned the drive and it is 1.8tb drive but the fact that SD did it and windows didnt is enough for me to keep with it in the future. So anyways the beta version (beta 2.0) ive just installed and here are some things i like and dislike Dislikes: 1. Im not as keen on the layout of the drives as much as i am on the current stable version. Most laptops have partitions and i also have an external so all these displayed with large clunky icons is a little offputting Maybe this could be a user selectable option to have a list of drives or large or small icons 2. Just a small thing but for me this meant so much for me when watching the defrag.. While defragging there was no white "Moving" being displayed despite the key still showing it exist i never actually saw this flashing like it does in the stable version, again when you have large drives storing large files like WAVs or MP3s its nice to see this little white marker as it give me peace of mind that something is goin on :) Likes: 1. Speed, does seam much improved both for Analyze and Defrag (all options) 2. Game Defrag 3. Notifications Icon for the program is better then the current version one, not sure why but the current version icon that appears in the notifications is really pixely (just a small thing but it adds a little polished look to the program) Nice program and cant wait to see how it progresses in the future :)
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