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    IT Support in average size company


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    Win3.11, 98, Me , 2KPro, XPPro, Vista HP, 7Pro (All still available to use.. )
    Debian based Linux...
    Antivirus... mainly I use F-secure, but Also, Avast, Comodo...
    Spyware... Spybot, A2 emergency..

    Iobit AWC5 free for testing, Random Password Generator.

    Experience also Win 2k, 2k3, 2k5 &2k8r2 servers with MSSQL...


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  1. Thanks for your reply... Oh well.. and someone then suprises when some internet service is cracked when people use passwords like "qwerty"... When I Share with colleagues/friends some attachments, I'd rather encrypted them with long and difficult passwords, so every 10 year old and.. so-one cannot open it without a correct tools/ and lot's of time! I know, that e.g. US goverment can open pretty much any encrypted message, file, etc... but if they wanna spend their money for encrypted files filled etc my close friend new book version, he'd send to rate it or some funny photo etc.. so let them open, but every "John Doe" has to spend lot of time and effort to open e.g. 64 symbol password, with different encryption methods... to see just nonsense for him/her..
  2. Almost 300 read my message, but no one care to reply, not even IObit coders... It appears that the IOBIT products are 32bit only, not for any higher bits...
  3. I've been happy user of RPG when I use 32bit computer, but when I start using 64bit computer, (tested all versions of RPG, even latest, no change) I think passwords the program will create ain't secure enough. Or what do you think?... Here's 10, 64mark "Secure" password... yeah very secure... ?(%%}}}}<<<</////====33311119999666444422221111YYYYUUUUPPPPLlLGG 66MMIIIIDDDDZZZZVVVVVQQQMMMMHHHHdddyyyyyuu1199997777PPPPKKKK&GGC 9888666444443333DDDZZZZUUUUUQQQQLLLHHHHDDDDYYYYuuuuppppllllg*ggc AAVVVRRRRMMMMiiiieeeezzzzvvvvvqqmmmmhhhhhdddd}}}},,,,||||===4*** %!!!<<</////++++3333111199998888666444433331111YYYYUUUUQQQQLlLLH 3111000088886666NNNNIIIIEEEEZZZZVVVVRRRRMMMMIIIIddddzzzzuuuu/qqm OJJJFFFFAAAAWWWWssssnnnnjjjjeeeeaaavvvvllllnnnn))))%%%%}}}<<8<// ..;;;----^^^^!!!![[[[?????55553331111000088886666444433333EEeZZZ 0008887777555553333222200008888SSSNNNNJJJJJFFFFAAAAWWWWRRRRNn+Ni 99777555554444GGGGCCCCXXXXTTTTOOOKKKKGGGGGBBBBxxxxsssoooojjj-fff 32 bit version of OS will create passwords like this and I'm sure this is more secure than above keys... }zZ)HuEr&*iW4s>!y/|V(hC\IlaO2^RGLbT:71#65tQcDnKNg[$]B98AYwM<?SF@ So what to do?
  4. Finnish translation And here's Finnish translation Finnish.lng
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