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  1. So when Malware fighter real time protection is turned on you are unable to format a usb drive, when you disable real time protection you are then able to format a usb drive.
  2. Malware fighter can prevent the user from formatting a usb stick (either in windows or using programs like rufus) without prompting the user that it is doing so. Windows just errors disk is in use, and rufus just said FAILED.
  3. posted an update here on camera guard http://forums.iobit.com/forum/iobit-security-software/iobit-malware-fighter-v5/221209-iobit-malware-fighter-5-is-blocking-webcam
  4. Just an update that Malware Fighter v6.0 camera guard still blocks the video for jitsi. To test - install jitsi (you do not need to setup an account) - Go to tools, options, video Malware Fighter will ask for camera permission even though you have selected allow the video preview will be black (and so will video calls). To fix, disable camera guard and restart jitsi (important) - Go to tools, options, video Now the video preview will work (and video calls). So the bug is that Malware Fighter camera guard can still block the webcam even though you have allowed it.
  5. Even though the camera was allowed camera guard still blocks it, so i just disabled camera guard.
  6. Ok found the issue, it was camera guard. Jitsi must be seen as a unknown unauthorised program. So to fix it I have disabled camera guard until iobit adds jitsi to the authorised programs list.
  7. Windows 10 64bit jitsi client (go to tools, options, video) webcam logitech c910 (not sure on the file). When I disable real time protection i can go to jitsi tools, options, video and select my webcam and see the video, if i enable real time protection the webcam video is black and does not work.
  8. Hi all, looks like malware fighter 5 is blocking my webcam (when using chat clients). How can I create a white list for my webcam?
  9. are anyone of these suggestions going to be added for the next release?
  10. Hi a few Performance monitor suggestions - Show GPU load (like with CPU) for all GPUs - Show current download speed (separate to network speed). - Show temperature for multiple GPU and CPU - Show fan speeds for all fans (GPU. Case, Multi CPU etc) - Show hard drive health http://forums.iobit.com/forum/advanced-systemcare/advanced-systemcare-v8/208759-suggestion-for-performance-monitor-hard-drive-health-report
  11. Would it be a good idea to keep some consistency with the top navigation menu between iobit products? [ATTACH=CONFIG]temp_15080_1443179307644_542[/ATTACH]
  12. Just an update on driver booster 3 beta2 it looks like the Issue with downloading through a proxy with automatically detect settings has now been fixed. Good work
  13. My suggestion here about performance monitor hard drive health. http://forums.iobit.com/forum/advanced-systemcare/advanced-systemcare-v8/208759-suggestion-for-performance-monitor-hard-drive-health-report Would be really good
  14. Been testing driver booster 3 and have found it to be a very good release, looking forward for the auto config proxy (in my other thread). Some extra feedback. Considering that Adobe Flash is part of the download database then I think Adobe Air should also be added to it. Also It would be good it driver booster could download and install its own application updates. With the database version is that updated automatically (is there a force update?) or only on a new version install? Another thing that might be good to have is a description of what the driver is and what it does, maybe even a description on what is new in the update for that driver. E.g. This is NAME OF DRIVER it is used for THIS AND THAT. This updates fixes some major issue and is highly recommended to be updated. Keep up the good work.
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