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    - WINDOWS 10 PRO x64 1511

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    Malwarebytes Antimalware Free 2.2

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  1. IMF 4.5 PRO reported a Windows App Game file as false positive - Trojan.Backdoor IMF scan log IObit Malware Fighter OS: Windows 10 Version: Database Version: 1619 Scan Mode: Manual Scan Type: Smart Scan Time Elapsed: 00:13:24 Objects Scanned: 68789 Threats Found: 1 Save Time: 03-02-2017 01:15:25 Scan Status: Complete |Name|Type|Description|ID| Trojan.Backdoor, FILE, C:\Program Files\WindowsApps\GAMELOFTSA.Asphalt8Airborne_2.9.0.7_x86__0pp20fcewvvtj\WCPToolkit.dll, 4092970 Virustotal result https://www.virustotal.com/en/file/3...is/1486065936/ Wikisend File http://wikisend.com/download/828920/WCPToolkit.rar
  2. 1:) Should have a "pause" button and "stop" button when downloading the drivers manually. Currently DB 3.3 has only the "stop" function. 2:) Would be nice if you could implement an option for users to go to a webisite (possibly the manufacturer's or iobit's) and see the changelogs (if any) of the latest driver avaialble. Also more information about that particular driver. 3:) DB 4 should provide an option to scan entire system for any driver errors or any unknown hardware detection error and give us viable options (if possible KB articles about what should be done). Currently DB 3.3 only checks for particualr issues like sound problem network failures etc. 4:) DB 3.3 only shows the latest driver avaialble for download....DB4 should give us an option to download the just previous release. Also if a particular driver is not available in Iobit database then it shouldprovide us with an alternative to upload the details about it ( logs maybe) to DB server. 5:) Auto download is using maximum bandwidth at times to download drivers. Would be nice if it only uses max bandwidth when PC is idle for ## minutes. Also a reminder to tell us when it has finished downloading all latest drivers. 6:) I would really like to see my complete PC specs in DB 4
  3. Im not surprised Design A didnt get any votes Such an awful display I go for B
  4. I have a problem with ASC Disk Error scan which freeze for a few seconds on 100% when doing Clean & Optimize from ASC 9 GUI like Marqust mentioned in post #230 Also on every scan Disk Scan shows the same error.... See Screenshot
  5. Hi Cicely, I have found what was causing the login credentials to show up even after doing ASC scan...It was my lack of knowledge about Bitdefender wallet Feature.....Its designed to put in the username and password for the websites stored in it for convenience i can say ASC 9 Beta is doing a pretty good job in clearing privacy data as it should TY :)
  6. Okay then .....But with all due respect Cicely... how is " Windows Malicious software removal tool " and "Cumilative Update" be regarded as Unimportant ??? I should say ASC 9 Beta 1 Security Holes havent found anything in windows 10 as of now.......Let alone the unimportant update
  7. Hello again,....Now both DB3 Beta 2 and DB 2.4 showing the same drivers with same version, release date, publisher and size......I think you guys have updated the database of DB2 ...Good Job :) [ATTACH=CONFIG]n210073[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]n210074[/ATTACH]
  8. Hey Cicely I have sent the requirements via mail to dbfeedback@iobit.com
  9. Im sorry but the download completed....anyway Ill attach screenshot from the update history of windows update and highlight the 3 updates that ASC 9 couldnt detect
  10. Internet Explorer never had problems with any 3rd party softwares as far as i know........thats one thing I liked about IE......Edge Browser is fantastic...Im waiting for the add-on support so that I can ditch resource hog firefox forever
  11. Hello again.....ASC 9 beta 1 is not clearing login details in some websites like Facebook, Twitter, Iobit Forums Login and HP forums Login ........I dont want my login email and password to show up in the area even after I did a complete ASC scan......I use mozilla firefox 39.0 and Microsoft Edge browser......Edge Browser clears all login credentials on these 3 next time I open them ...the Browser anti-tracking itself does the job...Not so in firefox though.....Ill attach screenshots of my ASC 9 privacy settings ( Browser Anti-tracking and Auto Clean both are checked to "Use the same settings as privacy)....and Moilla Firefox Privacy settings page Also the " Security Holes" not finding any Updates though the main windows update shows up as downloading.....
  12. Driver Booster 3 Beta 2 and Driver Booster 2.4 shows same number of outdated drivers and of same type...but different version and release date? why is that? See screenshots!!!
  13. Hello yesterday I upgraded to Windows 10 Pro X64 and then made a successful clean reset......Everythings fine with the new OS.....Downloaded ASC 9 beta ran the scan.....went well... my OS is now more responsive and fluid......But everytime I do the scan( I do twice a day) there's this one problem in the Performance issues everytime--> (see attachment) I wouldnt have made a comment here about this if your feedback system worked....I do have another issue regarding the uninstaller ...Ill post about it in the Uninstaller feedback area
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