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  1. I am still getting these same problems with Driver Booster. I have 5 licences that I have PAID for and still, my MWB says it is Malware. Why can't IOBit fix this issue? Surely you people are capable of fixing this.
  2. Malware bytes does the same thing and I have complained about this issue before here and nothing appears to have been done? I have 6 licences for Driver Booster and it has been the same issue for a long time. Maybe someone will decide to fix this problem once and for all???
  3. I did as you said and still it won't work. I do have a number that WON'T work and yet is still okay until October??? Tells me that the licence code is NOT valid. I currently have 5 VALID licences, means 18 uses altogether and I am getting a little sick of this cat and mouse game with IOBit. I sent a message to the company and still have received NOTHING back. The number that the silly programme is telling me is not a good one is recognised by IOBit. I guess I will just have to forget IOBit and find another one that doesn't have this amount of porblems Thanks for the assistance Scannan.
  4. A little too late, this was posted a year ago.
  5. Thank you for the reply Scannan, I will do what you suggested and, the upgrade was a new version of Driver Booster. I guess I should have said updated.
  6. I have 5 current licences and today, one of my machines needed to upgrade. I found it would not work so I went onto the upgrade part of your site to get the serial number to work. I did what the email said and tried to use the serial number to activate it and the stupid programme told me that the number is not valid YET, you people believe it is??? I have a LOT of trouble with your Driver Pro with licence renewals and also the fact that my AV software keeps finding your programmes to be PUP's. I have been using this programme since version 4 and I find I am about to give it the boot. EVERY year I pay over $100.00 in fees for it and have nothing but trouble with using it. I did send an email some time ago regarding licences and still am waiting for a reply????? Three times I have rebooted the machine and 3 times tried to NEW number but to date NOTHING. I am in Australia and don't see myself phoning your help line so, any chance that SOMEONE could look into this and let me know what I can do to fix it????
  7. I have tried to find an email address to be able to contact your company. All I can find is a feedback form, not much help. I wanted to find out some information on a programme I have purchased from you and was hoping to get some help that I don't want to expose on a forum so, IS there an Email address I can send a query to?
  8. This is the output I get http://members.optusnet.com.au/~pendaws/Pics/386.jpg http://members.optusnet.com.au/~pendaws/Pics/New.jpg
  9. I was alerted yesterday to update the beta DB-7 by the release candidate and after it had installed I checked the version and it said but, the link to Majorgeeks downloads version Is there an issue? I can't seem to find version 387 especially on your site?
  10. I have 5 serial licences, I wish it were possible to get one licence to cover all the machines I have ion my network? Currently I have 10 machines and keep the other l;licences for spares. This new version of Driver Booster is very good and to date have had NO issue what so ever with it. Keep up the good work. :)
  11. I have installed this on 3 machines in my network and I a very impressed with it. I am sure that it won't be in beta too much longer. Great job on this one. 8:)8:)8:)
  12. I do like this programme and it does what it is supposed to. Version |;-)
  13. I am using version and it appears to be great. I have had no issues and. The only thing I notice is that it still does not appear to be able to find updates and I end up downloading the latest from Major Geeks.
  14. I just thought that this was the section regarding what was new? and now a NEWER version has come along? Doesn't matter to me, I just thought it should have been put HERE, oh well.
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