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  1. Hi, I bought ASC / Uninstaller / SD and Protected folder with a deal/offer (payed with Paypal) a few weeks ago, I went for a new mobo/cpu, now i cant activate the license (beside ASC as that was for 3 PC's), How do we fix this, there is no account connected to the deals/offers also so deactived a PC isnt possible also?! Greetings
  2. Just installed it and de-installed after seeing too many spam/advertisement, same goes for AMC security, it should be free and ad-free anyway for ASC/Malware fighter customers anyway (especially if someone buys an ULTIMATE package), also the price of AMC is insanely high, for 9.99 an annual subscription we can buy 4 different software on Google Play to keep our mobiles clean and securee, just my 2 cents :)
  3. Hi, Very confused now, but i think i find the problem, my suspecting is the W10 fall update 1709 a week ago, as i had/still a lot of headaches of it, like chrome not starting, had to install 32 bit, and still have strange reset of monitor settings and background of W10 doesn't be kept always, anyway, back to the topic, i guess it is was not me neither ASC, thought i went crazy, when i click or use the shortcut for making a screenshot i just literally can't do anything with it, it doesn't select a window or i can select anything with left mouse button, love live M$ I admit i was wrong with the settings as it always done what i wanted (select an area myself of the screen) so i presumed i had to set that in ASC again, as i also installed past week the ASC 11 Final, so thats why. Greet PS: Thanks for the reply's and help anyway, i installed Gadwin off course as i need it sometimes, i prefer less programs off course but i guess i have to this way for now. Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet
  4. Hi, Sorry for the confusing (i'm native Dutch), so i try to explain, years ago i used gadwin for capture screens, it has those options/settings where you can select an capture area (see picture file). I stopped using Gadwin software years ago when i went to IOBIT ASC software, it had those kinda options also for screenshots (select full screen or window or an area) Hope it makes more clear now, i am pretty it was in ASC 10. Greet
  5. Hi Cicely, The screenshot feature as you show on the picture i can find yes, problem is i can only set the keyboard shortcut not how the capture should work (entire screen/windows/selective part) Or am i missing something. Greetings
  6. Hi, What happened to the settings, i remember i could select screen/window or select a part of the screen (my favo), I can't find that anymore :) Greetings
  7. Hi, Your welcome, will be nice yes, also the most important thing i forgot to mention is when you have a clean install of W10 (or not fresh) everybody have problems with permission/denied errors on C drive, so copy-replace-save files/folders, the 80% solution is this: http://dalehay.me/comment/1009/ the rest you can find thru google/forums won't help a thing, like set Advanced permissions/ownership, or the simple tool Take Ownership, but that is insanity to use as you have to do choose that on every folder/file, subfolders/files it doesnt do. It's the most frustating thing in W10, also the apps keeps comming back after deleting it, there should be more W10 options in ASC to remove W10 features (cortana , xbox etc.) instead of turn it off only, also (sorry) the pdf you get after installing IOBit software should be updated for 10 :) (tips and tricks/secrets it is called or something) Greet
  8. Hi, I know, i read the log file myself, it is called CIS essentials because the software have everything as an option to install, so i only installed Firewall from CIS essentials...I already uninstalled several startup softwares including CIS, past saturday it happened again, so strange, never had any problems with ASC :/
  9. HI, Its only Comodo Firewall, still i have i set a rule to allow, not that it makes sence because its for inbound and outbound connections...but let's see the next days, i will let know, thx
  10. I miss some file Tools sometimes, i have separate tools for that like deleting long file names/paths of folders/files or just when W10 is stubborn and can't delete a file, i use this: https://longpathtool.com/ , maybe an idea to implant for the future, also tools for testing CPU/GPU/SSD-HDD speed like CrystalDiskMark would be nice :)
  11. Hi Cicely, Thanks, send to mail now, happend again as i turned on PC just now,Ii see it right away when the Performce monitor widget is at the right side of the monitor, i always set it in the middle of the monitor, and yip all settings are back and on..so frustating greet
  12. Hi Cicely, Thanks for the response, I send the file to your PM, couldn't find any mail address for support IOBit products, at "contact" below this website i get: Sorry, you are not authorized to view this page
  13. Hi, Never had this problem before, sinds update 10.4 my settings doesn't remember the settings after applying, (ex. load auto at W startup, auto care's, notifications etc. etc.) all is after a restart/reboot turned on again..pretty annoying to set everything every time again... Is this a known issue? Greet
  14. Hi Cicely, Sorry for the late reply, i will test ASC Pro 10 if it does clean those folders and will let know, and that "pfff" was a late night cleaning my pc ;)
  15. Hi Cicely, Ty for the info, i already done that and its working. Cheers
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