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  1. Wow. It has been over a week now since I made my original post about the bundleware detection process not working in Iobit uninstaller, and nothing. No contact. No contrition, No acceptance of responsibility and promise to fix. No plan for future release. Nothing. Wow Iobit. Well congratulations, your abysmal support and your $h1t software have just cost you a customer.
  2. Just more evidence to show that iobit needs to 1) improve the bundleware detection process so that it actually works, or 2) remove the feature altogether.
  3. How is it that iobit uninstaller actually detects to see if an application is bundleware? From what it seems like, it appears that the deciding factor is if an executable installs more than one application, which is an insanely flawed concept to say the least. For example, I use an application called "Patch my PC" (https://patchmypc.net/) to not only install a variety of applications on a new computer, but also to keep the existing software up to date, which it does by silently installing any of the selected applications. However, whenever I try to install/update any combination of selected software, I am always greeted with something similar to the picture below. While I have not tested this (as I uninstalled the product immediately upon seeing the below picture, as it is obviously no longer the quality product it used to be), there are many other "automated software installation/update" utilities out there which this absolutely horrid bundleware detection mechanism might misidentify as bundleware (eg. Ninite, techtoolshop, etc), so I would highly recommend either implementing a quality bundleware detection mechanism into the application that isn't so simplistic as to flag software because a single process installed multiple applications or whatever mechanism that you currently have in place, as it obviously, like the title states, is crap.
  4. So I just became aware of the fact that Iobit unlocker supports command line arguments. Probably the main reason for this is because documentation concerning this feature is NON EXISTENT!! The only reason I know is because, on a whim, I tried using the "/?" argument when calling the executable from the command line, which results in a popup Window displaying its usage. And that is where my problem lies. Not only is the command line feature for IObit unlocker not documented anywhere, the information provided by running the executable with "/?" is hilariously lacking: Command line usage: IObitUnlocker.exe Command [Option] Object Command: /None /Delete /Rename /Move /Copy Option: /Normal /Advanced Object: None: "Path1","Path2","Path3" delete: "Path1","Path2","Path3" Rename: "Path1","Path2","Path3" "NewName1","NewName2","NewName3" Move: "Path1","Path2","Path3" "NewPath" Copy: "Path1","Path2","Path3" "NewPath" So I can gather what the "command" portion does (though it is unclear as to if it requires a preceding "/", but I guess trial and error will have to figure that huh?), but what do the "option" switches do? No explanation whatsoever...... And is there a switch to run the command line utility using the "force" option for which there is a checkbox you can select in the GUI version of the application? Also, just word to the wise (not that anybody gives a [ATTACH=CONFIG]n220188[/ATTACH] about good advice now-a-days), but it would probably be a good idea to a) actually document this feature somewhere so that people know it exists and b) make the help content accessible from within the tool actually...you know.....good. But yeah, an in-depth explanation as to the workings of the command line usage of the tool would be awesome.
  5. For those who use the free version of your product, it will automatically deactivate Windows Defender, as it is detected as an antivirus, even when the protection is not enabled. So it has disabled my antivirus and keeps displaying that I am unprotected by an antivirus, when it is the product which is disabling it.
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