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  1. How do we disable this feature in Driver Booster 7.3 Pro?
  2. I am sorry to say that version 13.2 is not as good as versions 12. I would like to know how to install the last version of 12 again but not have it update to 13. Yes. I am a licensed user of ASCPro for 10 years. Thank you in advance.
  3. I use to be able to remove items from the New Context Menu. I see we have a feature in version 13 for some items but not the New Context Menu. Where is it now?
  4. Thank you. It's the %appdata% Roaming Folder. Just in case others read this.
  5. Do we save the Registry Key or is their a folder in %appdata% that contains all the settings we have customized? I would like to save the hundreds of settings I have made in ASC Pro for when I upgrade to a new motherboard. Many programs have methods of saving the data files for easy reinstalls. What is best with ASC Pro 12.6?
  6. I think it was recent documents. I unchecked them all. Thanks for the tip.
  7. There are many settings in Privacy. Please tell which one to uncheck that would delete the Quick Access items.
  8. I am using ASCPro 12.4. When I run it on the new W10 version 1903 it deletes the items in Quick Access in the navigation pain. What setting should I uncheck in ASCPro? Thanks in advance.
  9. How to I stop Driver Booster 5.2 from constantly showing me this reminder?
  10. Cicely, Here is the screenshot you requested. How can I make that stop appearing every two days?
  11. Question: Can the Scan Reminder to be set to more than two days? I would like to set mine to once a week.
  12. After reinstalling 33.1 Windows Updates provided me with 38.1. I uninstalled 38.1 reinstalled from Download Backup 45.1 but it still is not compatible with the Device. I am simply sharing this particular problem with the forum just in case someone else has run into this issue with the Asus Z97-E mobo. I really like Driver Booster but one little incompatible driver out 25 that i's found is not a problem in the scheme of things. Here is the screenie. https://c1.staticflickr.com/5/4231/3...b7535589_b.jpg
  13. I tried your suggestion, still Device Manager shows "unknown device". I kept the download from Asus site and reinstalled ***.33.1 . All is fine again. There is no newer version at Asus for this motherboard and since it works great with .33.1 installed, I will set Driver Booster to ignore future versions of ASmedia USB3.1. Thanks for your suggestion. Yes. I have the latest version of Driver Booster, Uninstaller, ASC Pro and MalwareFighter. Due to this silly new PUP change by Malwarebytes, I decided to switch to MalwareFighter and tell anyone else who is a client to do the same thing if they have both ASC and MBAM installed.
  14. This version is not compatible with the Asus Z97-E USB 3.1. I had to rollback the driver to the previous one. It causes "Device Not Detected" in the Device Manager. Hope this helps someone else. Operation Type : Restore Operation Time : 6/21/2017 2:44:19 PM Device Type : Universal Serial Bus controllers Device Name : ASMedia USB3.1 eXtensible Host Controller Current Driver Version : (incompatible) Restore Driver Version : (compatible) (also latest driver from Asus site for this motherboard). https://www.asus.com/us/Motherboards/Z97EUSB31/HelpDesk_Download/
  15. BUY IObit Malware Fighter and you will have no more problems with ASC or any other IObit products. Support, support, support! Get away from MBAM and protest their bullish tactics. I am telling my clients to uninstall MBAM and replace it with IObt Malware Fighter. No hesitation after I send them my findings at Malwarebytes Forums. My own posts here at IObit are showing up in Malwarebytes forums. I have expired my affiliation with MBAM in protest of this coup to destroy IObit. Really pisses me off!
  16. Then by IObit Malware Fighter. No hassles with ASC after you get away from all the security bullies. I bought it and works great! I now have Driver Booster, ASC Pro and Uninstaller Pro. One reason is to help support IObit and the other reason is to show my contempt for big security companies.
  17. You have read my support of IObit in several posts. Perhaps make life easier for your company by removing all ads within ASC Free and Pro for other products. I think this is where they (security companies) are basing their criteria for PUP. If we download any IObit product, they all advertise your other products. If a download of ASC Free version prompts the user to buy the ASC Pro version, that would be inline with all the other reputable programs i.e. CCleaner Free, Malwarebytes Free, AVG Free, Avast Free etc. Almost all free (useful) programs we download prompt us to upgrade to the pay-for version. Perhaps you simply need to put a link on each product that says (see our other products) and not have an action center where people are prompted to download (all of IObit's products). Perhaps a little conformity would save your company. Just a suggestion. :idea:
  18. Good for you MontanaBob! This whole scandal by MBAM will get around the Internet very quickly. Advanced users will make the IObit Malware Fighter decision and average users will be asking techs in stores and online "what is gong on with my long-time security program, Malwarebytes?". Eventually people will move away from MBAM and use some other AV/AM. In real-life I think the majority of people always pull for the underdog. And considering MBAM has gotten so many glowing reviews from most of us who have used it for several years, they slap us in the face and start ruining our customized Windows OSes. The underdog here is IObit but will emerge with a huge (I predict) client base after this debacle.
  19. Can we combine these threads under one topic? Maybe name the topic: Security Software Effecting ASC http://forums.iobit.com/forum/advanced-systemcare/advanced-systemcare-v10/219679-malwarebytes-quarantines-advanced-systemcare10
  20. Yes but honestly, it's not worth the hassle. Try Malware Figher. It won't detect anything (obviously) that is IObit's products.
  21. I have suggested to 5 clients who like ASC Pro to remove Malwarebytes (save license info) and buy IObit Malware Figher through the ASC Pro interface. I have to help 3 of them through remote connection but the others were succesful on their own. Why even deal with MBAM's and other security programs decision to call just about all 3rd party Windows Utililies as PUP's and stripping a system of those program's files? The User has to jump through hoops to scan, rescan and tell MBAM to ignore the ASC PUP's. Here's something new. I ran MBAM scan on another computer with start10.com menu from Stardock.com . Another perfectly safe program that allows one to configure that Start Menu the way it was with Windows 7 and a couple other configurations. Very nice, I have it too (it's only $5 USD)and updates about twice a year. This indentifying our trusted Utility programs is bizzare if not illegal. Another reason for me to ditch MBAM and install IObit Malware Fighter. If MBAM and others are out to bankrupt IObit it's mean, unwarranted and a (shoot yourself in the foot) company strategy. My clients are updated daily on this saga playing out in the Security Software companies. I ran the EICAR test and MF found it as soon as I saved the text file. It's easy and here is a link to Wiki showing you the instructions: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/EICAR_test_file I'm being redundant but a good way to protest these actions is to install Malware Figher.
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