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    Windows 10 64-bit
    ASC Ultimate 9
    AMD fx4300 3.8ghz
    8 gb ram
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    Android 5.0.2
    LG G Stylo
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  1. I started using AMC at the same time as I got my newest phone. I like that it helps with efficiency and while I'm not too concerned with security on my phone, it makes me feel better knowing its there. ?Every few days, I get a prompt saying my Network may be under attack. It happens on about a 15 second delay from when I wake my phone. Often it pops up when I have an app open, but I normally open an app 5-10 seconds after waking my phone, so I believe the prompt would appear in those instances regardless. Its a grey AMC dialog box saying my network may be under attack, along with two buttons Ignore or Block and a check box to remind me later. When I press ignore, a few days later the prompt reappears, with or without the check box to remind me being checked. When I press block it opens my network settings, and shows me the currently available networks. I have two wireless frequencies in my home, both from the same box, both encrypted, both behind the same firewall, one is 5g the other n/b/whatever letter normal wifi is these days. 80% of the time when I press block these are the only two networks showing. I've run the phone exclusively on both frequencies to see if either makes the difference, to no avail. ?Pressing block doesn't actually block anything, nor does ignore, and the prompt returns with random frequency with or without remind me later being requested. ??Is this trying to warn me that my own wireless router is attacking my phone? ??Is it trying to warn me that something is attacking me from outside my firewall? ??After pressing block, and being shown my android network settings should I be going deeper into advance settings and blocking some port or app or ..? ?Please help my network may be under attack. I would consider upgrading to purchase version, but if this prompt continues without reason and with no way to resolve it I'm afraid I'm more likely to uninstall.
  2. Hi, I've been a proud ASC user for too long apparently, as I remember a time when system care included defragging. For years I've enjoyed better computer efficiency, without having to root thru windows forums, thanks to Iobit products. What I don't get is how it could ever be more efficient to have 6 different tools running 18 different processes, all of which attempting to auto-update every time my computer wakes. I used to shout at anyone in range, Get Iobit, but I stopped when it became get 1 product + 3 bloatware tools. When I first upgraded from freeware to Ultimate (iirc 7), I had 3 pcs running windows 8.1 and every install I had to choke back regret when it also installed the Menu tool. I'd just remind myself about how much easier life is with ASC and uninstalled the bloat. I would really love if there was a package of all your products not just in price but in overhead. Its amazing that a user can access all your tools for free, but those of us that are paying for ultimate should get just that. I would pay a lot more, if I could run all your software under 1 overhead tool. If Uninstall and Drive booster and Malware and menus and Folders all didn't need their own auto updates and auto cleans and instead were automatic when ASC Ultimate is doing its thing. ?Any plans to amalgamate all tools into a Super Meta Ultimate package?
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