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  1. I found just another bug of Advanced System Care v11 BETA 2!! I consider it as a bug - I will explain better. I am using a program named BlueStacks 3 to emulate android games and play android games on PC. I just found that when Advanced SystemCare v11 Beta2 is cleaning my PC, doing shedule like always - it is always deleting all files that apps download by itself (game files, game saves, etc.) and when I open the game in BlueStacks I don't have any game progress, any saves, I must also download once again all the files.... It is so annoying. I don't know how to add specific apps to "whitelist" of ASC 11 Beta2 to not clean BlueStacks folders and apps. Please fix that. http://i.imgur.com/aSYUnIM.jpg You can download & check BlueStacks emulator from here: http://www.bluestacks.com/#gref
  2. Ok, thank you Cicely for your quick answer. I just found it because when I clicked optimize my PC my internet slowed down again because ASC v11 Beta2 set for me old internet settings for 802.11n. In BETA1 internet settings for 802.11ac make my speed of internet connection much much faster so I am very happy that you will fix that problem. Don't you add the 802.11ad support?
  3. We need update! IObit do something with this problem what I mentioned here!
  4. Hello Guys! Hello Everyone once again! I have a very important question - why you IObit Staff remove the Wireless-AC support from ASC 11 Beta2? In Beta1 there was a support for 802.11ac wireless standard, but in BETA2 there isn't. Why? Please explain me. And please add support internet settings for 802.11ad wireless standard. [ATTACH=CONFIG]n221557[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]n221558[/ATTACH]
  5. Hello Everyone! This is my review below about Advanced SystemCare 11 Beta 1.0 First of all - BIG THANKS to IObit for finally added support for Wireless-AC system. I have 300Mb/s Download & Upload Internet in my home, so I am using Wireless-AC Router Netis DSL AC/1200 Dual Band (WF2780). I saw that there wasn't any option for AC WiFi support in ASC v10. So for few days I will be testing this setting and then I will give you review if this setting help me increase internet performance or not ;-) [ATTACH=CONFIG]n221240[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]n221241[/ATTACH] Next, when I run (I don't know how to write START THE PROGRAM in the Past Simple :oops: Please tell me if I must write run or ran the program - I am from Poland so I don't know) the Advanced SystemCare 11 Beta 1.0 for the first time, I got an error aboit Performance Monitor telling me that : This driver is not digitally signed Wand my Windows 10 blocked this tool preventing from executing it. When I opened the Performance Monitor once again, there wasn't any error. [ATTACH=CONFIG]n221242[/ATTACH] Also this new Performance Monitor can't detect my Graphics Card, Processor, Motherboard or a Fan Speed. SpeedFan v4.52 tool from Almico hasn't any problems with it. [ATTACH=CONFIG]n221243[/ATTACH] I also tested a new feature named UNDELETE. Ok, it is working good (maybe not as good as MiniTool Power Data Recovery) - But I have one proposition for you. Insert the ability to split files between pictures, music files, text files, movies, etc., etc. Once you have the results, you can easily select what you want to look for - just the pictures or just the music itself. at the same time. Because of what I see now, there is no choice and you have to go through the directories to find the file we are looking for. Something like this is in MiniTool Power Data Recovery. We need the same option in UNDELETE feature. [ATTACH=CONFIG]n221244[/ATTACH] For now this is all from me. I will be testing this new ASC for a week and then I will give you another review. I am the most interested in AC-Wireless Support - I am very curious if this option is really working or this only for visual ;-) Best Regards, ZajecHax
  6. Hello! Yesterday (24.07.2017) was released new version of graphic driver v384.94 for GeForce GTX 1050. Today at 25.07.2017 I checked with Driver Booster v4.4 PRO and v5 BETA and these programs didn't find new graphic drivers for GTX 1050 graphic card. Please update it. http://i.imgur.com/E73T9xz.png
  7. Yeah, that is why I want to have updated Protected Folder to have hidden files from EVERYTHING tool.
  8. Hello! Protected Folder v1.3 needs strong update. You can tell me: WHY? I will tell you. I am using IObit Protected Folder for two years, this is very good program but... when you use tool named EVERYTHING (https://www.voidtools.com/Everything- - you can see all protected & hidden folders! You can also unlock these files by EVERYTHING tool but I won't tell you how because I don't want to share this info. Please check by yourself - protect some folders and files and then use EVERYTHING tool and check that you can see all hidden & protected files. Can you update Protected Folder v1.3 to hidden files from EVERYTHING tool? I am waiting for your answer, Best Regards, Zajec Hax 2017
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