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  1. The most sought after marketing channel these days is online/digital marketing. Through websites and social media platforms, online marketing can reap you rich dividends. Digital marketing can be simple to complex depending on how the company designs it. It’s up to a particular company to determine whether they need to add or remove a strategy according to a requirement. However there are some aspects which are can’t be ignored in any case. There are host of companies which offer digital marketing solutions these days but just some of them know how to make sure their customers will be fully content with their service. Every company looks for an effective strategy for their product or service before the formal launch but getting the right one can be quite a challenging task. Following are the 4 aspects of digital marketing which can make or break your digital strategy. 1. Engaging and Shareable Content Marketing Content marketing looks easy for any business but it isn’t. There are a number of factors which dictate how content marketing can be used for a particular business or its flagship product. This strategy is not just about creating articles, blogs and any piece of writing. In fact, anything which is sharable and is interesting can be termed as a content. For example, a video having the potential to go viral, a picture and an interesting Infographic all are content. The use of keywords make it easy to be located by anyone using a search engine like Google. According to a recent study by a research firm, less than 10% of their respondents answered in negative about content marketing not being able to help them in growing their business. On the same study, 73% claim that it improved their brand awareness and 64% were happy that it increased their traffic. So you can easily guess how important content marketing is in a USA digital marketing strategy. 2. Organized Email Marketing Emails usually bother people and most of us delete spam emails that are sent to our personal addresses. But most of us using email addresses of their company account do check email regularly as it is part of our duty to read and reply to customers at the earliest. This is where email can be really beneficial for businesses as its organized use can bring positive results for any marketed product. You need to make sure the person reading the email gets your point of view concerning your product/service. An email should be precise and to-the-point. Don’t beat about the bush in writing the information about the product as most people will not read the email terming it as a spam. So make sure the information you are sending in the email is purely related to your business and to the product in question. 3. A Fully Functional Website Coupled with an Attractive Design A website for an ecommerce venture is a must. You can’t expect to do business through social media platforms as anyone who wants to buy a product looks for a website to initiate the buying process. A website is like a guarantee for most people that they are dealing with a genuine company. On the other hand, a great design also attracts people’s attention like no other aspect. A clean, neat and simple design is enough for a person to easily find the information they are looking for. 4. Active Social Media Presence An active social media presence is also necessary for a company these days. This is because billions of people use different social media accounts on a daily basis. Social media help companies to connect to a vast number of potential customers in a matter of seconds as most people do check their accounts very often during the course of a day. Facebook has just announced that now over 2 billion people use their FB accounts in any given month. So just this stat is enough for any company to take serious notice and make sure they have a strong social media presence.
  2. Entrepreneurship is not for everyone. It takes the effort to burn the midnight oil and deliver something of value. With so much of clutter on the internet, it is nearly impossible to stand out from the crowd. In order to get the best of the design, one must think and act like a designer. For Entrepreneurs, there might be some hard work to do. So here are some tips that can help all the lazy Entrepreneurs. White space is good, but balance is necessary When you are starting out as de designer you might have heard that you need to fill the whole space but this really is a myth. As an Entrepreneur, you need to make sure that even if there are white spaces in the design, there should be a balance between text and the picture. Often times the web designers know this but ignore it, but as an Entrepreneur, it is your job to make sure this doesn’t happen. For a design to be successful you need to have a balance that is necessary and that looks good on the website. Show product videos or images This might seem a new concept but in reality, this one will be responsible for your success as a website designer. Making videos of your products makes it easier for the consumers to make buying decisions. As a consumer, I too feel like making the necessary changes and make the content user-friendly. For the user is more attracted to the visuals than the content on the page. For you to succeed and make a sale as an Entrepreneur you need to ensure that all the images are eye-catchy. Test & Optimize For the website, it is most vital to keep in mind that website needs to be tested and optimized for the client. As per Robert Stiff, web design agency in usa “Launch the first version of your website, next you can do is to test and optimize the design.” It is concluded that more than 80% of the designs that are user-friendly get more attention than the website. If you really want to succeed as a designer you need to make sure that the website is both optimized for both the mobile and the website. Call-to-Action button needs to be in front One of the most important things a designer needs to have called to action button and if the call to action button is not in front, it is useless as a designer. For a consumer to click on the button you need to create button buttons that are huge and can be seen right from a mile. If done right this can bring a lot of sales. For an Entrepreneur sales are everything. You need to put the buttons in front. If the buttons are not on the mobile the user will not take a moment to purchase your product. Buttons need to be in front. Typography matters Fonts are one thing that needs to be equally important. There are certain fonts that are more persuasive than others. If you want to test this theory you can go ahead. For you to succeed you need to use fonts that are more catchy to the eyes. As a designer, it is a difficult decision. But you need to get the fonts right. These are the main reason why you need to take decisions that matter on the long run. Forums - IObit.Com Forums
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