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    I´m Filipe Reis and love computers and cybersecurity software.


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    Cybersecurity software, Repairing and maintenance of PC/Laptops, software troubleshooting of smart


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    Student at CompTIA IT Fundamentals and EC-Council - CSCU


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    Windows 10 Build 1809 - Bitdefender Internet Security - Iobit Malware Fighter 7 beta - 8GB RAM DDR4, Nvidia Geforce GTX 960 OC turbo 2GB.


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  1. Hi Cicely, When the beta 1 will be available for testing ? Kind Regards,
  2. Completly agreed with you, i hope IMF development team can do this improvements throught between 7 final release and the 8 version, that would be a great security add because as you said that are a lot of compressed files extensions dangerous and not detected by the the current security settings/functions.
  3. Hi :) I´m back I have been testing the RC Version to see if all bugs i detected are now solved. i have to say that i´m good impressed about the scan improvements and everything in general. But sadly i thing i have found you another kind of urgent to be fixed before final release, please give some feedback on this. I tested throught https://www.amtso.org/security-features-check/ as one of the tests i try normally and saw that related to detecting compressed malware files are not working complety yet, so the IMF detects and remove all compressed malware files in rar and zip files but does not detect any other compressed files extension. This is normal or a bug? i have this dought because we find on settings something like search for compressed files (rar,zip), does this mean IMF only scans for rar and zip files? Downloading the threats IMF says there are safe (there should be detected as eicar virus file test) but scanning the files they are detected and removed. I waiting for that free code ;) Kind Regards,
  4. Hi Azag Tot, I agreed with you related to another third.party engine like avira or avast for example would be a very good and smart addiction to the product. Windows Firewall settings like i tried to suggest before something like a firewall manager would be very important to improve security features and increase higher levels of confidence. Related to block web hosts, i think you meant to say block malicious websites someting like that right? iObit has a plugin iobit Surfing Protection & Ads Removal, but i need to say this plugin this to be improved. KInd Regards,
  5. Hi Cicely, Do we have any beta 3 release for soon ? Regards,
  6. Hi Alma5, First of all, i understand that you are talking about another third party security software, ESET. This forum is for another company IOBIT which has Advanced Systemcare Ultimate or Iobit Malware Fighter as security software. So what you need to do right now please is to contact ESET for Support throught this link: https://forum.eset.com/. I hope i helped. Kind Regards,
  7. Hi Cicely, I´m testing now the feature on-acess scan just with a simple write handed eicar file and Iobit doesn´t detect the file as it should, only by doing a right click demand scan. Please check that, do a simple test the develpment team and see what is happening ;) Kind Regards,
  8. sorry and forgot to tell also the download protection needs to be improved a lot. If anyone wants to do just a simple test on AMTSO website, you will see the IMF only detects the eicar normal file, doesn´t detect the eicar compressed files, doesn´t detect PUP. Kind Regards,
  9. Hi, I´m already testing Iobit malware fihgter 7 beta. My opinion until now is that is interface it´s really nice. Scan for PUP it´s really a new tecnology or you just added that option to interface? Vault (safebox) with password protected well done. Relative to self-defense i can´t really tell if you improved or not, it seems now that i can´t terminate the service or the IMF processes but when we try to terminate it kill the IMF activity on tray bar, i can´t do anything, This one is really important to improve due too many malware can actively terminate Antimalware solutions, or by payload as a member said also. You should really check on this protection before going to RC, Try to improve this on beta 2 and beta 3 for example. Keep up guys, improving security! Kind Regards,
  10. We have any news about release date for the first beta?
  11. True, i tried and also with normal task manager IMF process has been terminated. Iobit Malware Fighter 7 should have any self-defense agains malware that can terminate his processes.
  12. Hi Sophia553, Do you have iobit malware fighter 3 installed ? if so, first think you should do is update to the last version you have available :) And what Operative System you are using? I hope i can help you! Cheers,
  13. Hi Guys, It would be a great add for the product for the next version or versions , a VPN, a sandbox to execute unkown files/processes, a built-in firewall or a firewall manager. Good Luck with the development.
  14. Hi, I have to say thtat malware fighter is more impressive than ever but you need to creat a self defense protection from it. You can also put a firewall interface control and a vpn.
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