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  1. By saying that is "forcing me to do a hard restart after launching GTA Vice City" I mean that everything goes to black screen and my PC is not responding to anything at all so there is nothing left but restarting using a button on the computer case (which is a terrible idea when using SSD, but there's nothing else I can do...).
  2. Hello, Looks like Malware Fighter freezes my PC forcing me to do a hard restart after launching GTA Vice City. When I lunch it, screen goes to black and PC is not responding at all, no matter what I do. It happens about 50% of times when I try to lunch the game, in the last 2 days I have disabled IMF and its services and I was launching the game about hundred times (I am modding the game) and it was fine, so, I'm 100% that its the Malware Figher causes the freeze. Also whitelisting whole folder where the game is located doesn't do any help, as well as whitelisting the exe file.
  3. My license has expired like yesterday or the day before. Its been a year since I wrote a first email to IObit to get some answers here, but it doesn't matter now. I'm not gonna use Malware Fighter now. I am currently using IObit uninstaller as well, it runs good, never experienced anything wrong with it so I guess I'm gonna stick with it, although I won't buy any IObit license in the future. With this post I guess I'm saying goodbye to Malware Fighter and closing this forum account which is no longer needed. Thanks.
  4. Doesn't work. Looks like it doesn't like offline updates...
  5. Hello, After getting a message that my database is outdated I have installed IMF offline database, but the message was still there, so I have installed BitDefender database as well. Both times I see that the database number and date changed as they should, but the database outdated message is still there on the main screen. Anything I can do to fix that? Thanks. Edit: Forgot to mention... both database updates were updated offline.
  6. Right now after I have installed a new SSD M.2 drive that is much faster then my old SSD SATA drive its barely visible, so I wouldn't call that an issue anymore. And I have Malware Fighter version 6.2. Last time I did a Malware Fighter update to new version (previous license) I couldn't use my license anymore, I'm guessing its linked to the program version somehow, so I can't really update it...
  7. It looks like this manual was written for older version. I don't have that, I have MBR Guard and I can't see no details...
  8. I managed to remove the Firefox addon. And about the startup scan there is none. IMF scans the system when idle. There is no option to scan at startup (only when idle or on specific times set by user).
  9. Not quite. About the browser addon, where do I switch it off exactly? Is it the last setting in the 4th tab? The translation of Malware fighter is really poor and I don't know which option it is exactly. About the HD usage, problem is still there, its getting pretty high usage but with the new SSD M.2 drive is less problematic. And about other issues that I talked to Cicely about, they are still there I guess, just showing up every now and then on various occasions...
  10. Forgot about that one. Its showing IMFService.exe. I have bought an M.2 SSD disk lately (Samsung Evo 970) and it only lasts few seconds this time.
  11. Malware Fighter is installing that addon, I'm using latest Firefox version. And I can't see anything in task manager, I can see HD usage on the Processes tab (and the diode on my PC), on the HD column, when sorting them by usage I can't see which process is using it. And as you know, Details view doesn't show HD usage and neither is Performance tab.
  12. Alright, Cicely and I have discussed some of my problems, but still haven't got an answer from him about two of my problems (Cicely, how often you check your inbox anyways?). Is there are way to delete the browser IObit addon without affecting program abilities in windows? If so, how do I turn it off in Surfing Protection so it wouldn't just install itself again? Every time OS starts IObit Malware Fighter (I think it is it, cause I cant really determine since I cant see the process that is using it) uses 100% of the SSD disk that holds system partition for about a minute (PC is pretty much is useless for that time). Weird thing is that it does that not at boot per se, but after system establishes internet connection (which is not always right away, sometimes I turn router on later).
  13. Im Sure I did: [ATTACH=JSON]{"data-align":"none","data-size":"custom","height":"551","width":"550","data-attachmentid":226772}[/ATTACH]
  14. Well, some of the information is private so, I dont want to post my personal information in here for all to see.
  15. And yet again... Almost 2 weeks of waiting without any further information...
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