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    Win 7 Pro; AVAST, free; IOBIT Smart Defrag, free.
    Don't understand what you mean about 'hardware configuration'..?? It's a Lenovo T61, old, insufficient memory, but it's all I can afford. Does that help?

    Oh. The plural of Software is...Software. There is no 'S' on the end, please use correct English. That's why I'm registering...to post a note about your poor English.....


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    English; verbal IQ 140.

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  1. [logon info not recognized...] ditto "library_ca" issues re CPU overutilization. I did not install Drive Boost, or whatever, this should not run automagically, should it? eats 47% of my CPU, making it difficult, on my ancient Lenovo, to get quick page downloads / rendering...ooops it just blipped. not sure if it's 10.02 or whichever, it's still cpu intensive....... VERY IRRITATING. I like that UI crunches setups & can destroy unwanted apps we may have downloaded thinking they were interesting, helpful or kewl, BUT.... das komputer has only so many resources. howzabout a UI "LITE"?????? yeesh. i THINK I've posted before about this but haven't seen a response? I forget... ...so many websites....so little time....
  2. ...turn off AUTO MONITOR. that will cut cpu down. yes, UI sucks cpu when building its DB but ceases after that. the INSTALL monitor, though, keeps on going like the everyready bunny. anything more than3% cpu should not not be needed for UI to keep track of what's what. and which version of TASK MANAGER do you have? Mine doesn't look like that.... just turn on auto monitor when you're about add a new toy, tool, or whatever.
  3. Cicely..no. Hire me to proofread your website....
  4. Anyone notice the grammar errors present on the website? That's very off-putting, at least to us Grammar Nazis. Sloppy English may be indicative of other internal issues. Sorry, but I just can't abide lousy language, and I don't purchase products from companies that don't pay attention to details. Is it just me? I don't think so....
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