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  1. thanks for the awesome information.
  2. Hello, Recently upgraded to ASC V5 Pro but found I was no longer able to copy and paste using Ctrl-C/Ctrl-V. I solved this by unchecking the 'Clean clipboard' option in Toolbox> Smart Ram. Took me a long time to discover this and wondered if other people had come across this problem. Other than this i am very pleased with ASC V5. thanks yuvsaha
  3. Hello, I have a licensed version of ASC and I would like to acquire the new version with virus protection. Is this possible to accomplish with my current license? I have been a dedicated fan of ASC for several years and highly promote this product. thanks jackyjoy
  4. Hello, let me first explain how my system is running. I have one physical PC (one MB, one CPU...) but removable harddisks for different purposes. (last count was 8). Those 8 disks contain each a legitimate operating system. A few have windows 7 Ulitmate, the others Windows 7 home premium (all 64bit) Over the last 4 years I have acquired a number of licenses for Advanced system Care. (all for version 5) Those licenses are automatically renewed when they expire if I remember correctly. My question... When I now buy a complete set (8) licenses for ACS6 (I am not sure yet with or without security) what is going to happen with the old licenses. Are they automatically removed from renewal or will they still be renewed when they expire? And when they are renewed, will the new key be for version 6 or still for version 5? The reason for me for wanting to buy new licenses is purely practical (beside the fact I still think it's just one great piece of software). When I buy them in one lot, they will also be renewed in one go which makes it easier to keep track. thanks jackyjoy
  5. Hello, I dont know, but I just got my computer back and running last month in January cuz I had a broken screen.. I noticed a few days ago that my history from Firefox all of the only from January is there but when I did put it back on I had everything from the time when my friend deleted it and i had it from 2010? i think or before and when I double check it like a few weeks ago everything was fine? I have a program Advanced systemcare free just incase if that is the problem. i have saved the restore center files but the last one was 1 11 12? If anyone can really help me super fast so i can be happier again lol :) cuz i was gonna actually look at my old stuff to put it in notepad just incase something liek this ever happens and it did lol but maybe you guys and girls can help me so please u can message me here thanks iosman
  6. Hello, The following tests were performed on a machine with these basic system specs: MS Windows Vista Home Premium 32-bit SP2 3.00 GB Dual-Channel DDR2 @ 266MHz (4-4-4-12) Intel Pentium T2390 @ 1.86GHz Merom 65nm Technology My current system optimisation selections from the ASC 5 system optimisation: thanks iosman
  7. my issue has been fixed,,, thanks All IObit Products for Windows, Mac & Andriod Devices - IObit
  8. Hi, I just renewed and everything went fine until I got the email telling me I had to download ASC and had until such a such a date to download it. This is wrong. Do not, I said do not download this file if you are a current user of ASC Pro. Here is the how it went and will go for you if make the mistake of downloading this file. Avangate sends you about 4 emails for your renewal. One telling you you have to renew. One sending you the receipt after you renew. One sending you the "new license code" and finally one to a link to download the ASC file. Do not download this file. It is totally unnecessary even if you are using the free version of ASC . The file they tell you to download is outdated. Let me repeat that The file they tell you to download is outdated. It is 5.0 and when you install it it will reset all the settings to default. All you have to do 1. Go to the main GUI 2. Click on Manage License 3. Click Refresh 4. Delete the previous license number 5. Paste in the new license number 6. Click Activate 7. Your new license is activated and the expiration date is updated to one year from the expiration of the old license even if you renew early. Viola you are done. No old programs files to download and install. No resetting of your preferences. Do not download that file they tell you to. IObit needs to talk to Avangate and get this worked out. You get four emails and not one of them tells you how to properly update your license. SMH thanks iosman
  9. Win 7/64. I ran Deep Scan twice today and both times it deleted my recently visited Office docs (e.g., Word), even after unchecking History Lists under Registry Fix-General and Office 2010 under Privacy Sweep. Had to do run two system restores and even then it picked those up the third time on auto operation before I had a chance to realize what was happening (I thought I had exited the app). Maddening. Nothing obvious in the Help files online. What's the way to prevent this from happening other than getting this app off my computer forever? Thanks.
  10. I had to take 3 computers (all Windows XP) in for service after the ASC registry cleaner was too thorough and deleted "userinit" file/s, which caused all computer/s to become totally inoperable. Restoration of the missing/deleted file (by service pros, at cost of ~$100 per unit) fixed the problem in all instances. I have since chosen to remove ASCv5Pro from all 3 units (approx. 3 months into paid subscription) to avoid recurrence of this problem. Yes, I can uncheck registry cleaning in Quick and Deep Care modes, but the ASC computer status never gets above "Fair" w/o the program getting to "clean" the registry. I like IOBit product/s in principal, but this error in "over cleaning" should be addressed. I would like to use ASC utilities, but between subscription and repair costs have now spent $350+. I cannot afford to have the product put my office computers out of commission. Thanks, Ted Robinette, Ithaca, NY, USA
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