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    I have 8 or 10 PAID Pro versions installed on 3 of my computers. I have one old computer running WinXPpro, 4gb Ram, 500gb hd, 3.5ghz, 32 bit, Intel Pentium 4 processor. I am trying to run your FREE version of Driver Booster 7 on it to see if I can resolve some issues prior to upgrading it's operating system. I have been able to run Advanced System Care Free and cleaned up a lot of problems.

    When I run Driver Booster 7 FREE it gets to installation complete showing at 100% but it freezes on that Install progress screen. I have to "X" the screen and it goes to the main Run Scan page seemingly OK. But when I click "SCAN" it gets to 4% every time and Stopps any further progress past the 4%.

    I uninstalled the Program (Driver Booster 7) and then RE-installed it a 2nd time. It does the same exact thing. Freezes on 4% progress and will not go any further no matter how many hours I let it set. Any ideas of how to get beyond the Freeze Point? Once I get it running better and eventually a new operating system I will likely buy several more PRO packages. As I said I have already purchased about 8 or 10 licenses on my other 3 systems. Can you help on this free install. Glenn T.


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  1. To BillC regarding Driver Booster "hangs" during scan. I am a new user and indeed have encountered the same problem but my Driver Booster scan "Hangs" at 4%. I let it set for hours hoping it would complete. Rebooted system few times. Did system clean with Advanced System Care. Pretty much given up on hope. The moderator, Cicely, contacted me and asked me to download and run the http://www.cd4o.com/drivers/debug/DBInfoHelper.exe. I was in the process of trying to get a copy of the download onto a DVD or a Flash Drive and install it on the problem machine but was side tracked by some other computer headaches (I have 4 desktops, 1 laptop and 2 cheap Fire pads). Anyway I decided to RUN the Driver Booster 7 on the problem machine before I installed the DBinfoHelper.exe on it, thinking if I ran the Helper "while" the Driver Booster 7 was running and in its "Hang" state the Helper software might note some problems for Cicely to take note of once I sent the results to him. So, to get to my point, once the Driver Booster 7 was in the "HANG" state, I "Minimized" the screen so I could Run the Helper.exe program, and WOW, there pops up the "Driver Booster 7 - Scan Results screen!!! It needed 14 updated drivers in fact. Minimizing the HANG screen made it proceed to the results every time. I did it a couple of other times. It hangs even though it now does not need drivers but proceeds to the results screen once I minimize it. Hope this works for you. And to Cicely, I will complete the task of running the Helper.exe program for you and send it to you later today, hoping it may help you identify this problem. For information, the computer with the "Hang" scan was a WinXP pro, SP3, 3.0 ghz, Intel P4 Processor, 500 gb HD, 4gb RAM. Good luck BillC. Getting Drivers updated solved a lot of other problems I must add, and the Driver Booster 7 program found 14 missing drivers. I tried an alternative Driver update program and it found "Nothing" needing update driver, so I guess IObit Driver Update 7 would get a high score from me anyway. Other computers using it did not have the Hang issue (they were Win7, and 2 Win10 systems). Glenn T.
  2. I have nearly a dozen paid Pro licenses for about 4 of my computers. I have one old WinXPpro, SP3, Pentium 4 clone, 4gb RAM, 500gb HD, 3.5ghz, 32 bit processor. I wanted to run the Driver Booster 7 FREE version on it as I may not be keeping the machine much longer. The install of Driver Booster 7 free went smooth although the Install seemed to freeze on the screen which said installed 100%. I waited but then "X"ed the Installation page and it went directly to the Run SCAN screen. I clicked to start SCAN. It gets to 4% of the scan and HANGS there indefinately. I uninstalled the program and then reinstalled it but it did same thing -- HANGs at 4% on the Driver Scan. I did not find any specific answers on FAQ page but saw someone who had program HANG at 99% every time. It was back in 2015 and no one replied to his POST. Hope someone has a possible answer for me. I have an IObit Application Information Helper V7.0.0.7 which was recommended by IObit to someone having a problem with HANGs during Install of the program. Could upload it if somebody can use it. Thanks
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