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  1. Apologies if it seems I was blasting a moderator. That was really not my intentional here. However, in the general sense, I am saying that I thought it strange that both the Iobit website and the forum were silent about the issue after 48 hours, ...meaning, no news or notifications to the customers. ...and if Iobit really was truly "unaware" of the issue, that would seem pretty bad to me. ...because this is not some issue randomly affecting a few select users. This is an instant pop-up notification that had to appear on everybody's phones, so everyone knows about it. Those I know that use AMC got it as well, at the same time. ...so apologies Scannan, but I do consider this issue serious enough to actually create a new forum-account here and log-on to speak my mind. I know it is a potential "bomb" for AMC Security (pending how this turns out). As someone stated on the Facebook page, you have to wonder how long Iobit has allowed their product(s) to run possibly utilizing a partnering company's compromising code/libraries (if that truly is the case here). I know Iobit has a very good loyal user base (hey, I have been one of them), but as I stated, this situation is serious and I hope they handle it properly.
  2. I had installed this app a while back and tried it. ….mainly confused about the difference between AMC Security and AMC Cleaner, because they both "clean" your phone. What am I missing here, and why would I need both?
  3. A security app that gets blacklisted.... This is pretty serious. I have the Pro version which I pay for with a subscription in the fall of every year. Was going to renew this, and now finding out that it has been "blacklisted" by Google Play. It doesn't even "exist" anymore on Google Play. I went ahead and did the uninstall. ...wondering why Iobit didn't get and/or respond to any notification or communication from Google? How did it get this far that the app was blacklisted before Iobit could fix the problem? ….and how will Iobit handle this problem in the upcoming days ahead for all of their subscribers who have "paid" for their Pro version? This isn't a rant from some new customer. I have been a loyal user of Iobit computer products since 2006 and of AMC Security since 2014. Your facebook page is now saying to stand-firm, trust you and to "keep the app on your phone" (the opposite of what Google is telling us to do). The Iobit website is "silent" and admins/moderators of this forum do not seem to be taking this seriously enough. I think Iobit needs to treat this situation as a 5-alarm defcon-2 scenario before they lose their customer-base (week-end or not) and definitely keep their users & subscribers informed in detail on exactly what has happened and why, and how the situation will get resolved. I know "crap" can happen, especially with companies you partner with, and I hope this resolves OK. A thought to keep in mind is, ...what if this happened to "McAfee"... Truthfully, I don't trust Google either. I trust them even less (because of their size and role as the "monopoly" on most of the information on the planet), but in this case, they also hold the monopoly on app installation with Google Play.
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