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  1. Well if you have the same issue next time, ensure that you don't panic. And why on earth are you using Windows XP? After the EOL of Windows XP, I never got to update firefox or Chrome to the newer versions of XP as they didn't support the XP framework. Within a year of EOL, my browsers started working funnily without letting me interact through the internet. I'd suggest you upgrade the system to Windows 8.1 or 10.
  2. I've had the same problem as well. I use Office 365 to make and edit my documents and excel sheets provided by the Microsoft 365 Business subscription that I have. The problem is when I store the docs and excel sheets in the physical drive of the computer, it gets deleted after the scan. But if I store the files in Onedrive, they remain as it is even after the scan. Have I configured the settings of ASC in the wrong way or is it happening by the mistake in the software?
  3. Would you be a bit helpful in explaining the problem to us, now that you've broached it? Just in case we need to refer to this article if we find ourselves in the same situation. Using ASC has caused no loos to my browser history.
  4. I'd suggest you choose a very easy location for storing the screenshots. You could make a folder in your non-Windows drive and name it something like "ASC Scan complete pics" to store the screenshots. You can even automate it in the settings. I do the same thing to store the pics and then at times send it to my network using (SPAM LINK REMOVED). We ensure that all the people have their own folder in the shared drive.
  5. Surprisingly, I've got the same options checked but I don't face any issues. Is it because I use the English United States as my language pack? I'll ensure that I don't select the United Kingdom language pack at all. Thanks for the info.
  6. No even if you disable the software disable the option in the software updater, the other programs will not be affected. They'll update as new updates come out and if you've set them to auto-update. I hope this information helps!
  7. It probably means that your processor cannot handle the load of parallel computing and that your system needs a GPU. Your problem will be solved if you buy a new GPU.
  8. I've had the same problem as well. There are no updates done to the frequently used programs, so I have to manually search for the programs and launch them.
  9. I would like to let you know that IOBit products are best in what they do. They'll help you to uninstall unnecessary programs, ensure that your drives are safe. They'll also keep you updated and secure. IOBit is a one-stop solution for PC optimization
  10. IOBit products are all worthy to be installed. I've been using IOBit products for the last 8 years and I haven't had any qualms about it. All my apps like MS Dynamics 365 and Microsoft teams all work fine I believe your friend must've had an outdated version of IOBit, so his PC must've been infected by it.
  11. Edit: Malware Fighter 7 shows the Office apps as False-positive when I run the Security scan while working on Office 365 apps.
  12. The error that you have regarding ScanDisp.exe certainly seems to be a threat. Avast is a trusted software that recognizes even a minute threat accurately. It is not advisable to use IOBit products alongside other products. Use the Malware Fighter to see if Scandisp.exe is really a threat issue.
  13. I use Office 365 plans on both of my laptops. Both of my laptops have Windows 10 installed on them. As the support for Windows 7 has ended, I upgraded to Windows 10. I used to use Office 365 ProPlus on one of my Windows 7 laptop and Office 365 Business on my work laptop. They worked perfectly on those laptops. I had IObit Malware fighter 7 installed on them. Now that I've upgraded to Windows 10, the Office 365 apps are not able to work properly. They take time to open and they freeze for 2-3 seconds after every 10 minutes. Iobit Malware fighter 7 reports them as false positive when I use them and do the security scan together. How do I resolve this error and how do I stop Malware fighter from reporting the false positive? It is decreasing my productivity.
  14. Is there any IObit security software also available for Android systems? If there is any such software, can I get the name of that software?
  15. Go ahead with your idea. You wouldn't have to look back.
  16. Maybe you could go to settings to decide which junk files to remove and which not to. I use ASC 8.0 free on my DaaS Windows and it works fine and it doesn't take much time to do it. Regards
  17. I did look at the Winmetro forum, But there were no threads regarding Windows Virtual Desktop on Azure. Thanks
  18. I recently got a subscription of Office 365 for my PC. A month or so after that Office 365 started crashing a lot. I contacted Microsoft support and got a support ticket raised. They said that the issue was caused by a Third-party security app. I've been facing same issue with Jarvee, 7zip and VLC media player but to a lesser extent. Would it be caused by Iobit malware fighter 7 or by some virus that has infected these apps and Iobit Malware fighter trying to remove it.
  19. Try IObit Uninstaller. It will uninstall Microsoft Visual Studio Ultimate 2015 from your computer. Or ask a moderator on how to, they'll guide you. Regards.
  20. Try whitelisting the File in with its' path in the concerned IObit software. Maybe that can help. Also how can you have an excel file with .exe extension? An Excel file has .xlsx extension. Maybe this can help.
  21. I've had same issue with Markdown monster too. i am tired of it being halted due to a false positive.
  22. I did the same thing, I added the that game to Whitelist as I knew that it was not going to cause any trouble to my system. I knew the game was safe.
  23. I hope the Iobit products help to optimize my PC as well. And keep it safe too.
  24. You'll have to buy the license for update to Advanced System Care 13, but, I believe at a lesser price. Regards.
  25. Hi, I've currently installed Windows Virtual Desktop on Azure. It's runs smooth and fast. I wanted to know whether Winmetro can be installed on it? And are there any bugs that I need to know about, which would cause problem on WVD?
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