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  1. To run the System File Checker, complete these steps: 1. Click Start, and then type cmd in the Start Search box. 2. In the results area, right-click cmd.exe, and then click Run as administrator. You will be prompted to type the password for an administrator account. Click Continue if you are the administrator or type the administrator password. Then, click Continue. 3. At the command prompt, type Sfc /scannow, and then press ENTER.
  2. To stop getting updates about a forum post: Open the forum post you want to stop getting emails about. Click Unfollow.
  3. Type in Command Prompt or cmd into Cortana's box. Right-click on the search results and pick Run as administrator Copy and paste the following commands one-by-one. Press Enter after each and wait for the command to be executed. ipconfig/release ipconfig/all ipconfig/flushdns ipconfig/renew netsh int ip set dns netsh winsock reset
  4. You can remove the check mark from Show balloon tips in system tray under General Setting of Options. Click Apply button and OK button.
  5. Press Windows logo key on the keyboard, type troubleshooter and select the top most search result. Click on View all from left side panel of the screen. Select Hardware and Devices, click on Advanced option and check Apply repairs automatically option. Follow the on screen instructions and wait for the troubleshooting to complete. After troubleshooting is completed, check the status of the troubleshooter shown on the window.
  6. Access files through the path C:\ProgramData\Intuit\QuickBooks enterprise hosting 20XX\Components\OLB\branding\filist Now rename fidir.txt to fidir.old Now right click on Quickbooks, and then select Save Link As Now save the file on Desktop Now copy fidir.txt that you had downloaded and paste it on the files folder To do this you will have to right-click on the fidir.txt, and copy it, and then press the Windows key with E. This will open the Computer. In the filist folder paste the file. Now you should set up the account by opening QuickBooks desktop.
  7. When your PC restarts abruptly on its own without an explanatory or warning message it may be because Windows encountered a failure and it triggered the default automatic restart feature. This is a protective feature but it can be disabled if you wish to find out what is causing the abrupt automatic restarts Type "Control Panel" in the search bar next to the Windows logo, then select the Control Panel app Click System and Security. Click System On the left panel, click Advanced System Settings. Under Startup and Recovery, click Settings. Make sure there is no check mark beside Automatically Restart. If there is, uncheck it and click OK
  8. Select Start > Settings > Accounts > Sign-in options . Under Password, select the Change button and follow the steps.
  9. Thanks for this information, Microsoft Office 2019, but don't you think Office 2019 is outdated? People nowadays prefer cloud hosting more, so they have shifted to Office 365. I am personally using Office 365 ProPlus for my business. It has been working great for me.
  10. You can fix this issue by restoring the LogiLDA.dll file from a trustworthy source. If you’re not sure which software you can trust, it’s recommended that you try the DLL?files.com Client. With the DLL-files.com Client, you’ll be able to fix your DLL error in one click. You don’t have to know Which version of the Windows system is running on your computer, and you don’t need to worry about downloading the wrong file. The DLL-files.com Client handles it all for you.
  11. For your PC security,you can not disable it. Anti-ransomware Engine is off by default. You can enable it manually after you activate IObit Malware Fighter Pro to protect your PC from ransomware attacks.
  12. How to enroll in the Android P Beta Program Open a web browser and go to google.com/android/beta. Sign in with the Google account that is used on your Android device(s) Once logged in, you should see a list all eligible devices. When ready, select the Opt in button and agree to the beta program.
  13. MacBooster 4 is one of the best applications, which provides a one-click solution to help you speed up and protect your Mac easily and efficiently. With the new added Privacy Clean, Extensions Manager, and Real-time Protection features, it also cleans you, Mac, more thoroughly and protects your MAC in real-time. Besides protecting your Mac from viruses and a variety of online threats, it also helps you remove all kinds of junk files on your system to free up tons of space on your hard disks. Furthermore, it helps you get the ultimate speedup of your Mac for gaming or working purpose.
  14. In this Windows 10 guide, we'll walk you through 19 different ways you can try to speed up, optimize, and improve the performance of your device whether it's using older or modern hardware. Disable startup apps. Disable relaunch apps on startup. Disable background apps. Uninstall non-essential apps. Install only good quality apps. Reclaim hard drive space. Run defragmentation tool. Enable ReadyBoost. Check the computer for malware. Install the latest update. Change the power plan. Disable system visual effects. Disable search indexing. Increase the page file size. Restore the previous working state. Repair installation files. Reset your device. Upgrade to faster drive. Upgrade system memory.
  15. Here are the things you should try when fixing blue screen of death in Windows 10. Check device performance and health. Uninstall application and updates. Update drivers. Disable hardware device. Use System Restore to undo your last modification or change. Increase the paging file size. Make sure you have enough storage. I hope these steps help you out.
  16. Please find autoupdate.log in the program installation folder (usually: C:\Program Files\IObit\Advanced SystemCare with Antivirus 2012) and send it to IObit support team. They can help you with an exact solution.
  17. Recently upgraded the MySQL Server installation on my Windows 8.1 Pro x64 laptop from 5.7.3 to 5.7.4 using the MySQL Installer, and after doing so, attempting to start the MySQL Server service, either using the MySQL Notifier or directly starting it from the services list fails. When the startup fails with the Notifier, it says that the attempted startup timed out, and suggests restarting the MySQL Notifier if the problem continues. I have tried that unsuccessfully and used IOBit uninstaller to uninstall everything on my computer related to MySQL (IOBit uninstaller scans the computer after uninstalling for leftover files. After uninstalling everything, I checked myself for leftover files and found none.). After reinstalling everything, I am still having the issue. What can I do to resolve the issue? Here's what's generated in the error log when I try to start the server: [Note] Plugin 'FEDERATED' is disabled. InnoDB: Using atomics to ref count buffer pool pages [Note] InnoDB: Mutexes and rw_locks use Windows interlocked functions [Note] InnoDB: Uses system mutexes [Note] InnoDB: Compressed tables use zlib 1.2.3 [Warning] InnoDB: Adjusting innodb_buffer_pool_instances from 8 to 1 since innodb_buffer_pool_size is less than 1024 MiB [Note] InnoDB: Number of pools: 1 [Note] InnoDB: Not using CPU crc32 instructions [Note] InnoDB: Initializing buffer pool, total size = 26.0M, instances = 1 [Note] InnoDB: Completed initialization of buffer pool [Note] InnoDB: Highest supported file format is Barracuda. [Note] InnoDB: Creating shared tablespace for temporary tables [Note] InnoDB: Setting file '.\ibtmp1' size to 12 MB. Physically writing the file full; Please wait ... [Note] InnoDB: File '.\ibtmp1' size is now 12 MB. [Note] InnoDB: 96 redo rollback segment(s) found. 96 redo rollback segment(s) are active. [Note] InnoDB: 32 non-redo rollback segment(s) are active. [Note] InnoDB: Waiting for purge to start [Note] InnoDB: 5.7.4 started; log sequence number 1232503 [ERROR] unknown variable 'innodb_additional_mem_pool_size=2M' [ERROR] Aborting [Note] Shutting down plugin 'MEMORY' [Note] Shutting down plugin 'CSV' [Note] Shutting down plugin 'sha256_password [Note] Shutting down plugin 'mysql_old_password' [Note] Shutting down plugin 'mysql_native_password' [Note] Shutting down plugin 'binlog' [Note] C:\Program Files\MySQL\MySQL Server 5.7\bin\mysqld: Shutdown complete Can anyone help me with what should I do to troubleshoot this error?
  18. Please copy & paste your license code to register again. If it still does not work, please contact the Support Team with a screenshot of the error message you get so we can help you accordingly.
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