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  1. You could try workaround this problem by creating a shortcut on the desktop. Follow these steps: • Open Windows Explorer (Win Key + E) • Open (double click) C: • Open Program files • Open IObit • Open Advanced System Care 4 • In the right pane: Right-click on the PMonitor icon • Hover the cursor over Send to • Click on Desktop (create shortcut) I hope this helps you! Regards.
  2. To disable secure boot you need to visit the BIOS settings. Fast boot, I believe, cannot be set from the control panel. Anyway, if @Lewis-H 's answer helped you then follow it.
  3. Yes, you need to keep at least 15% space for the defrag to work properly. It has not changed in all these years. I believe that the smart defrag from the free version would be as effective as the paid version. So there is no need to upgrade to the paid version.
  4. You can log in to OkCupid but it is not possible to do so if you have neglected the account for more than 2 years. So please ensure that you go to the sign-in page and use the credentials of your account to log in. In case if you have not logged in for two years then I believe that you cannot retrieve the content of the account anymore. Regards.
  5. I agree with @AdrianG001. Iobit fights against malware of any kind that can negatively affect your Windows PC.
  6. I tried this solution. And I found out that it works. But sometimes one needs to restore the older version of the BIOS firmware as well, to solve the problem. Just revert to the older BIOS using the older BIOS firmware flashed into a USB and booting from it. Thanks.
  7. To recover your browsing history, you could use the DNS to which your system is connected and restore from the DNS cache. I hope that helps! Regards.
  8. Whether the boot time notification appears a few minutes earlier or later depends on the processing speed of the PC. Also to make the notification appear on the screen, the ASC needs to perform some processes to result in the notification. If you get a faster processor for yourself, you would be able to get the notification fast as well.
  9. The browsing data clean in the Browser Anti-tracking setting should be unchecked to ensure that the history is not cleaned by ASC. Alternatively, check if all the appropriate settings regarding browser history are checked and saved. These two things would help you to solve your problem.
  10. You need not install any Antivirus on your servers if your website is hosted on the service provider's servers. As the service providers use their own security measures to protect your data present on their servers. If in case you use a home-built server then it would be necessary for you to install IObit to protect your data.
  11. I think Ruskin is right. You must be having outdated AntiVirus. Most of the time Antiviruses update the virus definitions of their database to protect their customers from viruses. If your system has an outdated virus and outdated virus definitions in its database then it is sure to be a vulnerable target to infections.
  12. Any of these four tools will help you to decrypt the ransomware encrypted data of your system. OpenToYou decryption tools Globe3 decryption tool Dharma Decryptor And also ensure that you store your data at a safe off-site location like external drives as a backup. I hope this helps! Regards.
  13. Have you tried changing the keyboard layout of your system before you optimized it? I have a possible solution and that is you need to connect to the internet before logging in to the session. And then choose the option to sign in using the Microsoft account password that you use. Once done, you will be able to login to your system. Then you can change the password. After that, you will be able to use your computer as always. Regards.
  14. I believe TerranceM has a point. It may be that way as the company is sending updates on a regular basis. Are the updates that are being installed the same or are they different? If they are the same then it may be a bug in the software. If they are not similar then they maybe genuine updates.
  15. So you say there is a bug in IObit where the Windows search function breaks if there is no consistency in the selected region and the language used. I believe if I had selected the UK as the residential region and used UK English as the language then would there have been any error?
  16. Did you try uninstalling the software and then installing the latest version of the Antivirus? Even repairing the software would work I guess.
  17. Have you observed any performance changes for better or for worse when you optimized Firefox the way ASC did it? Did that get the firefox to locate the URLs faster than usual? An update on these two questions would be good.
  18. I support this idea too. There needs to be a way to whitelist some files that the user wants.
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