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  1. 4 hours ago, Yuri B.M said:

    GOOD. NEEDS TO IMPROVE smart ram 4.0 ADD CLEANING TIME TO THE DELAY OF RAM (clean every ; 5 sec, 10 sec, 1 min, 5 min). having the possibility to create a widget ON DESKTOP WOULD BE LEGAL. AND INCREASE THE PERFORMANCE OF smart ram 4.0 TOO.

    Thanks for your valuable suggestions about the tool Smart RAM. We've recorded them for future consideration.

    As for "having the possibility to create a widget ON DESKTOP WOULD BE LEGAL", it already has this feature, you can move your mouse on the arrow on the top right corner of Smart RAM and click it to create a desktop icon for it. The following picture is for your reference.


    Have a nice day!

  2. 2 hours ago, Deodata said:

    Hi, I have ASC pro on my pc, can that licence be used for AMC security on my Android or do you have to buy another one for androids? Not the case with other antivirus products?

    I am sorry that ASC and AMC Security are two different products, so they have their different license codes. You can purchase AMC Security from our store https://www.iobit.com/en/store.php

    Nice day.


  3. Hi All,
    Good news. Driver Booster 9 RC has been released. Check it out and enjoy the new features.
    Your suggestions and feedback are highly welcomed and appreciated.
    1. Download Now

    Download Driver Booster 9

    2. Send your Feedback

    - E-mail us your suggestions or comments directly: dbfeedback@iobit.com
    - Join discussion on our forums.

    3. Share Driver Booster 9 with your families, friends, and colleagues

    4. What's new:

    + Fully supports Windows 11

    + Greatly expanded database by 78% to support updating 8,000,000+ drivers

    + Enhanced multiple tools (Clean Invalid Device Data, Fix Device Error, Fix No Sound, etc.) for better system stability

    + Strengthened Backup & Restore to support backing up multiple versions of drivers

    + Improved Game Boost to support enabling Game Mode in Windows Settings directly

    + Brand-new UI for more concise interface, easier operation, and smoother experience

    + Supported 37 languages

    + More can be discovered by you

    5. Description:

    Driver Booster is a must-to-have utility designed to update all outdated drivers on Windows. As we all know, those obsolete drivers may adversely affect the PC performance and even cause system crashes. Developed by IObit, Driver Booster provides the best one-click solution to rapidly and securely update outdated drivers, install missing drivers, and fix incorrect drivers. Apart from updating drivers, Driver Booster also introduces several powerful tools to increase the system compatibility and stability.

    What makes Driver Booster so attractive?

    Fully Supported Windows 11
    As soon as Microsoft introduces Windows 11 to the world, IObit makes Driver Booster fully support Windows11.

    Very Large Driver Database (8, 000,000+)
    While providing millions of driver updates, Driver Booster ensures all the drivers provided are from official websites or Windows and have passed WHQL and strict IObit Review Rules. These certified drivers can be updated without worries about system or security problems.

    Automatically Scan and Update
    You can create a scheduler to scan at a fixed frequency or at each Windows startup. Meanwhile, it saves you plenty of effort and time by checking the checkbox ‚ÄúAutomatically update drivers while the system is idle‚ÄĚ. It totally frees you from checking the status of drivers and driver updates one by one.

    Powerful Tools
    No sound, bad resolution, and no internet connection are probably the headache for all PC users. With IObit cutting-edge technology, Driver Booster employs its foolproof Tools: Fix No Sound, Fix Network Failure, Fix Bad Resolution, Fix Device Error, etc. These tools must be one of the greatest achievements of Driver Booster. It becomes a child’s play to fix those general PC handicaps.

    Mighty Backup & Restore
    No one can guarantee there would be never a problem if you update the driver. To minimize the bad effect of any unexpected troubles caused by driver updates, Driver Booster provides mighty strategies, including backing up the drivers, creating a system restore point. With these, you can reverse the update or restore the system to fix the troubles.

    Offline Driver Updater
    What if a computer has no internet connection? Driver Booster can also help you fix the problem caused by drivers. Offline Driver Updater is employed for those computers without internet connection, especially for newly installed Windows computers.

    Ultimate Gaming Experience
    Apart from fixing general problems caused by drivers, Driver Booster can also bring gaming experience to a higher level. It not only provides necessary game drivers, but also offers Game Boost which can optimize PC performance for better gaming.

    In summary, Driver Boost is supposed to be the first choice when you need a driver update tool no matter whether it is used to improve PC performance or get better gaming experience.


  4. Smart Defrag can trim SSD. Sometime, Smart Defrag doesn't recognize the disk type correctly. Please click the arrow button near the disk type to remark the disk type from SSD to HDD or from HDD to SSD manually.

    Here is a screenshot for your reference.


  5. 5 hours ago, FAM10 said:


    With respect to the use of most tools of this ASC 15 RC, until now I didn¬īt find any issues (except for the cookies as I posted before).

    On the other hand I would like to say some things about the software, related with the standard user accounts in the same PC.

    The cleaning capabilities of all user accounts for Privacy Sweep and Junk File Clean was a grate improvement. But there are other modules or tools where it seems to be they don¬īt work for all user accounts. One example is for Startup Optimizer: here the user can¬īt manage the items for each user, it can do only for the current user (admin).

    Perhaps the¬†the biggest drawback occurs within a standard user account, where ASC doesn¬īt work after the session start. Then, Automatic Services (AutoCare, AutoClean, Auto RAM) don¬īt work. So non-admin users cannot take advantage of important ASC functions.¬†

    This is an important limitation for my case.

    My question is: Is in your plans to achieve a development of the software such as it would be fully able to be use for all user accounts from the admin account? Would it be possible that the Automatic Services can be active in standard user accounts?


    Thank you for continuing to test our new version and for sending us your feedback.

    We've recorded your valuable suggestions and will consider them seriously in the future versions.

    All the best and cheers!ūüôā


  6. 9 hours ago, Bit said:

    It appears Advanced System Care has a bug in the performance monitor.  It appears to hang the entire system on occasion.  When the system hangs, the only thing that appears to work is the mouse.  But clicking on things does not result in any activity.  Unaware that it was the ASC performance monitor, I first left the ASC performance monitor panel open to the CPU listing.  When the system hung, there were no processes listed in the panel.  Next, I opened both the ASC performance monitor and also the Win Task Manager with processes sorted by CPU.  Next hang, the ASC performance monitor was again blank.  But, according to the Task Manager, the top CPU user was the ASC performance monitor.  The Task Manger display was not updating - it was hung.  But, it hung with the ASC performance monitor on top.  Next test was just turn off the ASC performance monitor.  It's been several days now and no more hanging.

    I see that is now available.  I will upgrade and retest.


    Sorry for the issue you encountered.

    If the issue persists after you test the new version ASC 14.6, please email feedback@iobit.com for further assistance.

  7. Hello WhiteFang,

    Users can always cancel renewal service refer to the FAQ at https://www.iobit.com/en/allfaq.php#a5bfc9e07964f8dddeb95fc584cd965d

    If the users still do not know how to cancel, we can cancel it for the users directly. So I asked Patrick Jordan send me the Email so that I can cancel it for him.

    If you find anything inconvenience, please give us more details so that we can help you futher. 

  8. Hello sonoranhawk,

    Sorry to hear that.

    I will report your feedback to our product team for conderation. You can uncheck the checkbox if you do not want it.

    They will consider this kind of marketing activities and make a better balance in future.

    Have a good time!


  9. Hell Alexsandro Brunner,

    I deleted your post here as it leaks your privacy. It is suggested to send us the private message by PM or communicating with our online support to solve the order related issues is a better choice. 

    I will send check wether there is order with the message you supplied and send message to the Email you supplied.

    Have a great day.

  10. Hi David Dundas,

    Sorry to hear that.

    At present, we are partnered with iTop VPN to help promote its product iTop VPN, which can provide private access to the Internet with military-grade protection.

    Almost all IObit products are recommending this app, as your picture shows you can untick the checkbox if you do not need the recommended the programs. 
    Anyway, I have forwarded your concern to our product team and market team. They will consider this kind of marketing activities and make a better balance in future.

    Have a good time!

  11. Hello WarrenWhitlock, 

    Thanks for contacting IObit.

    Sorry to hear that.

    At present, we are partnered with iTop VPN to help promote its product iTop VPN, which can provide private access to the Internet with military-grade protection.

    Almost all IObit products are recommending this app, you can uncheck the checkbox if you do not want the program before you start the installtion. 

    Anyway, I have forwarded your concern to our product team and market team. They will consider this kind of marketing activities and make a better balance in future.

    Have a good time!

  12. Hell Alexsandro Brunner,

    Please post in Eglish as it is the rule of this forum. You can use google translate.

    For the license code issues, you can send us one or more of the following information for us to help you find your order and the code: ( You can send me PM)

    - Reference number of the order;

    - Name or Email filled in the order;

    - First 4 digits and last 4 digits of the card used;

    - A copy of your payment records.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.


    Inferno Alexsandro Brunner,

    Por favor, poste em inglês, pois é a regra deste fórum. Você pode usar o Google Tradutor.

    Para problemas com o c√≥digo de licen√ßa, voc√™ pode nos enviar uma ou mais das seguintes informa√ß√Ķes para ajud√°-lo a encontrar seu pedido e o c√≥digo: (Voc√™ pode me enviar um PM)

    - N√ļmero de refer√™ncia do pedido;

    - Nome ou e-mail preenchido no pedido;

    - Primeiros 4 d√≠gitos e √ļltimos 4 d√≠gitos do cart√£o utilizado;

    - Uma cópia de seus registros de pagamento.

    Ansioso por saber sobre você.

  13. On 9/10/2021 at 11:52 PM, Bubblewrap said:

    I have had the very same issue for the past 2 years. One would think that a Company would update their Clients software before anything else.

    Would you please provide us more details? Thanks

  14. Hi GWills,

    Sorry for my late reply.

    Sorry there is no such package for 3 year.

    I will report your suggestion to our product team for consideration.

    For  iTop Software issues, at present, we are partnered with iTop VPN to help promote its product iTop VPN, which can provide private access to the Internet with military-grade protection.

    You can untick the uncheck the checkbox for iTop VPN if you do not want it.

    Anyway, I have forwarded your concern to our product team and market team. They will consider this kind of marketing activities and make a better balance in future.

  15. Hi jrhslick and bassc

    Sincerley sorry to hear that.

    As I mentioned before you can untick the checkbox for iToP  VPN if you do not want it during your installtion of IObit programs. But you may need ot check it with more attention.

    I will report your feedbacks to our product team.

    We will try a¬†make¬†a¬†better¬†balance¬†in the future.ūüėÄ

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