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  1. forgot to attach this to that post - here's what I see in sm10 - no link for additional icons....... Tks! -Al
  2. Thank you very much for replying! I did try what you suggest and it looks like that applies to Start-Menu8, though, or am I missing what you're saying? I'm using StartMenu10, mainly because it offers the option to install the "free" version, and I'm disabled, living on disability, and can't afford to spend money on it, even though it's pretty low-cost.... Are you suggesting I do something I'm not understanding? Again, my apologies..... 🙂
  3. I know this is a start menu 8 forum, but I couldn't find one for sm10, which I moved to recently because it offers to install the free version right away(sm8 only did it, in my experience, when you start to uninstall it, but then not every/any time in my experience, and I needed to do it on several computers in my house(all run win10). I generally like sm10, tbh, but I hate how the start button is so small and I haven't found a way(setting,etc.) to make it larger. Has anyone been able to do this? If so, please tell me how. And, incidentally, I'm an i.t. pro(disabled, unfortunately, now,but I
  4. Just saw this a few minutes ago....thanks for the tip! 🙂
  5. I recently setup sm8 on my own pc and it wasn't until I went to uninstall it that it offered me the free,more limited(?) version. Is there any way to download and start with that free version/license, so I can install it on a client's pc and they won't have to deal with it themselves? (I'm a (unfortunately)disabled it-pro and I'm providing complementary tech support/help to friends and family...) Thanks much in advance! -Al
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