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  1. Hello everyone, I have the latest malwarefighter pro and ASC pro and I've been searching how to blacklist sites. Windows Firewall (win8.1) is on . I wanted to activate windows defender but apparently it can't as long as another AV-program is active ... So how can i blacklist sites either through iobit pro progs or windows firewall/defender ? Tips and help much appreciated and thanks in advance !!
  2. Hi Cicely, thank you very much for your help. All is resolved, I received the activation codes ! :) thanks for all your help both you and Maggie !! 👍👍👍
  3. Thanks for your reply Cicely, I have received that email from Maggie and have already replied to it ... it's just due to a simple typing error I made... ordern° ...IDC in payment reference should be ....IDG that's all there is to it actually :) I have sent a screenshot of the confirmation mail I received right after placing my order, to Maggie (this is not a payment confirmation as I never received payment confirmation because of the error in the reference of the banktransfer. Anyway, hope it will be resolved soon :) thank you for helping Cicely !
  4. Thank you Scudrunner, this is such a sad thruth indeed, Allthough one ticketreply was 'signed' by a certain "maggie", I would expect more professional and personal help from a company like iobit. Especially when they make a difference between support for free items and their PREMIUM support for paid items ! I was always very satisfied with the products of iobit but this is my first time I need PREMIUM support and it fails big time ! I only found one phonenumer in the USA but i'm not planning to make an oveseas call from Europe which will cost me more than the actual iobit package I bought. is there an online chat to a REAL person possible ? if so I can not seem to find it ... For a company that seems to have high professionalism in their products, this is most dissapointing and frustrating ! 😞 😞 😞
  5. anyone ? please any advice ? Thank you
  6. Same here ! really dissapointed in support for payed products ! I'm sorry I can not help you Kriket, but I'm struggling trough the same issues, I want to contact iobit on phone (or at least live supportchat) as well, but there seems no way of doing so. (very weird indeed for a security software Comp. please see my issue in my topic :
  7. IHello all, As I saw on other review sites and forums, I am clearly not the only one, but I am truly dissapointed in your online PREMIUM support ! I made a simple error in my order reference on my payment transfer : . ordern° should be ……-IDG but i wrongly typed …..-IDC Several mails explaining this error (under ticket) result in same answer : “your ordernumber….IDG is unfinished, please fullfill payment and send us screenshot of payment . Sorry we can not find an order with number …IDC ” I don’t know how to explain it any more as I wrote it several times as clear and simple as possible that reference ….IDC is a typewriting error in the paymentreference…. (WITH screenshots multiple times) Support keeps answering me they cannot find an ordern° ….IDC I’m getting desperate of getting the same answers from you that you cannot find ordern°…IDC …. ofcourse you cannot find it !! it’s a type-error I made !! The correct reference should be IDG (which remains unfinished ofcourse ! ) I am not prepared to pay twice ! So please refund the wrong payment under reference .... idC or use this payment to activate the correct order ......IDG ! I am starting to doubt myself if this is so hard to understand for a securitysoftwarecompany thanks in advance for (usefull) help !
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