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  1. The ability to see what is fixed via an extra button "view repairs" would be a very helpful addition to AWC. But the aim of this post is to report a mishap in relation to Advanced System Care. I noticed that recently when I scan via "Diagnostics" > "Security Defense" 359 out of 5000 threats are unblocked and AWC every time must repair this section! I'm absolutely certain that when my system shuts down none of these is unblocked! I suspect that it must be another protection software which unblocks this 359 sites every time it operates in tandem with AWC! Apart from Advanced System Care, Eset Smart Security, SuperAntiSpyware and SpyHunter are also running on my PC. The problem appeared when I installed SpyHunter but I'm not so sure whether SpyHunter disables some of AWC's blocked items! It could be Spybot Search & Destroy which is known to have it's own Host file where a number of undesirable sites,servers & cookies are blocked! If we imagine the bizzare situation where AWC together with let's say SpyBot were programmed to block a subset of threats which is common to both programs. Could it then be possible for something to go wrong due to double blocking ie ending with no blocking at all? I think the IOBit programmers should have a look to this because it's happening in my system all the time! It must be either because of SpyHunter or SpyBot Search & Destroy. If by any chance the above mishap has already been noted in the past I would appreciate a solution. Thank you.
  2. Hi enoskype, I agree with you that the atdmt.com cookie is a very clever notion of malware because it is using the initials of words such as date, month, time. If it were to be related with the Notification Area Clock, a cookie wouldn't be necessairy. Thanks for your help, kind regards. Hi Leofelix, I have noted everything you said and I'm using Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware myself, but it has given false positives in several occasions! Having said that, it is a reputable protection utility in its own field. However, I feel that the 9.76% threat rate of RegistryFix given by the 41 scanners in virustotal.com is more reliable. Regards
  3. Oh, I forgot to mention that the Administrator or UserName_atdmt.com is a persistent cookie which can be blocked in IE via tools>internet options>privacy>sites (add atdmt.com in the sites list). Does anyone know if this cookie is part of the automatic day time M T of the taskbar clock? Thanks in advance. best regards.
  4. Hi Itobe, Thanks for your prompt reply. I checked the judgement of WOT regarding RegistryFix and I noticed that the 1st page of comments was negative while the 2nd slightly positive! Overall the picture was negative! But we can't rely on ambiguous comments! To the contrary in the virustotal.com site RegistryFix is considered a threat from 4 out of the 41 scanners ie a 9.76% threat. From my experience this registry cleaner is one of the best I have used it with no apparent harm on my systems and I use it in all 5. Unless someone checks this utility via a disassembler or other debuging tool as to it's inner workings most comments will remain assumptions! IS360 detected it 69 times and I'm sure will not be the only one! But in my experience it appears to be a false positive. Finally I didn't need to check "PccScan.dll" because after the online scanning of the PC with Trend Macro I deleted it together with the .housecall folder which resides in the Administrator's section. I'm looking forward to your points of view. best regards.
  5. Hello, IObit Security 360 OS:Windows Vista Version: Define Version:1140 Time Elapsed:8/27/2009 03:41:24 Objects Scanned:57713 Threats Found:74 |Name|Type|Description|ID| Rogue.RegistryFix, File, C:\Program Files\RegistryFix7\logs\24-8-2009 (18-42-15).txt, 3-2957 Rogue.RegistryFix, File, C:\Program Files\RegistryFix7\logs\26-8-2009 (8-30-38).txt, 3-2957 Rogue.RegistryFix, File, C:\Program Files\RegistryFix7\RegistryFix7Backup\8,24,2009_18,52,48.cab, 3-2957 Rogue.RegistryFix, File, C:\Program Files\RegistryFix7\RegistryFix7Backup\8,26,2009_9,8,2.cab, 3-2957 Tracking Cookies, Cookies, Cookie:administrator@atdmt.com/, 7-1545 PHISH.FraudTool, File, C:\Users\Public\Desktop\TrendMicro_TIS_17.50_en-US_32-bit\Setup\Function\32bit\209\PccScan.dll, 12-1219 ------------------------------------------------------ In my experience RegistryFix7 is a registry cleaner and unless it is proved to the opposite it is a false positive. Similarly for the PccScan.dll file introduced by Trend Micro during an online scanning session for virus,malaware etc. Now the last one can be deleted after the online session has ended. What really bugs me is that cookie- administrator@atdmt.com It has been detected and deleted by my protection software several times but it keeps coming back! Is this cookie by any chance relative to the automatic time domain setting of the clock at the task bar? Looking forward to read your points of view.
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