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Drive Cloning Software ?


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The other thing is that your new clone drive may simply have written the files more efficiently and therefore used less space.....http://www.freesmileys.org/smileys/smiley-computer001.gif

I thought of that but I could Not see how there could be That-Much Efficiency! :lol:


The Next drive I clone, I will keep better records of the sizes. :idea:

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I got the drive partitions cloned to the new velocirapter drive, with no problems,

but when trying to Expand the Boot-partition to include unused space, I Again encountered a problem.

When trying different options in Disk-manager, I got the partitions so screwed-up I had to Format and completely re-do the cloning process. :shock:


This time the C: partition is Only 270.GB, which is the size of the drive partition I cloned

(different computer than previous testing),

and there is No way to 'extend' it and use the Unallocated 195.GB, as before with other computer. :sad:

(The 'Extend-volume' command is constantly grayed-out in Disk-manager)


There must be a way to do that, but Not with the software I presently have. :?

So presently I have Not gained the Needed Space but have gained a little speed, with this new drive.

I can really tell the difference in Boot-up Time. :grin:

I've not done any speed testing yet, but will, if I can solve this Dang Size Problem!

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Hi Toppack


Sorry to hear yo are having problems. This whole partitioning/cloning thing is a nightmare, and anybody who says it is simple is party to some really closely guarded secret....http://www.freesmileys.org/smileys/smiley-think001.gif


Have a look at This and maybe try This.... may give you some ideas...http://www.freesmileys.org/smileys/smiley-think004.gif

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Hi Toppack


Have a look at This and maybe try This.... may give you some ideas...http://www.freesmileys.org/smileys/smiley-think004.gif


Nope, the first link is just info about Creating partitions, using Disk-manager

Evidently the Size-rules change when trying to Extend active-Boot partitions.


I found that my cable-switching trick does Not work with the faster VR drive.

Evidently Windows always sees it First, no matter which Mobo port it is connected to.

So, it's Boot-partition is Always the 'Active' Boot-partition, which I think keeps it from being size-changed.

But I'm not sure that is the reason, since the two computers defaulted to different C: partition sizes (500. and 270.GB) ???


Second link to Paragon:

I tried three times to get the needed code numbers but Never recieved them.


I also tried another program called GPart-Live,

but it is a .iso type file, that requires another program called Virtual-Clone-Drive to run. :shock:

When I tried to install that one it wanted to also install some so-called device-drivers. :sad:

So, I gave up on that since I did not know what all that Junk would do

and removed all of that.


Note - by "active Boot-partition" I mean the partition that the computer is presently Booted from

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Hi Toppack


Sorry the info did not help... I cannot understand the problem with paragon. Whatever about their Backup and Recovery....The Partition Manager link I gave you is for their free version and should not be an issue. I have Paragon Partition Manager 11 and hed not problem downloading and installing.

I wonder if they have changed their rules...although I get their newsletters and never saw it mentioned.

I am disappointed they are giving you a hard time. Will have a look at it.

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Just an idea.... CAn you not resize the partition during the cloning process. I think that what may be happeniing is that when you create the clone the partition size of the old is exactly reflected on the new clone, and the instructions/system files created doing this does not allow you to alter them and extend the partition. If however you either created the Partitions on the Clone first or resized during the clonong process, it may work.

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Thats a pity, that is where the Paragon Partition Manager really comes into its own. So frustrating that you cannot get it. I know they had a licence requirement for their Backup and Recovery but I did not know they had a requirement for the Partition Manager.

Why do they make everything so hard.

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I found out why the emails from Paragon were being blocked.

There was a word that Paragon used in their email-Header that was being blocked by our server.

(my wife desided it was a Bad word):lol:

(I won't say what the word was, since someone on this forum may take-offence) :wink:

I found this by using an email address at a different provider (different server) and then looking at their header info.


I have installed the Paragon program and will try it sometime today. :grin:

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I presently have the Paragon Re-sizeing utility running on my test-computer,

with the 750.GB clone drive.


I really like the 'Slider' provision, when selecting size-change.

After setting that it requires a Re-boot and goes into a DOS-level program.

It first did a 'preparation' which took about 12 minutes,

then came up and said it would take another 1 Hour & 50 minutes to complete. :shock:

I was Shocked that it will take that Long,

but at rate the indicator is moving, it appears that it Really Will take that Long to complete. :shock: :?

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:shock: It took 2.Hours & 6.Minutes total, to complete a Simple size-change. :shock:


Well, it Must Not be as "Simple" as I Thought! :!: :lol:


Paragon software Did make the change that I requested though,

So, I'm Happy! :grin:


Next, I will try the VR drive and see if it completes any Faster.

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I do see some Limitations to the Paragon program though. :-?


It appears that if you have 3 or more partitions, on a physical drive, and you need to move space to/from 1st and 3rd, you can Not.

Only 1st and 2nd or 2nd and 3rd. (adjacent partitions)


And I don't think you can move All the space from one to another.

A small portion of the smaller partition must remain, waisting unusable space.


Tomorrow I will try running the Paragon program from a Flash-drive and installing it on another computer,

to see how versatile it is in that respect.

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I keep getting errors when trying to copy Paragon to a Flash-drive,

so looks like Paragon does Not allow that. :sad:

But, then again, I've Not had much Luck with Flash-drives lately. :roll:

(they keep dieing and loosing data 'for No reason', I think they have a Timed Self-distruct built-in)

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Hi Toppack


I am not sure what you mean when you say copying Paragon to a flash drive. Do you mean trying to make a Recovery disc or copying the Paragon program itself to a flash drive.


I was just tying to make a portable copy, so I would Not have to install Paragon on each computer,

that I might need to resize the partitions on.


Note - Like my hardware-testing-computer that is normally not connected to Internet and very often change the Drives.


I tried a 3rd Flash-drive and Paragon will Not run from a copy, so it must need to go through the complete install, with code numbers, to operate on another computer.

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Sadly it would seem that way. I cannot find any way of making a working copy of Paragon on a flash drive.

I suppose they have their reasons....


Yep, If I knew for sure it would operate from a Flash-drive or any type portable External-drive, I would purchase it.

But I've not found any Info about that capability, on their website?


Portability is the Modern Way! :lol:

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