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Drive Cloning Software ?


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When you copy the downloaded installation file to your flash drive and then copy it to another PC and run the installation of Paragon, does it complete the installation and accept the licence. Then simply refuse to run the program. Are you connected to the net when you do it.

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Yes, there's no problem when Installing to another computer

if you first run the little .msi file,

and then downoad the main install from Paragon website,

and put in code numbers.

I'm sure that an Internet connection will be required for that to work.

(the .msi file is the only thing that can be run from Flash-drive, which does Not Help any)


All that, is what i'm trying to Avoid, by running the main program from an External-drive. :wink:


I've not tried re-using the Same code-numbers for second computer yet, if that is what you are asking?.

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But if you have the install file on the external drive and run it then surely Paragon will install on the external drive.


I think Paragon Install also makes changes to the Registry, on the computer you first install to,

so when the external-drive is moved to another computer, it will Not run on that computer.


BTW - I ran the Re-size program on different partitions, that are smaller and are Not Boot-partition

and it took only 18.minutes, which is Much Better than the over 2.Hours for the other re-sizeing I did.

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If you downloaded a new installation msi on to your external drive, and then run the install on the external drive, then it may be ok.

Also, check if the size of the msi file changes after you execute it and the installation is completed, That will tell you if the installation modifies the actual msi with the relative check data that makes the program inoperable on another machine.

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I've Re-sized 4 drives now, 8:)

and I gave-up on trying to do it with an external-drive. :roll::-?

I'll keep looking for other software that will do that.


Thanks for your help in finding the Paragon software. :-D

It has been a Great Help! :!:

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I found another Software package, called Avanquest Partition-Commander that looks very Versitile, with all the options, including:

clone, re-size, merge and move

I have not yet determined, for sure, if it can be run from a Flash-drive,

but it appears that it may.

There is a trial version that I may try, if I can find more info about portability.

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Thanks Enoskype,

I looked at that one before, but I do Not think it does Cloning of drives or partitions. :sad:

Also it says it 'supports Flash-drive' but I'm not sure if that means it can be Run from a Flash-drive or not. :-?


If I could just Find one that 'Poured my Coffee' and 'Lite my Cigars', I would be Happy! :lol:


EDIT: I think it should also wash your feet.http://forums.iobit.com/images/icons/icon3.gif :lol: :mrgreen:

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I got the 'Spotmau BootSuite 2012' software package, which comes on a Bootable CD.

Not as good as a Flash-drive but it will work for most computers.(that are configured to boot from CD-drive, in BIOS)

It does Not have some partition editors, like re-size and merge. :-(

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I found one called 'EaseUS Partition Master' that has most of the Needed functions,

including clone, merge and re-size. :grin:

(Resize actually first Moves space to Unallocated-space and then 2nd Move moves the Unallocated space to another partition,

which is different procedure than other software I've looked at)

(This procedure makes it more Versitile, although it may take more time)


I installed it, but have not tried any functions yet, it looks very easy to use.

It can be put on a Bootable CD, also, but I think that is only with the full paid version.


And there is a Free version! :grin:


See link for more Info or download:


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Warning - After installing it, I found that 'EaseUS Partition Master' loads a Process into memory, at bootup,

that runs constantly, in background. :shock:

I'm not sure what it does but it was easily disabled with IObit's 'Startup-manager'. :-D

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I tried using the 'Cloning Wizard' in 'EaseUS Partition' software

and it appears to be Only a partition Copying program,

Not a real Cloning program.

When I went through the Boot-partition Copy, it did Not copy correctly!:shock:


So, I do Not recommend 'EaseUS Partition Master' for Cloning hard-drives. :sad:

and I'm back to using 'Macrium-Reflect' for Cloning.

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I also tried 'Avanquest Partition Commander 11' Trial version

and it has many more Options than M-R, which is great, :-D

but the trial version would Not complete the Cloning process. :roll:

Got all the way through setup procedure and then said 'Need to Pay'. :???:


I may buy this one, since it seems to have everything needed,

except portability on Flash-drive. 8-)

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Warning - The 'Boot-management' utility in 'Avanquest Partition Commander 11' is Not like any Boot-manager I've seen before.

With the default setting, it creates a Strange boot-menu, at the System-level, not in Windows.

It may be useful but I've not figured out what it does yet?

(It may be for Multiple OS config)

It can easily be disabled though.

So, learn what it does before activating it.

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I found this Info about the 'Boot Management' utility, at the Avanquest website:

(I think it looked Strange because I only have one OS on that computer)


New Boot Manager & OS Installation Wizard

Want to run multiple operating systems on your computer? It’s never been easier to prepare your computer for a brand new operating system than with Partition Commander 11. The automated wizard quickly walks you through the setup process. The new Boot Manager makes it easy to select which operating system you want to load when starting up your computer

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The next step in my Training as a 'Clone Master' will be to experiment with converting 'Basic' type volumes to 'Dynamic' volumes.

Which allows more versitile configurations, like spanning a single virtual-partition across 2 physical drives. 8-)


We are having Fun Now! :grin:


Note - A problem I found is that not all partition-manager software packages support editing of Dynamic type volumes

(need the Pro-version)

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I discovered that the 'Paragon' software installs a hidden file, which loads at system Boot-up, called hotcore3.sys. :shock:

I have no idea what it does, and it could Not be Removed, even using 'Security-Task-manager' program. :roll:

(hotcore3.sys does not even show up in 'Process-Manager') :sad:


I'll try to change it's status to Non-hidden next to see if that allows disable or removal.

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I disabled the hidden file by Unhiding it, then Renaming it,

then rebooting.

Paragon software seems to run okay without it being loaded.



Even though the file may be harmless, I just Hate it when software programs load hidden files at boot-up! :evil:

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I encountered another Strange problem, during my Clone-Master Training. :-(

I configured a new Clone drive and everything was working Great, with repeated boot-ups from new drive,

but then the next day it would Not boot-up from new clone, :cry:

I had to go back to original cloned drive, to get it to boot-up,

and even the Windows-Repair disk will not fix it.

It's like the System-partition had been Scrambled. :shock:


This has happened Twice, with different clone drives.

The first time it happened I thought there was maybe bad sectors on the drive but running Scandisk and Chkdsk utilities found No errors.


The only thing I can guess, is that Microsoft has a Time-limit for how long two bootable-drives can be in the same computer,

before Windows Disables one of them???:evil:

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I went through the same cloning, re-sizing and labeling procedure as before,

with one of the same drives,

but this time I disconnected the original cloned drive data-cable, before turning it off last night.

This morning it booted-up normally, as it should, :smile:

So a Time-limit set by Microsoft is still the only reason I can think of that could cause this strange problem. :???:


The next time I Re-clone the 2nd drive, I will disconnect it from the Internet,

to see if contacting the Microsoft website may have something to do with it?


Note - Next I'm going to try Cloning 'Angelina Jolie' :lol:

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