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Drive Cloning Software ?


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??? Anyone know of any software program that wiil easily change an 'active' partition to 'In-active' status?

The only way I know to do it is to use the 'diskpart' command-sequence, while in 'cmd.exe' utility,

which is a complicated procedure and I can never remember all the steps. :???:

There must be an easier way?

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Have a look at this


Here is the DiskPart sequence in case you want it.


Windows - How To Make Partition Not Active:


Open up a command prompt and type DISKPART.



Type SELECT DISK n (where n is the number of the active disk you wish to make inactive)


Type SELECT PARTITION n (where n is the number of the active partition you wish to make inactive)


Type EXIT to exit DISKPART

Type EXIT again to exit the command prompt


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Thanks for the link to MiniTool.

It says it can make partitions Inactive, so I will install and try it.


Hey, I've tried most of the others, so I should try that one also. :wink:


I wrote the 'diskpart' commands in a notebook, so maybe I'll have it Next time.

If I don't Loose the notebook. :roll::grin:

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I tried the MiniTool partition manager and it seems Great with many options.

I tried it's Re-size function, by moving some unallocated space into the C:-boot partition.

It had to do it at the DOS-level, after a re-boot, but it worked great.

It has a partition Copy function but I'm not sure if that will clone the system and boot partitions or not, yet.

I'll try to clone with it, sometime soon.

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I used 'MimiTool Partition Wizard 7' to Clone a C:-boot-partition, system-partition and two other partitions on a drive .

It worked great. :grin:

The functions they call 'partition Copy' and 'disk copy' are the Same as Cloning.

Again that function also runs at the DOS-level, after a reboot, which I think is the best way to do it.

It took 73 minutes to copy about 384.GB, on 3 partitions, plus the System-partition. ( I wanted to give it a complete Test)


This software package is looking Great! 8:)


Note - What some call Cloning, some call Copying! :wink:

(to me, Cloning is Much More than just Copying.

Copying is what Windows-File-Manager does.)

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I found , the Hard-way :shock:, that these Cloning software packages can Not clone 'Dynamic' type partitions, Only the 'Basic' type. :cry:

In fact some of them can not even See Dynamic partitions. :? (Macrium-reflect for example)


If you plan on maybe doing cloning or resizing, do not convert to Dynamic. :idea:


Info about Basic and Dynamic:

(scroll down)



So, I'm Still looking for software that can 'Do It All' !

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Thanks for the Info.

I checked on XXClone, and it appears to be similar to the cloning function in Macrium-reflect,

In that it Only does clone copy.

Not any of the other needed functions, such as Re-sizing and partition-type changing. :-?

Macrium-reflect does a good job of simple cloning, since it is easy to use,

so I'm still looking for one package that does it all. :roll:


Note - I read some reviews that said that XXClone was confusing to use

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Anyone know of a way to Convert a 'Dynamic' hard-drive partition Volume

to a 'Basic' type Volume, without deleting the volume and everything in it?


I know it can not be done in Windows Disk-manager

(which seems very Strange to me, since it can convert the other-way-around)

but I'm hopeing there is some Other software that will convert Dynamic partitions?

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I'm having trouble getting the links to work.

Is it me or is there a problem with IObit-server?


Enoskype, Microsoft says Dynamic partition must be deleted :-(

I found that before.


Scannan, I'm still trying to find info on the bestshareware.com website,

since the link did not work?

It linked to another website that was very difficult to navigate.

I'll keep trying it.



Thanks, to both of you.


Link test:


(This does not work either, so there must be a problem at IObit server setting)

(all direct links work from this computer)

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Thats strange. I just tried it four times and went straight into the page. Try it by using the option to open link in new Tab.

The page in question deals specifically with your issue.

Also, have a look at Paragon, which you already have I think, I have a feeling that it can do what you ask.

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None of the links on IObit webside are working for me now.

All other websites are operational though.

I even tried a system reboot.


I looked at several of the disk manager programs I have,

including Paragon (free version), but could not find any to do that conversion. :roll:

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