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A better and more visual Context Menu Manager (WYSIWYG)




I just purchased ASC 7.3 pro and so far I like it :-D


I have some suggestions for the "Context Menu Manager"


  1. Instead of "hiding" it inside "IE Helper", put it right under "Repair"
  2. I've tried several context menu tools, and I have found in all of them (including ASC) that they are hard and difficult to understand, why? because they MUST have a visual preview, for example, to have a WYSIWYG interface so if you enable/disable something, then on a right panel you will have a real visual representation of how the context menu will look with that change. IObit has the opportunity to be the pioneer of this WYSIWYG context menu manager!8-)


Kind regards

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Blackviper integration?




I've read in the forum that a Service Optimizer has not being implemented to ASC since Blackviper is a very good and reliable source for manually optimizing Windows services.


But has IObit ever considered integrating blackviper's recommendations and create a Service Optimizer? perhaps working together with Blackviper, or asking permision?


I've checked other "System tweakers" and only few of them offer a service optimizer, and it's very scarce!


It would be great that ASC has that function also, and to provide a detailed information of the recommendations and perhaps even manage profiles.



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In Advanced System Care would be good to be some improvements and features like: Hardware Failure Monitor, Physical Memory Failure Monitor, Hard Drive Partition Management (PC system utility that manages the setup of hard drive partitions), Erase Partitions.

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Advanced System Care 8


I have some suggestions for next Advanced System Care.


ASC would be good to repair or to clean damaged archives. In folder ‘’User’’ after uninstall remain remnants of programs that are not clean. Would be good that all remains to be clean by ASC. ASC should have in toolbox a tool that check programs from computer user if are up to date. In feature would be good if Auto Scan can be scheduled at every 5, 10, 15, 30 computer boot (start) or every day, week, month with first computer start (boot). In feature Advances System Care, Registry Repair would be good to have some improvements like: Error Information (The software provides detailed information about each registry error found during system scans), Checks Invalid CLSID & Typelib & Interface Entries (This feature removes unnecessary interfaces or operating screens), Deletes Empty Registry Keys (You can only delete empty registry keys. If the registry key you want to delete contains any keys, sub keys or values, you must delete them before you can delete the parent key.), Checks for Hidden Traces of Installed Software (This feature looks for hidden objects that are sometimes installed from software applications.) Exclusion/Ignore List (This feature lets users choose specific files or programs they do not wish to include in the scanning process.)

A useful feature would be a tool that unleashes full CPU power for your real-time demands. (Many programs like to think it’s all about them and try to grab all of the CPU’s attention. A special feature automatically identifies and contains programs that try to grab too much of your processor’s resources, helping end the conflict between your needs and what the operating system needs. It is optimized for single, dual, quad, 6 and 8 core PCs and helps reduce lag on Windows 8.1, 7, Vista and XP)

A necessary improvement would be: Accelerate Write - Optimizes file organization on both solid state and traditional hard disk drives. (Working deep inside Windows, Accelerate Write ensures files are written to the hard drive with greater efficiency. By minimizing the random writing of data, Accelerate Write increases overall system performance and largely eliminates the need to perform secondary file optimization (such as disk defragmentation), saving your system time and energy resources and helping prolong the life of your PC); RAM Boost – Instantly releases trapped memory just when you need it. (Programs and applications often keep a portion of active memory trapped, even after they’re done using this memory or have been closed. This “trapped” memory reduces the overall amount of available RAM to Windows, slowing your whole system down. RAM Boost uses a three-tier system to determine with greater precision which apps need the most memory and which are simply hoarding it. The ability to recover trapped RAM even more aggressively can lead to noticeable improvements in launch times, program speeds and overall performance.)

A good feature would be powerful hard drive-monitoring tool uses strategically placed sensors and gauges to keep you informed of hardware health, including internal temperature.

Modern versions of Windows depend on a central communication system that allows software and hardware to exchange critical information before making decisions. Because of its complexity, it is prone to various levels of corruption over time—which can result in a variety of problems. Even the smallest amount of corruption in Windows communication infrastructure can produce false alarms, misdirected files, incorrect reports, confused software, unreliable hardware, and generally unpredictable computer behaviour. A feature is necessary to automatically corrects Windows information corruption. (It accurately detects and automatically repairs these problems before they can destabilize a system, keeping Windows and all of your software, apps, and connected devices working in unison so they never miss a beat and your PC is always ready for action.)

Commonly Redundant or Unnecessary Decelerators and Destabilizers (CRUDD) Remover can be add (helps identify and eliminate duplicate programs that overload your system. In addition to all the programs you install yourself, there’s the software that came with your PC that you may never use, as well as any number of programs that may have installed themselves on your computer without your knowledge.)

A good improvement would be Program Accelerator- Speeds up overall program responsiveness by re-aligning all of a program’s dependent files on the hard drive.

A useful feature would be System Diagnosis and Benchmark to view computer status, performance and health, temperature, of hard drive or SSD.

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Hi Octavian,


Sincerely thanks for your precious time to give us so many suggestions. Well, it will take us some time to discuss these suggestions. And the feature " Accelerate Write" sounds good. Because more and more people are using SSD.


By the way, some ideas you mentioned are available in our products such as RAM Boost. We already have Smart RAM in Tool Box. And Active Optimize to optimize CPU and RAM.


Thanks for your suggestions again. :mrgreen:


Have a nice day.

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