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Send Your Feedback for Advanced SystemCare 7


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sorry, the writing is only now, as a demonstration of the features you're right cleaning it requires fundamental changes and the current shape can not stay. proporzycja to design a new edition of the acquisition of release 5.6.4 which I think was perfect for this function in terms of the precision of operation and presentation of results and their readability, something like the presentation of results of the investment fund for the Board at the meeting of the Supervisory Board.


Using the developed solutions company v7 Iobit.com the first analysis results of short-term and make the next steps that management Bankruptcy mail-in my opinion, not mozan Release of the market, and even more to offer for sale this underdeveloped and hopeless product, which we all criticize and demand his changes. Such actions are a slippery slope for the company because customers became more and more important as new and future I go to other companies and their products out there moving their revenues and income, and high potency development and support which is extremely important and can not be underestimated.


As for the ASC v.7.0

proprawki requirement include all of what I wrote in a previous post, and further optimization, repair errors with stable operation and optimization of program code,

in the tools function does not work Iobit disk cleanup Disc Cleaner with selected two partitions C :/ and D :/ and turned Safe Mode.


Celaning tool hangs on drive C: \ Users \ All Users \ Application Data \


Program Deactivator Beta 1.0 shows the programs to deactivate the installed AV IS!.


Why ACS7 in the Current Status is Required by the system? - If Windows 7 needs this program to your job? - Probably not.


Driver Boster beta 2.0 shows all the same drivers after upgrading as not up to date or antique: AMD Catalyst Realtek HDA Intel Gibabit.

Why DB loads its icon every time you open the taskbar?


And pictures of the results of scans with both versions 5.64 and ASC Av v.7.0 (in the supplement)

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ASC 6 & 7 Side-by-Side


Just joined the ASC 7 Beta team...


#1 on my list has been repeated on this thread many times...The GUI width and height is simply too big. Version 6 was spot on. Bigger is not better.


My first test, most results were comparable to ASC-6, with the exception of Junk files. Many more identified in ASC-7. Question...under ASC-6, running File Cleanup from the toolbox identified additional immediately after running the Scan/cleanup. Is the new Junk File scan under ASC-7 a combination of the Scan/Toolbox code in ASC-6 or is there a new algorithm?

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Nice! Lots of useful tools, etc.


My computer tech suggests that I NEVER defrag the registry. Maybe a warning, or a way to avoid defragging it?



The registry gets corrupted over time and leaves 'remnants' or fragments over time thus degrading your computer performance. A periodic scan and/or fix,defragment and compression of the registry is very important.An optimization of the registry should only be done every month or two however (saves excess wear on the hard drive)!




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ASC v7 beta working well....


Have just installed ASC v.7 beta after running ASC 6 Pro.


ASC 7 seemed to scan faster, deeper and overall better than ASC 6 Pro, as it found more registry errors etc.:-D


At the moment I've no issues with my computer while running ASC 6 and 7 side by side, except that Driver Booster beta wants me to install new driver concerning High Audio Audio Controler, but it says it's AMD one, while my computer lists it as Microsoft Driver?

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Advanced SystemCare 7 BETA 1.0 is a powerful system optimization tool.


Dear Friends,

"Advanced SystemCare 7 BETA 1.0 is a powerful system optimization tool. Apart from protecting your PC from malware, viruses and similar threats, it can also boost your PC's performance by applying various registry and shortcut fixes, removing junk files, scanning local disk volumes for system vulnerabilities, etc." ilike this software very much. Thanks a lot iObit

Lion B Rajendran

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Program Deactivator: It is trying to reduce the system load by programs installed on the hard drive. Many of them are listed here as using a low level of load, yet they are not programs that are running. A lot of my games on Steam are showing up on this list, even if they are not being used and Steam is not currently open or active. I am disabling them as I go, but am not sure how much improvement it can give me. I wish, for this purpose at least, there was a faster way of dealing with this. Doing each one at a time takes forever, especially when there is a list of well over 200 that could be removed. I am curious why the Program Deactivator tends to keep going to a Not Responding state after most of my attempts to disable a program. It always disables them, but only after freezing for a few seconds. After disabling a large number of programs, it encountered a fatal error and crashed. I tried to submit the bug report, but it would not send out and constantly froze in a Not Responding state. Upon restarting the program, none of the remaining programs I was going to disable were showing anymore (all, I believe, were games in my Steam profile). The system load overall seems smaller in Task Manager.


Scanning seems much faster than it used to be and the options available are nice. I like the numeric percentage shown for how far along each process is as well as the visual bar. The scan allowed an additional 1 GB of things to be removed, despite running a cleaner program just a few minutes beforehand. The defragging program seems to move a bit faster than it did in Version 6. The registry cleaner found quite bit more entries than it did in previous versions, as well.


Upon restarting the system, the Starting Windows screen seemed to take longer to get past. Overall internet performance does not seem drastically improved, but some pages seem to load faster. Certain aspects of loading in Windows itself (bringing up My Computer, system folders, etc) seem to load faster and there is less of a hang than there was for me. I uninstalled ASC 6 using the ASC 7 Uninstaller and was pleased to see the Powerful Scan option to remove registry options. It also found three more programs on the computer than my old standby of Absolute Uninstaller and loads the list faster than AU. I placed the folder for ASC 6 in a dif. location in my Start Menu (a folder I titled Maintenance) and it pulled all the entries in there out, but left the empty folder sitting there. Loved that it cleaned out the folder, but I would have liked f it removed the empty folder as well. The batch uninstaller looks like it might be neat to try, but I don't have use for it at the moment, so I can't test.


The cloned files module found 2 pairs of duplicate files in a very short amount of time. When I used Doublekiller, it found 25 pairs of files. This module, I believe, needs a true CRC32 Checksum method. The other modules that I tested seem to work just as well as in version 6.


All in all, some nice improvements were made and there is room for a little improvement in some areas, most notably the cloned file scanner. If I notice more, I will update with further findings.

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Not able to use "Surfing Protection" feature.


I was not able to use the "Surfing Protection" feature in Advanced System Care Version 7. I turn the features on and restart my browsers (both Chrome & Firefox) and it still didn't work when I do a search.

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Hi mandashi,


Sincerely thanks for your suggestions. :wink: I also miss the smiley face as you and other users do. I have reported the suggestion to our product team and hope they can make changes.


For your suggestion about " context menu manager", could you please describe it more clearly with details? Currently, users can set the right-click context menu under General Settings.


For your other suggestion, I will report them altogether to our product team for consideration.


Welcome more suggestions. :-D

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Hi hazzardousmat and ForesterSOF and dwats,


@hazzardousmat, thanks for your suggestion. Currently, you can make settings to run ASC automatically at Starup by clicking " Load Automatically at Windows Startup" in General Settings. Does the " autorun at startup option" mean that? If not, please give us more details.


@ ForesterSOF, for your suggestion " The autodefrag sub-program needs to have a ssd box.", please describe the suggestion more clearly. Do you mean having a box to tick whether to defrag it ? Currently, Smart Defrag free will not defrag your ssd automatically.


@ dwats, actually, you should defrag the registry. Because it will locate and safely remove all the unwanted fragments. It will enhance the proper functioning of your computer and it will feel as good as new.

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Hi hurricane4911 and comp12,


@ hurricane4911 ,for your question " Is the new Junk File scan under ASC-7 a combination of the Scan/Toolbox code in ASC-6 or is there a new algorithm?", please describe it more clearly with the precise name of the tools that you mentioned. Sorry I am a little confused by your current description.:cry:


@ comp12, for the issue about Driver Booster , please download the tool from http://www.cd4o.com/drivers/debug/InfoHelper.exe


Then double click to run this tool and click “Save report to Desktop”. So you will get zipped file DriverBooster_Log_Files.zip on your desktop. Please send us the zip file to help us look into the issue.


Thanks for supporting IObit.

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I was not able to use the "Surfing Protection" feature in Advanced System Care Version 7. I turn the features on and restart my browsers (both Chrome & Firefox) and it still didn't work when I do a search.


Hi milk42,


Thanks for your feedback.


For the issue you mentioned, please download the tool from:



Then double click to run this tool and click “Save report to Desktop”. You will get a zipped file IObit_Debug_Info.zip on your desktop. Please send it to us so that we can get the detailed information to look into.


Besides, please download the demo from http://wikisend.com/download/889392/PluginInstall_Demo.rar


Then unzip it in c:\Program Files\IObit\Surfing Protection\ and click "Install" to see whether the issue can be solved.


Looking forward to your reply. :-D

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Hi xemo-aslam,


Thanks for your feedback.


Do you mean that you still get the message to ask you to upgrade to Advanced SystemCare v6 Pro? If so, we would like to say that ASC v7 beta will not affect anything about your ASC v6. This beta version is only to give our users to do test and give us their suggestions to help us improve ASC v7.


Thanks for supporting IObit!

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Hi thejackal ,


Sincerely thank you for your detailed feedbacks about Program Deactivator.


1) There is the option to Disable / Enable all the programs. Please just right-click any program and then you will see the option " Disable All" . Please check the attachment.


2) As you said, the program had a fatal error and crashed, please send us the bugreport under the installation folder of your ASC v7 Usual Path:


c:\Program Files (x86)\IObit\Advanced SystemCare 7


3) For the issue " F:\Program Files (x86)\IObit\Advanced SystemCare 7", please send us the related screenshots.


Guide for taking screenshot.




4)In Program Deactivator beta 2.0, we will continue to make improvements to speed up your PC


Looking forward to your reply. Cheers. :-D

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I have been using IOBit products for some time now; and being a student on a budget was unable to purchase the complete package. This ASC7 has made a huge improvement to my computer. I am very satisfied.:grin:

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Once again ASC has broke threw another awsome release!!! USER FRIENDLY, SIGNATURE COLORS , AND NEW GRADING SYSTEM!!! VERY IMPRESSED! For the price and features , a great gift for family and friends suffering from LAGGING and frustrating computers. BUT DONT TAKE MY WORD FOR IT ! SEE FOR YOURSELF!!! http://www.iobit.com/ :grin:

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It is a Beta stage program, and all the functions are available to the user. A licence key will only become necessary once the Beta testing is completed and the program is officially launched. So enjoy testing and please give feedback.

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Malware Fighter and ASC7 beta 1 is not linked


:roll: ASC7 beta 1 and Malware Fighter is not linked


Malware fighter v2.0 free shows "problem found" in action center and when i click it i tells me "ASC not installed fix"


i think its because ASC7 beta 1 is not linked with MFv2.0


Here is the image of the error i found


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Screen freezes when restoring from Turrbo Boost in ASC7 beta 1.0


Screen freezes when restoring from Turbo Boost in ASC7 beta 1.0


every time i turn on the turbo boost it starts normaly but when i click restore it freezes the windows........ i like using turbo boost but this is just annoying me...... my see to my problem


i use Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit

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