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SD - How to make it work with multiple user accounts


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SD currently only installs with the current user, logging with other user makes SD to not even run and throw some kind of permission error when other accounts are not admins.


My question is: is it possible to install SD and make it work with multimple user accounts? so that every time a new user logs then SD will run and defrag?


Also is it possible to define a general configuration in SD that works with any user account?.


My main concern for this is that we currently own a shared desktop and I've installed SD with my account, but if other user logs then SD won't run, even If It's manually started it won't run due to some permission issues.

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I do not think it is an advantage to enabling SD for multiple user accounts, as SD is a utility which should be used sensibly, and multiple users may open it to abuse and or over use.


The defragging process applies to the entire disc (or selected partition) and not just to each users specific area. With multiple user access, each user may decide to defrag which could lead to over usage and cause disc issues. Also each user may decide on different settings which may contradict another users settings. I think this is one of the occasions where Administrator control is the better option.

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Hi ektorbarajas and Scannan,


ektorbarajas, thanks for your suggestion. But as Scannan said, it is not suggested to run SD on multiple user accounts. Scannan told us the reasons why we should not. One thing I want to clarify is that user accounts with admin right can also run SD.


Thanks Scannan's timely and appropriate reply. :-D

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Thanks for the reply Scannan and Cicely.


So to my understanding, once SD is installed by an administrator, then any account with administrative rights could start SD, right?


My concern here is:

the standard users, when using the computer, will not make SD to do it's job, since they are not able to run SD.


One workaround would be one of my suggestions at


To make SD run as a service, hence even if no user is logged but the computer is on SD will do it's job.

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Hi ektorbarajas,


Try to Run as Administrator from the right click menu of the shortcut icon.




But that implies a manual interaction from a non-admin user, and perhaps it's a novice user.


I think there must be a way for an admin user to install and configure SD, so then any user user that logs to the computer (non-admin and admin), will automatically launch SD with the configuration defined by the admin that installed and configured the program.


That way SD will start automatically with every user, do it's job, and no user interaction would be required.


Also if another admin user changes the configuration of SD, then that new configuration MUST be applied to all current and new users of the shared computer.


That's how several utilities, maintenance and defrag software works, and that's something that IMHO SmartDefrag is urgently needing.


Hope IObit implement this or something similar in a future version. that will absolutely warrant that shared computers will always be optimized by SD, no mater what current user logs or if new users logs.


For now I've no other option with our shared computer but to uninstall SD and use other defrag software, since I don't log frequently to that shared computer, but non-admin users log frequently and SD is not working as expected in that environment. :cry:

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group Policy


Hi Ektorbarajas,

Let me see if i've got this right.

SD downloaded and installed on multiple user comp, BY Admin.

set to start on boot.

Changes to SD, (or for that matter any other progs) Admin Only.


If the above, is true


I believe that a new rule has to be set up within Group Policy,

(UAC>local policies>security options)

allowing admin only changes to this programme.

which is outside of Iobits control,

But part of your companies standard operating preceedures, in relation to computer security.



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Hi scrd01.


Thanks for the reply, what you mention is not exactly my scenario, let me explain further:


In my house we have a shared desktop computer with Windows 7 Professional, this computer is used mainly by my wife and mi kid, but also I've created other user accounts for other relatives and also the guest account is active.


I rarely use that desktop since I have my personal laptop.


Originally I installed SD on that shared desktop computer with my admin account, but then noticed that when any other user logged, SD was not starting hence it was not running.

If I want to open SD from my kid account (or any other non-admin account) simply SD won't start, it says some admin privileges issues.


enoskype suggested to run the app like administrator, but that's not practical since my kid is just 3 years old, and mi wife and any other users are novice users, and also I don't want that each user manually start SD.


I think there must be other SmartDefrag users with my scenario, and would be great for IObit to consider such scenarios and make SD to work automatically without user intervention.


So that's why my suggestion is that SD be installed by admin user (just as any other normal windows 7 program) either by an admin account or by right clicking it and choosing to run the installer as administrator.


When SD is installed, then the admin user or "right click and run as admi" would configure SD to run every time windows start and other settings.


Then SD is closed and that settings must be stored and defined for ALL users of that computer, so each time a new user logs SD is started and the computer gets optimized without having to manually start the program.


BTW I did a test by installing SD with my admin user, then logged with my kid account and configured SD to start with windows, rebooted and again logged with my kid's account and guess what. SD was not started automatically, even that I've told the program to do so :cry:


So SD needs to provide an option to install and make it available for ALL users in any given computer

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Thank you for the detailed description of your setup, as it makes it easier to understand your suggestion/concern. However, I do not believe Multiple user access is the solution to the issue.

I think it is simply a bug in the program which Iobit should maybe look at. The bug being the fact that SD does not load automatically at windows startup. I think this should happen regardless of which ever user logs in. The settings should remain in admin control ( to avoid unwanted interference from inexperienced users).


In the meantime, you could try setting the Scheduled Defrag and see if that activates the program regardless of the user status.


Please also note that it is not recommended to unnecessarly defrag your drives. Once a week is usually more than enough for most users.

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what is the error message


Hi Ektor,

You said it yourself, see screenshot;

To resolve this need to know the error wording and code, it should be in Event Viewer

Application and Service logs>Microsoft>,windows>group Policy>operational.


Unfortunately from there i do not have/use, GRPEDIT as i only have home edition, but it will point Iobit/a pro user in the right direction.



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I think basically the issue / feature would be resolved as Scannan commented.


SmartDefrag should autostart with windows regardless of which user logs to the computer. Obviously assuming that doing so will indeed make SD run and work as expected with any user (admin, standard, guest, etc.)

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Any update about this bug?


I believe it's a must have feature, since several users actually share a computer in home with other family members and friends.


And it is a shame that SD only runs when the user that actually installed the program log the computer.


Kind regards


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