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Need Refund -[Solved]


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Hi Everyone,


It's my first experience with a purchased product with iOBIT. My experience has been less than pleasant and I was mislead to buy the wrong product for my needs.


The following is a very short summary. I have the long version if you need details. I must say I have called the iOBIT support 855-287-4501 and spoke with three different men (one of whom was supposedly a supervisor) who were insulting, inept/useless. All simply salesmen and not tech support as the website leads you to believe you will talk to tech support.


Now I want a refund and one of the sales guys, Jamie lead me to file a request for refund on this website http://www.iobit.com/onlinefeedback-form.php?product=pro


Proof of Purchase:

*** Your payment for your online order placed on

http://www.iobit.com on 2013-08-31 02:04:52 has been approved

Order Reference Number: 19769396 ***


My concern, I filed a request 8/31/13 at this website http://www.iobit.com/onlinefeedback-form.php?product=pro


I did not get an email response nor reference number for my request for refund. Now I am concerned with all the online complaints about iOBIT even on the BBB regarding financial issues and receiving a timely refund, also I want proof iOBIT will delete my contact info so there are no further mistakes on my account.


Can someone help me receive a refund?


Thank you,


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i am very surprised by your post. My experience of purchse issues and support from iobit on this forum has been very positive, cannot understand why you were informed that your issue should be addressed to this forum, as the forum is not owned or managed by iobit. The forum is run by volunteers and users and has a liaison with Iobit.

That being said, Cicely, the forum/Iobit liaison is extremely helpful and I am sure she will sort out this issue for you. You may need to wait a few days, as it is the weekend and she may not see the post for a day or two. If you do not receive a response in the next couple of days, I will contact Cicely for you.

I would be interested why you were unhappy with your Iobit product, as you did not give any details of your dis-satisfaction.

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Hi Scannan

thank you for your reply.

the story...

1) I was using ASC6 free version. Went to do a scan using ASC & it wanted to do a free update, when I agreed to do update it opened a website with discount offer to upgrade to ASC PRO

2) Interested ... I did research on value & found majorgeeks review touting the benefits:

that ASC had an antivirus that they recommended this a good all-in-one software with "BitDefender Antivirus technology" antivirus


3) NOT having good luck over the years with any antivirus protector (McAfee, Norton, TrendMicro) I have been using free version AVG for 1.5 yrs and it has been the best so far.

Though I am not a computer tech, I am more tech savvy than the average person... I did research/comparison on the BitDefender and found raving reviews above other antivirus

4) Happy with my findings, I went back to the iOBIT website to order the ASC6 Pro that had been offered to me at a nice intro rate $12.97/yr

5) Intuitively (not knowledge based) I thought it might not be good idea to install ASC6 PRO thinking it had antivirus ... I called iOBIT support 855-287-4501 to ask if I needed to uninstall the AVG existing antivirus before installing ASC6.

After 14+min wait a man named Jamie answered and explained to me I did not buy the product with antivirus but if I wanted to upgrade he could help me.

Right off the bat that confused me ...

Finally, he understood I was mislead by my research and he said before we could install the ASC6 "Ultimate" he needed to access my laptop pc with LOGMEIN to run a scan for viruses.

Using "HiJackThis" he ran the scan and came up with many issues and 2-viruses he claimed NO antivirus would protect my pc from those (btw he closed the hijackthis window before I could write down the name of the viruses)

NOTE: the MG website did not indicate specific product name for the ASC + antivirus so I missed the distinction ASC6 ULTIMATE+Antivirus

6) Jamie then said he would not advise installing the ASC6U on an unclean pc. He quoted 2-options for iOBIT tech support to clean my pc. I opted out that's when Jamie started rapidly closing all the windows he'd opened on my pc stating he was done. I said, WAIT how do I get a refund for the ASC Pro???

He then opened the iOBIT website page directing me to file request online for my refund!!! He then hung-up!

7) Flustered and confused, I filed my request for refund... BUT that system does NOT even send email confirmation nor does it offer a reference number for the request for refund NOTHING!

8) I dug around their website and found the ASC 6 Options Pro vs Ultimate and was pretty surprised in all my research (I am detail-oriented) that I did not see that on iOBIT before purchasing the Pro! Anyway...

9) I was not happy with the request for refund system. I did a search online for REVIEWS on other's experience with iOBIT and was surprised to find many complaints. That's when I found this forum. I did a search in the Posts under the topic refund and returns and found "Cicely's" replies to concerned customers thinking it was hosted by iOBIT, but now I understand it is private forum. Sorry.... I am not forum savvy person. So thank you for your kindness in educating me.

10) After my researching the company's sour reviews you can imagine I was concerned about my refund and I still wanted the ASC6 with antivirus so I called the 855# again NOTE: I am still under the impression the people who answer the support line are tech support.


11) This time after considerable wait, some guy named Christian answered. I clearly and briefly (bullet point) explained to him my situation

***ASC PRO purchased but I want a refund or upgrade to ASC Ultimate as PRO is NOT the product I want.

***I want him to verify if we can upgrade & install the ULTIMATE

*** Christian accessed my pc with LOGMEIN and ran "HITMANPRO" to verify my pc was free from virus and this time there were fewer "threats" with 1-virus!! Go figure!

NOW I am super skeptical - and I am realizing Christian and Jamie are NOT tech support but in fact "SALESMEN"

I am frustrated by now and tell Christian 1) I just want a refund can he help me with the process 2) NOT online because I have already sent a request for refund but I am skeptical the request went through because I did NOT receive a confirmation.

*** Christian next did the despicable thing taking advantaged of my confusion and frustration ... he did not address my request for refund specifically... but he began to take action... So I naively went along with his shenanigans ... He asked for the LICENSE for the ASC6PRO. Thinking he was assisting me with my return because that is what I asked him to do. I followed his instructions. I opened my email account to retrieve the PRO License. Still logged into my pc Christian promptly copied the License and swiftly proceeded to DOWNLOAD the ASC6PRO!!! I was shocked!


I asked what are you doing???


He said "I'm downloading the prouduct."


I said, Why are your doing that when I told you that is NOT the product I need for my pc???


He said, "Because you purchased it."


Scannan, I ask you what would you do now?


12) Inside I was furious, but I maintained my cool, and I calmly and politely asked to speak to "a supervisor". He refused. I then asked several more times, each time with greater command.


He finally transferred me to someone named Rico or Rick


That was a waste of time regarding my refund. I complained to him that Christian installed the ASC6PRO on my pc against my wishes and I reiterated that my call to iOBIT was in regards to RETURN for REFUND not to install the product.


I asked the supervisor WHY would Christian install when I implicitly ... very clearly told him I had already filed a request for refund???!!!


The supervisor's response, "because it's his job."




I am a successful busy business woman, I don't have time for NON-professional, insulting, blatant-sheer-rudeness, and stupid nonsense.


Please forgive me for my ignorance in posting in this forum. Again, I thought it was a way to contact someone with sound business sense to help get my refund for a product I am told by iOBIT is the wrong product for my needs.


Thank you,


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I am so sorry that you have had this negative experience. Please be assured that I have never heard of such an unfortunate experience for an Iobit user. I really do not understand the fact the support you received actually accessed your pc remotely. Please believe me when I say that it is so simple to download Iobit products and to upgrade and or cahnge form one product to the other.

ASC does not have the antivirus but ASC Ultimate (ASCU) does. There is really no problem changing from ASC to ASCU and the additional cost is minimal.

It is strongly advised to not run two different antivirus progams as it tends to create conflicts. It is also recommended that even if you have ASCU that you should have a seperate anti-malware program, such as Iobit MalwareFighter or MalwareBytes Anti-malware.

On this forum we have an excellent malware fighters forum, which will help a user to rid their pc of all viruses and malwares... We are all volunteers, but we are dedicated to helping all users to the best of our abilities.

Again I am so sorry that you have had this negative experience, and I hope that you will allow us to assist you and that you will stay with the Iobit products, which are the best.

I am going to pm ( Private Message) this thread to Cicely and ask that she deal with this issue for you. She is an excellent person and she has always solved a users issue. I hope you will stay with us.

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Hi Laurie and Scannan,


Laurie, I am also surprised by What I read here. :evil: Sorry to hear what you encountered.


You know it is not as difficult as you described to get a refund. Because we promise that you can request your money back if our products don't do all that we say they will within 30 days. You just need to request a refund at http://www.iobit.com/onlinefeedback.php. Our support team will deal with it within 24-48 hours. I had asked our support team to check the Emails they received, sorry to tell you that we did not received refund request from you. But I have issued the refund for you. You will get your money back within one or two working days.


For the situations you met when you called Tech Support , I will write to Tech Support team to look into the issue further.


To thanks for your feedback, I am happy to present you a license code for 3 PCs for ASC Ultimate ( With anti-viurs) as a free gift. Please check your PM. I will send you the license code with installation instructions by PM.


At the same time, sincerely thanks Scannan's timely reply.


Laurie, have a nice day. :-D


Thanks for choosing IObit to care your PC.

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Dear Ciecly and Scannan,


Scannan, thank you for your kindness and quick response, again above and beyond anything I expected given I landed in a private forum of "volunteer support" and a BIG thank you for sharing my post with Ciecly.


Ciecly, I appreciate your quick response and thoughtfulness to review my request for refund to find the request was not received!



For the record, all is resolved. I have already received a refund for the ASC PRO a product that I mistakenly purchased, thank you.


OMG, Ciecly, I appreciate the professional service and complimentary program.


I look forward to learning more from everyone on this forum, and I hope to contribute tips and valuable info too.


All the Best,


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Thank you for your kind sentiments. We are glad that the issue has been resolved for you, and that your negative experience has been turned to a positive one. Yes, a big thank you to Cicely for her great support and effort as always. Enjoy the program, and we look forward to seeing you on the Forum.

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