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Driver Booster V3.3 Lands!


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Most features get improved.

  • Download URL (Always the latest version):


  • Report Bug:

Report any bug to us with as much as information below:


1. Specify this problem with more details, or screenshots of error messages and related information.


Guide for Taking Screen Shots: http://graphicssoft.about.com/cs/gen...screenshot.htm


Or just take a video of what happens.


2. Download http://www.cd4o.com/drivers/debug/DBInfoHelper.exe, >> double click to run this tool >> click “Save report to Desktop” >> find db_info_xxxx.zip on your desktop >> send the zip file.


3. Send the screenshots/video & db_info_xxxx.zip to dbfeedback@iobit.com

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Then you will help us fix the blue screen bug!


Haha, just kidding :)


So sorry about the troubles. Usually, the blue screen problem is actually caused by the drive updates which are provided by the manufactures, not Driver Booster itself. And it is impossible for our testing team to test every single driver update in every single PC situation because driver updates quantity is colossal and PC situations are various. So problems like blue screen happens.


BTW, you can create a restore point before testing Beta in case of the unexpected.


We appreciate your help so much :)

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Can you check to see you have the the right driver version that is the latest. Told mr that Nvidia PhysX version 09.14.702.0 is newer then what I have installed. I have Nvidia PhysX version 09.15.0428 installed. Thanks

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Can you check to see you have the the right driver version that is the latest. Told mr that Nvidia PhysX version 09.14.702.0 is newer then what I have installed. I have Nvidia PhysX version 09.15.0428 installed. Thanks



Thank you for testing. Our DB support also got your email and replied to you for further checking.

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Initial Look At The Software


Overall Visual: Sleek and easy on the eyes

Startup Screen: Very easy to use and understand

Driver Insallation: Quick and easy

UI Settings: 5 stars

Settings: Easy to navigate

System Resources: Easy on system resources


Over all: Great product like always. I can only suggest always more updates, You can never have too many updates for database or software I plan to report any bugs I experience

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In new DB 3 beta 1 we have almost 3 "Rescue" buttons, first on main UI, right from "Feedback" button, and other two in "More settings" menu. For more protection from BSOD? ;-)

BTW, works pretty good, and UI is amazing.Thumbs up Also, now I don't need to rescan to see what I need to update, just can click "Last scan" link, or "Device drivers"/"Game Components" buttons if something outdated, 5 from 5 updated drivers! This is first beta version that works good for me.8:)


Staying tuned.

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Working good on W7-SP1 and W8.1. I like the fact that the Beta installs in a seperate folder from 2.X. This way I was able to compare drivers found by both. No doubt that 3.0 Beta is finding drivers that 2.X did not. So far no problems with 3.0 Beta on any of the computers I have it installed on.


One suggestion. If possible I would like to see "requires restart/reboot" next to a driver that needs to be updated rather than having to wait for the new driver to install. This way a user could update drivers not requiring a reboot while they are using their computer and save the ones that require a reboot for a convienent time when they are not using their computer.

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Actually the reboot decison is made by Microsoft Windows. We are unable to determine whether a driver update needs reboot or not before it is installed.


Thanks for the reply. I understand. One thing you could do is thorugh a Customer Experience option is collect a history of those drivers that have required an update for each Windows OS. I would think the reboot requirement is based upon a combination of the driver and Windows OS and not the driver version. Once IObit has has collected a database sufficiently large of the reboot history for each driver then they could note it as "probably requires a reboot" Once set up to collect the data I would think maintaining it and compiling it would take little effort. As I originally noted I think it would be helpful information for users to have


In fact IObit could collect compile a percentage of reboot number for each driver and Windows OS combination and enter it into Driver Booster. For example. "An update to this driver on your OS requires a reboot in 95% of the time" You could enter everything but the percentage in a header and then put the percentage next to the driver..

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@Buddahfan It's got nothing to do with the OS version, it's the individual driver. Once just about all drives required a reoobt after installation, but now often they don't. If a reoobt is required for some drivers, there is no need to reboot right away. I only ever reboot when it suits me.

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Been testing driver booster 3 and have found it to be a very good release, looking forward for the auto config proxy (in my other thread).

Some extra feedback.

Considering that Adobe Flash is part of the download database then I think Adobe Air should also be added to it.

Also It would be good it driver booster could download and install its own application updates.


With the database version is that updated automatically (is there a force update?) or only on a new version install?


Another thing that might be good to have is a description of what the driver is and what it does, maybe even a description on what is new in the update for that driver.


This is NAME OF DRIVER it is used for THIS AND THAT.

This updates fixes some major issue and is highly recommended to be updated.


Keep up the good work.

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Just so people know. Reboots are often necessary to complete an update to the Windows OS to an app or to a driver. Often these updates which require a reboot are security fixes to the Windows OS. app or driver. Until the reboot is completed the security fix update may not be fully applied. Sometimes these security updates fix a "zero-day" vulnerablility. People who do not reboot their computer ASAP after recommended by Windows an app or a driver may be putting their computer at unnecessary risk to malware attack. Worse than that they may be putting themselves at risk of privacy invasion and possibly ID theft . They could even be at risk for financial loss if their computer becomes subject to a Ransomeware attack because they did not finish a security update by rebooting when instructed but waiting until it suits them..


To minimize risk to their computer and/or themselves a person should always reboot their computer ASAP after it is recommended by Windows, an app or a driver. Only rebooting when one chooses or it suit them not only could put the computer or the individual at risk but could even put their loved ones at risk if the loved ones have information on the computer in question.


Now it could be that some members here are smart enough to know whether every update applied to their computer fixes a security risk and therefore only reboot when it suits them. I am not one of them and I have a feeling that the majority of computer users are like me in this regard.


Therefore I highly recommend that people reboot when instructed by the computer and not when it suits them.


P.S. In case people are wondering some drivers are OS unique. Some drivers may be backward compatible from say W8.1 to W7-SP1 or to XP (highly unliikey with XP) but a lot of drivers are unique to the Windows OS. What is often the case is that a new dirver version for an app comes to support the newest Windows OS. However, that is not always the case and sometimes drivers are uniquie to the OS despite what some may think or say.


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@Buddahfan I'm aware of the need to reboot. But I will stick to rebooting when I choose to, rather than Windows or other software says I should. That's what I've been doing for years, and I will continue to do so, even if rebooting will fix security issues. I find it exceptionally hard to get infected, so unpatched security issues are of no concern to me.

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Installed Date: I did a clean install of Windows 10 TP 10162 on my Intel Haswell i5 4460. DB found two drivers to update. One from Intel and from Realtek.


My question is why do a lot of the drivers from Microsoft in the list have an installed date of 21 June 2006? Clearly if I just installed 10162 a few days ago the drivers could not have been installed nine years ago


For example the driver ACPI Thermal Zone version 10.0.10162.0 by Microsoft is showing and install date of 21 June 2006. I have attached a picture comparing the infomration in Driver Booster vs the driver information shown in NirSoft Driver View. Maybe the date column should be changed from Installed Date to "Driver Date" or there should be two columns, one for Driver Date and one for Installed Date.

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