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purchase and install tech support BS


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when I made the purchase a few minutes ago, I do not appreciate the fact that I was redirected to a page after purchase asking me to call 1-855-491-2543 to have a tech activate my new software....


I was confused why I couldn't just receive a license to activate it myself.... oh wait I could have but hadn't checked my email yet since I was immediate redirected to tech support page, and the tech asked me to download software that gave him access to my computer through remote access! what the **** ok IObit is a legit company lets do this and just watch everything he does closely nothing to invasive. He ******* COPY PASTED the license from my email to activate my new software o.O uhhhhh I could have done that myself.... I can't even explain just how livid I am without degenerating into swearing




HOW THE **** do I uninstall this software I was asked to download and gave some stranger access to my PC!!!!

after 3-4 purchases to IOBIT you will never get any more money from me and everyone I know will be told to stay the **** away from IOBIT from now on!


weather this activity is benign or not is completely uncalled for and possible security breaking, specially from a company that's supposedly helping your pc with that very topic!


Also instead of asking me if there was any other software I was interested in while he had access to my pc after he copy pasted my license for me, he started rooting around with msconfig and checking garbage saved files and what services were stopped instead of running trying to tell me I may be infected due to all the services stopped WTF is his concerne with me stopping services to run a faster PC to game, that's my ******* business!


Edit: there seems to be random changes to settings of my pc as well which is completely unacceptable

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Hi jlack

Welcome to the Forum.


It is very disturbing to hear your experience.

Were you asked for any payment for this so called Tech support.

Whether you were or not, if you had any banking info on your PC, I recommend that you check your accounts, just in case.



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no once I started asking questions as to weather he "finished activating" my new software and why he was looking deeper into my pc, when I did NOT ask for any further help he seemed to stop immediately..


I went into security settings in my command center and found my setting allowing for remote access was changed to yes... I kind of expected this, which is why I went in to look in first place and changed that back to not allowing access.


another setting that was changed that has me baffled though is I used to have it set so once I input my pin for Microsoft even if it goes to powerdown or screensaver I don't have to enter the pin again unless I actively log out or turn off my pc, now I have to input my pin every time my screen shuts down or the screen saver starts up... why the **** are they changing my settings. I'm so very pissed about this I can't even see straight...


edit: also I seem to have problem to change this back since I initially I changed the setting during win 8 but now that I'm on win 10 going through the setting I cant seem to find that pin option change :(


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This forum should be enough to see your issue addressed, however, it seems Iobit are reluctant to deal with this particular item.

You can email Iobit directly, at...support@iobit.com

Make the email for the attention of Cicely and reference this Topic in the email.

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Thank you for the reply @Scannan.




I am so sorry for all the troubles you had. The phone service 1-855-491-2543 is provided by our partner. It is not a must to call them for activating IObit products. I've forwarded your feedback to them and urged them to improve their service.


If there is any question about IObit products, please contact support@iobit.com. We will reply you asap.



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