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Send Your Feedback for IObit Malware Fighter V4


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Hi Roger,


Thanks for your reply.


Please send us the screenshot to show the scan results on your PC.


Besides, please download the tool from http://testdemo.iobit.com/InfoHelperDumpV9.exe


Then double click to run this tool and click “Save report to Desktop”. You will get a zipped file IObit_Debug_Info.zip on your desktop. Please send it to us so that we can get the detailed information to look into.


Looking forward to hear from you.

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Hi bnjroo,


Thanks for your feedback.


What do you mean by "background scans"? Do you mean auto scan? Please give us more details so that we can make improvements. :-)



Sorry for the delay in response. I guess what I mean is that I like how ASC and DF do their thing in the notification area, instead of popping up the full window. I don't have to interact with them unless they find a problem. MF could run its "Scan while system is idle" in the tray, without popping up the window. If MF finds a problem, a notification would be a good way to let me know that.

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I don't know where to post this, But the malware fighter cannot fight it, I already tried all the ways to remove red installer xyz, But i still get the pop up every 30 minutes, I will need the malware fighter be able to remove adwares too, including red installer.

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Hi Be7Amod,


Thanks for your feedback.


Could you please send us the related screenshots to show the pupup you got?


Guide for taking screen shots can be found on: http://graphicssoft.about.com/cs/general/ht/winscreenshot.htm


Besides, please try IObit Uninstaller to see whether it can help you remove it.


Download IObit Uninstaller from http://update.iobit.com/dl/iobituninstaller.exe


Looking forward to hearing from you.



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The pop up is actually not listed in the program list, It should be, but it's not, the pop up 1st appeared since i have installed baboom search, And i already have deleted it, The pop up never been deleted at all, Even after deleting my entire google chrome person datas, But still, there is a virusresearch tutorial on how to delete the adware itself named red installer xyz, every 30 minutes, my PC pops up and the site was from red-installer.xyz, I know it's dangerous, but not very critical to delete, The program must be in the program list, but never ever appeared with me, And not in the program list, No way to remove it, 1st, before the pop up, an application called taskeng.exe opens and then disappears suddenly, then the pop up appears as a new tab opened in chrome.


Is it legal to post the link it directs me to?

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Hi be7AMod,


Thanks for your reply.


Please follow the steps below to try to remove the malware you mentioned:

I. Uninstall the programs/toolbars/plugins that you suspect with IObit Uninstaller, especially the programs installed in the period when you got the adware. Then click Powerful Scan to clean any leftover.


Download IObit Uninstaller from http://update.iobit.com/dl/iobituninstaller.exe


II. Reset browser settings of Google Chrome:


1. Open Google Chrome browser

2. Type this in the address bar chrome://settings/

3. Navigate at the end of the page and click on Show advanced settings

4. At the bottom of the page, click on Reset browser settings to remove all changes made by the malware


Reset Internet Explorer Settings:


1. Open Internet Explorer software

2. Navigate to top menu and click Tools > Internet Options

3. On Internet Options window, select Advanced tab

4. In order to reverse modifications caused by The malware, click on Reset button to bring back Internet Explorer's settings to their default condition.


Reset Firefox to its default state:


1. Open Mozilla Firefox program

2. Navigate to top menu and click on Help > Troubleshooting Information

3. Click on Reset Firefox button to erase the effect of The malware



III. Delete some needless IP addresses in the path below:



IV. Enter your Control Panel, then find scheduled tasks when you can delete some unknown tasks.


V. Open your Advanced SystemCare, click the Toolbox tab to find the tool Startup Manager. And then disable some unnecessary startup items.


If you don't have Advanced SystemCare, please download it from the link below and install it:




VI. Carefully check that files under the following directories, and delete the files whose names are related to the infected malware.








C:\Program Files\Common Files


VII. Right click on the desktop icon of your browser, choose Properties, under Shortcut tab, check Target if there is any other website address after iexplore.exe, chrome.exe, firefox.exe, and remove the site address.


Please let us know the results.


Looking forward to hearing from you.


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1. I have IOBit uninstaller, And i have no toolbars around, Every files are trusted and toolbars-free (Means there is no toolbars).


2. I have done that, But I don't have Microsoft Internet Explorer, I don't have Mozilla Firefox, But i have only chrome.


3. My PC cannot enter because it wants me to choose a program.


4. No adware files found, All of the files were just from NCH Suite (trusted program) and AVAST settings (trusted program), But not sure about Ultimate-Downloader, Its description says: after triggered, it repeats its trigger every one hour, Wait, it must be the pop up at least, The pop up repeats every hour!, it looks like a trojan horse and not an adware.


5. Everything on startups are normal and not bad files, Everything is necessary there.


6. The same ultimate-downloader again! the files that are looking suspicious are: {1BC0F183-47C1-4163-BD51-C7E5D2E9EDE4} - {84B2D4F4-86FD-4481-B6AE-E3238541C26C} - Tempo Runner kur6bim - Ultimate-Downloader, they are all normal files with no extension, folders are: AVAST Software - NCH Software, NCH and AVAST are well known trusted files.


I am suspecting that ultimate-downloader is the reason the pop up repeats every 1 hour, Will the new malware fighter be able to remove most of adware files including ultimate-downloader and red installer xyz?


EDIT: in my PC time: 05:13, the red installer poped up to me, According to the task ultimate-downloader!

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Hi Be7AMod,


Thanks for your reply.


To help us know your issue more clearly, please send us the related screenshots to show the popups that you mentioned. If it is possible, please also send us the related screenshots to show whole issues.


Guide for taking screen shots can be found on: http://graphicssoft.about.com/cs/general/ht/winscreenshot.htm


Looking forward to hearing from you.


Thank you for your patience.


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Hi, This is my first post. I have tried to submit a note about false positives for software I am using but the virus detection site won't let me in. So I am posting it here. IoBit Malware Fighter falsely detects files associated with Optuma Market Analyst as Trojans. Every time I run IOBit the files are noted. How can I prevent this? Screen shot attached. For some reason the IoBit log file is regarded as invalid and I can't upload it.

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Hi Bioman50, nice to see you posting!:-)


You don't have to upload the IMF report file, please save the file to a location of your choice and open it.

Copy the content of the file and paste it into your next post.

In the mean time, upload the files to VirusTotal and give the links of the reports in your next post.

Upload the files in a zip file to Wikisend and post the download link in your next post.

If needed, you can use password for your zip file and also post the password in your next post.


It will be better if your next post is in a separate topic similar to other false positive reports in False Positive Reports by IObit Products section .



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