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nowy ASCU 10

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  • 4 weeks later...


Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 10 is under development now. I can assure you that it will be released earlier than last year :) Let's stay tuned.


Any feedback, or suggestion is highly appreciated.





Good work ASC Team! Forget what ad-hungry PC Magazine says!


How can I get on the ASC Ultimate 10 beta test list?


Thanks and keep the flame!


Jim in NYC

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  • 2 weeks later...

mam nadziej? ?e ASCU 10 b?dzie lepszy z funkcjami zabezpieczaj?cymi przed najnowszymi wirusami i w?amaniami do PC,teraz najwa?niejsze jest ochrona przed w?amaniami.



Google Translate


I hope ASKU 10 will be the better of the functions of hedge cymi against the latest viruses and? amaniami PC, now the most important protection is in? amaniami.


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mam nadziej? ?e ASCU 10 b?dzie lepszy z funkcjami zabezpieczaj?cymi przed najnowszymi wirusami i w?amaniami do PC,teraz najwa?niejsze jest ochrona przed w?amaniami.jerzy|;-)


Hello jerzyzm,


Thanks for your opinion.


We will definitely to improve the antivirus feature and protection feature in ASC Ultimate 10.


Any feedback or suggestion is welcomed.


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  • 1 month later...

i have a suggestion,please create an opportunity to act ASCU of ASC together.At the moment this is not possible because the user has to choose beetwen the two programami.Programy ASCU and ASC are great and can complement each other, better protect PC.Please consider my suggestions

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I think, jerzyzm thinks..that:

ASC should have one installer program for ASC and ASC Ultimate....and it should be one program......here is my idea how should be look ASC DIRECT UPGRADE



It would be good, if activating ULTIMATE features, if they would be included in ASC FREE AND PRO.....as same as you can upgrade from FREE TO PRO,,,,,,,,then users do not have to uninstall ASC Ultimate and download and install PRO version or do not have to uninstall PRO version and download and install ULTIMATE version....


So, USER has ASC FREE version......he wants to upgrade on PRO version....so he did it entering license code for PRO........but there is final option to upgrade from PRO to ULTIMATE.....So he enters only license code for ASC ULTIMATE and he has ASC ULTIMATE version.......

ASC FREE and PRO has Antivirus item,,,BUT IT IS DISABLED AND BLOCKED,,,,but if user enters license code for ULTIMATE,,ASC will unblock and enable Antivirus features,,,,..and then user can manually disable and enable antivirus features with one click according to his needs..


If user wants to upgrade from FREE TO PRO, he pays 19,99 dolars for license code,,,,if he wants to upgrade from PRO TO ULTIMATE,,,he only pays difference ASC PRO and ASC ULTIMATE,,,so he pays another 10 dolars,,,,,,if he wants to upgrade from FREE TO ULTIMATE he will pay full 29,99 dolars...



UPGRADE FROM FREE TO PRO unlocks only PRO features

UPGRADE FROM PRO TO ULTIMATE unlocks additional antivirus features

UPGRADE FROM FREE TO ULTIMATE unlocks all features



What do you think???

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Hi renodos500,


Thanks for your suggestions. Over the years, you provide us many useful suggestions. We highly appreciate your long-term support.:-)


Currently we do not have the plan to merge ASC and ASC Ultimate into one. Because they belong to two categories. ASC is a system optimization software, while ASC Ultimate is an antivirus software. And users do not need to manually uninstall each of them, because the one installed in computer will be uninstalled automatically when installing the other one. And we also provide a big discount for ASC Pro users who want to upgrade to ASC Ultimate.


Thanks for your understanding.


Have a good day!:-)


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