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Send Your Feedback for Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 10

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Hi Cicely,

I'm not sure if you can consider it a bug, but it is almost weird to identify what action it is better to do with something that ASCU10 identifies like the picture shows.



Hi marcobost,


Sorry for any confusion.


Actually, it is not a bug. As you can see, the startup item name is quite strange. We do not have the data of this startup item in our database. thus, we are not able to give you a specific recommendation to disable or delete it and display N/A. If you are sure about this item, please decide whether you want to disable or delete it.


We will try our best to improve this feature later to give customers a clear recommendation. If you have a better word to describe such condition, feel free to let us know.


Thanks for your understanding.


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ASCU 10 jest bardzo dobry przyspiesza komputer do 36 sekund.gratulacje!






Google Translate

ASCU 10 is a very good computer speeds up to 36 seconds congratulations!




This Forum is in English, please at least use an automatic translator asabove, otherwise I will have to delete your posts in a language different than English


t?umacz Google

Forum jest w j?zyku angielskim, nale?y przynajmniej u?y? automatycznego t?umacza, jak poni?ej, w przeciwnym razie b?d? musia? usuwa? swoich postów w j?zyku innym ni? angielski



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Hello Everyone...

First, the good news... Installed ASCU 10 yesterday, and it looks awesome, and for the most part, runs awesome. Love the change in the order of the tabs at the top have "Clean And Optimize" to the left... having the tabs work left to right by what is most probably used most frequent (Something that should be changed in ASCPro 10). Second, PM worked great from install, no issues like in the past, however, the machine that usually has an issue with it, I haven't setup w/ it yet. Will get back to ya in it. Third, it runs hella fast in its processes all across the board, referring to scans, making its fixes, etc.


Now the bad news... I had some issues during install, and will post more details on it after setting up my other PC, want to confirm whether its my new POS Lenovo laptop or actual issue in software. I did attempt a viral scan last night and the database failed to initialize, with the ASCU asking for a system reboot & attempt to scan again. I didn't get to the repeat scan, will try again tonight and report any (If any) further problems.


So, a question that came to mind for me is this: Does ASCU10 (Now w/ Bitdefender built in?) still work with other anti-virus/security software like previous versions did? Very crucial point to know for testing purposes, of course. In the past, I have had issues of IMF w/ Bitdefender & ESET Smart Security bumping heads, creating issues to a point I had to stop using for a spell. I did install new version 4.4 last night on my Lenovo, and thus far, no problems... Keep fingers cross!


Again, will have results in a little while as how things go w/ other PC...


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Hello Cicely,

Like I said yesterday, I had some issues w/ the install on my Lenovo, though I thought it might be the machine. I installed ASCU10 on my other family Alienware laptop yesterday afternoon, and all seem to go well, didn't have an issue during the install, however, I've noticed on both machine when I try to start a full virus scan, both machines freeze up on "Initializing Database" at 1%. The software just sits there spinning at the 1% , and no files being scan shows up??? Had the happen on the Alienware, trying since yesterday afternoon. I tried on Lenovo during same time, and same thing, or like a few minutes ago, the Lenovo went not responding on the attempt to scan. Both machines are also going not responding when I tried to shut then down, having to CTRL_ALT_DEL both of them.


Good news is the PM is working and functioning awesomely out of the gate for both machines. The clean & optimize scan are running wonderfully with no issues. Toolbox features are working fine as well. I'm just having this issue w/ the virus scanner.


Advise & Thanks in advance...


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Hi ACCPresidentLB,


It will take much time to initialize database. So it looks like that system freezesup on "Initializing Database" at 1%. Please give it much more time to initialize and then it will continue scanning the system. Please have a try again. If any problem, please send us the screenshot of the trouble.


Guide for taking a screenshot: http://www.take-a-screenshot.org/


Moreover, please download the tool from http://testdemo.iobit.com/InfoHelper.exe -> Double click to run this tool on the PC with problem and click 'Save report'. -> After it finishes, you will get a popup window to tell you where the report file IObit_Debug_Info.zip is saved. Click 'OK' button to open that saved folder. -> Send the zipped file to us so that we can get the detailed information to look into.


Thanks in advance.

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Please, when i am updating virus database about 162MB it's slow downloading only 25kb/s... my internet is good (4mbps) other times my download speed 1mb/s... the same problem with IObit Driver Booster 4.1 Pro... when i have updated my Drivers it's about 40 kb/s


Please Fix it...




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Please, when i am updating virus database about 162MB it's slow downloading only 25kb/s... my internet is good (4mbps) other times my download speed 1mb/s... the same problem with IObit Driver Booster 4.1 Pro... when i have updated my Drivers it's about 40 kb/s


Please Fix it...






Hi Fahad,


Welcome to IObit Forums.


Sorry for the trouble you encountered. Does it show only 25 kb/s or 40 kb/s all the time when you download virus update and driver update? We advise you give it much more time when it starts to download the update. If the problem remains with both programs. Please help us look into it with the steps below.


As for the virus database update issue with ASC Ultimate, please send us the screenshot of the update screen so that we can see it clearly.


Download the tool from http://testdemo.iobit.com/InfoHelper.exe -> Double click to run this tool on the PC with problem and click 'Save report'. -> After it finishes, you will get a popup window to tell you where the report file IObit_Debug_Info.zip is saved. Click 'OK' button to open that saved folder. -> Send the zipped file to us so that we can get the detailed information to look into.


As for the driver update issue with Driver Booster, please also send us the screenshot of the update screen.


Download http://www.cd4o.com/drivers/debug/DBInfoHelper.exe >> double click to run this tool on the problem PC >> click 'Save report to Desktop' >>find db_info_xxxx.zip on your desktop >> send us the zip file.


We will analyze the files. Thank you in advance.


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Hi Mihály Kocsis,


Thanks for your support. I am touched for your supportive words.:oops:


Hope more and more people can join our beta testing and give us your feedback. IObit do value everyone's feedback bad or good to help us keep moving forward.



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Hi, Cicely! I have great suggestion for Advance SystemCare Ultimate


Create Feedback Center in Action Center-------something like Feedback Hub-------as same as Microsoft

-it will show list of top suggested features and found bugs by user

-users can vote for features

-users can add them suggestions and found bugs--

-it can be categorized---where users want to add features----or fix bugs

-there can be answer by IObit ----whether

they will consider it,

have in planning and developing,

or it will be added or fixed in following version

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Hey ya Cicely,

Sorry I didin't get back sooner like I planned. Been severely under the weather...


Anyways, Done a format of my Lenovo laptop 2 days ago, installed ASCU yesterday, seem to be running ok... setup my settings like usual with antivirus full scan @ 4:30 AM., then woke up to scan had error out message. No scan was performed. Also noticed the ASU Autocare icon in my notification bar and it unable to do anything when clicked on. Had a couple icons in my recycle bin I wanted to get rid of, so attempted to file shred them, File shredder wouldn't open up. I attempted to open ASCU from primary icon in notificaton tray, again nothing opening. Reboot machine, same attempts, nothing. Had to uninstall program temporarily. Going to re-install over the weekend and will use your Info Helper to get files for ya. Also, haven't updated ASCU on my Alienware to yet, yes, it is having the same issues it was when I last posted to ya: Unable to scan because it freezes @1% of initializing database and never does anything else, goes "Not responding" when I attempt to close it out. Will draft my wife to help me get all info for ya to look at and post to this weekend.



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HI, Cicely Support Team


Here is my very deep feedback for ASCUltimate......

this I would appreciated to improve in next versionsThumbs up:-):-)----and it is a bit small summary of my suggestions


For Clean and Optimize tab scan items


1. Startup Manager


Another areas to boost system boot up including existing






Winlogon items,

Winsock Providers,

Logon items,

Explorer items,

Internet Explorer items,

Scheduled Tasks,



Print Monitors,

LSA Providers,

Network Providers,


Sidebar Gadgets

Office items


and option to disable optional items (all except default selected)----Look on AUTORUNS program---https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/sysinternals/bb963902.aspx

In ASC scanning you can recommend disabling dangerous, long-unused or unwanted items in this areas


this way you can improve Startup Manager scanning in Clean and Optimize and better to improve PC boot up time



2. Registry Repair


-You could remake scanning registry items that influence Word and Data Processing...because on TOPTENREVIEWS test...there is -33,50% worst performance

-You could make viewing of ERROR PRIORITIZING LEVEL of found registry items

-There should be also REGISTRY BACKUP option in Main Settings


= Backup registry automatically before scanning

= Backup registry and update backup every 1 week when system is in idle

3 days




= Restore registry by last created registry backup now


There should be Exclusion list for registry keys and types,




-Add CURRENT USER area for scanning


3. Remove Spyware Removal scanning item and move it into Antivirus Protection Details


4. System Optimization............Move DEEP OPTIMIZATION options from Speed Up tab to System Optimization scanning for optional selecting these items

-add option to identify and fix Windows errors --(from Win Fix Tool)


5. Disk Scan....



6. Vulnerability Fix - add scanning Windows Update Errors.(also cleaning Windows Patch Cache existed from IU)...for smoother and easier searching security updates and installing them


7. Merge Junk Files Clean and Privacy Sweep items into Unneeded Files Clean

Add option to scan Previous Windows installation files

Add option to scan System Compression area ( it is new-added area for Windows 10 )

Add option to scan RetailDemo Office Content

Add option to scan Windows ESD installation files

Add option to scan Delievery Optimization FIles

Add option to scan Windows System Point files

Add option to scan Windows Patch Cache also

.....................Option to scan other items (including System areas) in Disk Cleanup tool for Windows, that are not included in ASC


Add option to scan all areas for scanning with button Select All in Main Settings


8. Remake Disk Optimization....add option to defrag System Areas ....and take into consideration suggestions I already sent for Disk Optimization for selecting method of defrag.......................AND IGNORE PRIVACY SWEEP AND JUNK FILES CLEAN ITEMS WHEN SCANNING


9. Include Outdated Hardware Drivers and Outdated Software Programs scanning into Clean and Optimize...with same options as Startup Optimization items (manually select, detail info..maybe what is new in new version..etc..)


10. About System Reinforce...you could add them block MICROSOFT SPYYING....disable access sending data to Microsoft and spying by Microsoft servers


11. About Action Center you could make FEEDBACK HUB as I already written...


12. Remake Toolbox item.....on the left there should be list of all toolbox items and on the right there should be UI in ASC UI...that provide their features

working toolbox items directly in ASC UI (including IObit Uninstaller)


there will be option to install them...because they are not installed after first installation


if user selects tool, that is not installed...on the right will be note...that this tool is not installed. Installing it you get access to tool feature




But they are not installed....with one-click installing of every tool, user gets TOOL UI in ASC UI and can work with tool


(no opening additional windows, no standalone programs in Toolbox for tools!)


these all Toolbox tools mean additional modules (components) for ASC..NO ADDITIONAL UTILITIES!



13. Add option to autodefrag new added items in real-time (including files, downloaded files, registry files, system files..etc..)

so scanning fragmented items in Disk Optimization will be a lot of shorter and little fragment problems


/option to autodefrag big files when system is in idle


14. For Clean and Optimize tab....surely add TOGETHER SCANNING AND FIXING METHOD as same as it is included in Iolo System Mechanic..for very short scanning and fixing time


/it means all items scanning together

/if some scan items have finished scan..but some other items are still scanning ..the finished scan items can start immediately to fix if Fix Automatically option is turned on


15. So let ASC Ultimate version includes all tools including IObit Malware Fighter features, Driver Booster features, Smart Defrag features and IObit Uninstaller in ASC UI ...plus others

/so ASCU can provide all IObit solutions in one program// and scan all areas to boost, clean, repair, update, optimize and defrag with single oneclick



And could I get report from product team in PM for every part (there are 15 parts) because I would know their feedback on this and explain and understand to them if something is not clear??


Have a nice day and keep good work in improving your products!Thumbs upThumbs upThumbs up



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Hello Cicely,

this morning at the boost, the popup appeared in another language... but ASCU10 has been set Italian...



Hi marcobost,


Sorry for the trouble you encountered. This is the first time we heard of the issue. Hope you can assist us to look into it.


1. From the screenshot, I can see the popup language is Vietnamese. Did you change the language to Vietnamese before? Please confirm.


2. Download the tool from http://testdemo.iobit.com/InfoHelper.exe -> Double click to run this tool on the PC with problem and click 'Save report'. -> After it finishes, you will get a popup window to tell you where the report file IObit_Debug_Info.zip is saved. Click 'OK' button to open that saved folder. -> Send the zipped file to us so that we can get the detailed information to look into.


Thanks in advance.


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Hi renodos500,


We highly appreciate your always active feedback and suggestions to help us improve Advanced SystemCare Ultimate. I forwarded all your suggestions to our Product Team. After discussions, I am glad to let you know that some of the suggestions are adapted and will do further researches. Please refer to the reply from our Product Manager below:


1. Startup Manager - some areas are already supported in this tool. Our development team will do some researches on the areas that we do not support currrently.


2. Word and Data Processing may affluence system performance. But fixing the registry items of Word and Data Processing may cause system running improperly. So this area looks like a double-edged sword. To make sure the stability of system, it is safer not to fix these registry items.


In previous versions of ASC, we do support to view ERROR PRIORITIZING LEVEL of found registry items. But we remove this feature later as we find it is not useless to fix these registry items.


3. As you know, all the features under Speed UP tab are the same as ASC. As daily maintenance, it is good to scan common spyware to keep PC from being affected. If we move this feature into Antivirus Details, the Speed Up features of ASC and ASC Ultimate will have different design. So we do not have a plan to move it to Antivirus Details at present.


4. We do not have plan to combine them into one at present. But we will keep improving the function of System Optimization and Deep Optimization


5. Disk Scan is unable to do a fast scan, due to the performance of the disk itself.


6. Junk Files Clean does support to clean Windows Path Cache with the different item name Windows AutoUpdate Cache. It has difference name in both programs, but same function. Sorry for confusion. We will take into consideration to keep the item names consistent in further updates.


We are not able to scan Windows Update Errors as we use Windows Update interface to do the scan. If there is something wrong with Windows Update, we are not able to call it to start a scan.


7. We do not have a plan to combine them into one as both modules have different features.


8. We will keep improving Disk Optimization and take your suggestions into consideration.


9. Hardware Accelerate under Speed Up and Software Updater under Toolbox have the features you mentioned.


10. We will do a research on the feature "access sending data to Microsoft and spying by Microsoft servers" and see if it can be added into ASC


11. Currently, we do not have a plan to build Feedback Hub. Although it is much more advanced, but i personally think it is a little complicated for our users, especially for senior citizen to send feedback, . Feedback is designed to receive feedback from our users in time and conveniently and we will always provide assistance with 24 hours to help our users solve the issue. We will also update FAQs in time to let more users can find the solution quickly.


13. Smart Defrag does have the auto-defrag function. We will recommend users to install Smart Defrag if they want an advanced disk defrag tool.


About 12, 14. 15, we do not have a plan to modify these features temporarily.


Hope I give you a satisfied answer regarding all the suggestions. If you have more suggestions, do not hesitate to post here as we always value your suggestions to improve our product better.













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Hi, thanks for the explanation


About sug. 2.: Sorry I made mistake.....Word and Data Processing does not belong to Registry area.....But it is summary of optimizing PC with all optimization tools by ASC....please look on TOPTENREVIEWS part pc system utilities....

Some chance to improve Word and Data Processing performance, because it has -33,5% worst performance after scanning by ASC? Is some chance to improve it and also keep percentage improving of other optimization areas from TOPTENREVIEWS?


And what about making Registry Backup and Restore in Main Settings?


About sug. 3.: And what about move Spyware Removal into ASC Antivirus scanning area? And Clean and Optimize tab would be without Spyware Removal


About sug. 7: OK...what about new areas to add, that I wrote......and about button Select All in Settings?


About sug. 9.:.In Speed Up tab Hardware Accelerate only installs and opens Driver Booster....what about direct downloading and installing outdated drivers from ASC, not from Driver Booster?


and what about move Software Updater into Antivirus tab, because outdated software means security holes for system?


About sug. 12.: Other programs like CCleaner runs its additional utilities (like uninstaller, startup manager...etc..) in its UI, so why don´t simplify it?


About sug. 13.: What about make Autodefrag new files in real-time into ASC LiveCare?


About sug. 15.: I think,,,,,have installed ASCU, IObit Uninstaller, Driver Booster, Smart Defrag and IObit Malware Fighter is very complicated for me....and also for senior users..It has big size on disk...PC have to run a lot of processes and resources,,,,,then PC is hard to work for me.....and about optimizing, updating, cleaning, fixing, boosting and defragging, IT IS CHAOS, then ASCU is not really ALL IN ONE PROGRAM, with all in one scan..




I THINK MAYBE IMPROVING EXISTING PRODUCTS IS NOT POSSIBLE, BUT WHAT ABOUT MAKING NEW PROGRAM, THAT PROVIDES ALL THIS PC SOLUTIONS, includes all features of all your programs, while they have not conflicts between them?

......MAYBE IT CAN CALL .........IObit SystemCare...........And about Antivirus and security features, in new program USER should have option to enable and disable completely them if he does not want them

but antivirus and security features can be still there in program and will still improve...Then you do not have to have and improve two programs ASC and ASCU...........Think about it...

Then product team can focus on one program...The features can be same licensed as you currently have


Can I get report from product team again, so I can explain some things, that are not understandable?


Have a nice day!

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