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ASC Ultimate PRO 10 is WONDERFUL, but there are issues renewing!


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I've been using ASC for four years now. I got Ultimate as soon as it was released and LOVE the Anti-Virus program addition that ASC regular DOES NOT HAVE! It was 3-weeks away from my Expiration date and a Avangate/IOBit window popped up offering ASC Ultimate PRO 10 & Smart Defrag 5 PRO for $23.98 (it had two other useless programs for me). So I paid the $23.98, entered the code sent to me in the confirmation e-mail and IT DID NOT WORK RIGHT! I now know that they sent mea code that was not properly activated. When I entered this code a small black window opened with blue trim that said something similar to "We cannot activate ASC Ultimate PRO 10, please click the OK button. So I clicked OK and a different SALES Avangate/IOBit window opened asking for $29.99 or asked me to enter my code if I have one??? So I entered my code and now it wanted $9.99 MORE!


?I'm very physically disabled and have NO ONE helping me with anything. So I paid the $9.99 just to avoid that stress (which causes more excruciating pain & fatigue) I know contacting Customer Support would cause; as I had a MAJOR PROBLEM with them last time I renewed. THAT STILL DID NOT WORK!!! I was still getting the small box to click OK again.


?So now I had no choice but to contact Customer Support. So I tried e-mail support first and got Rachael who knew little about what she was doing. First she tells me that ASC Pro 10 & ASC Pro Ultimate10 have the same programs??? THAT'S TOTALLY WRONG! ASC PRO 10 DOES NOT HAVE ANTI-VIRUS! How could she not know that? Then I asked her for the $9.99 EXTRA FEE I paid as that did nothing to fix anything. She said I'd get a full $9.99 refund in 2-3 days (we'll see if that happens tomorrow).


?Then I called Customer Support and the guy I got was not much help either. All he had to say is "this should not be happening". Then he told me to go to iobit.com and download the FREE ASC Pro 10. I did that. Then he says to enter a new code he gave me as the FREE download deleted ASC Ultimate PRO from my system. So I enter the code& then had ASC Pro 10 WITHOUT ANY ANTI-VIRUS protection. Dumb & dumber. THIS IS WHAT I TRIED TO AVOID BY PAYING THE EXTRA $9.99!!! No such luck...


?A week had passed at this point as I can do very little each day because of my physical disabilities. On 2/20/17 I called Customer Support again. This time I get KEVIN. I simply told Kevin that I paid to renew ASC Ultimate PRO 10 and my two contacts to Customer Support were USELESS. I then explained just the basics regarding how sick I am (which I told everyone). Then KEVIN immediately says "Something very wrong seems to be going on here and I think it may be your computer (HOW COULD HE THINK THAT WITH SO LITTLE INFO???), I'd like to access your computer to see if I can figure out what the problem is." Then he said "See how slow your computer is?". MY COMPUTERIS NEVER SLOW!!! My computer never shows the hourglass for more than a few seconds, yet his program RESCUE ME was showing an hourglass for over a minute & he's blaming that on my computer??? He must think I'm a total moron. Only Sociopaths try these SCAMS and Sociopaths do think everyone (but themselves) are stupid.


I HAD A STRONG INSTINCTUAL FEELING THAT THIS WAS A SCAM! But I called the correct IOBit Customer Service number, so I gave him access to my computer. He used LogMeIn Rescue & Rescue ME to access my computer. He immediately opens the Windows System Logs and it shows 1,290 events. I NOW KNOW THIS IS A SCAM, BUT I LET HIM GO THROUGH THE MOTIONS BECAUSE I HAVE SAFEGUARDS TO KEEP ANYONE FROM INSTALLING ANYTHING ON MY COMPUTER. He wouldn't hardly let me get a word in, he was talking SUPER FAST, AND THIS WAS ALL PART OF HIS HIGH PRESSURE SALES TACTIC THAT SCAMMERS USE! They have a lame LONG, FAST TALKING excuse for EVERY reasonable question or statement you say (if you can get a sentence in).


He says "Do you know you have more infections on your computer than I've ever seen in my life? You use Credit Cards on your computer, right? I'm shocked no one stole your identity yet!". SCAMMERS USE THESE ALMOST EXACT SCARE TACTICS EVERY TIME! I told him those are not viruses, those are system events. He then says "I didn't say they were viruses, they are infections!. HE CHANGED THE SUBJECT THINKING I'D FORGET I CAUGHT THAT! He started again; "Now you could go to a computer store like Best Buy and they will charge you $180 an hour, and with all these viruses (remember he said these were NOT viruses???) it will take 5-6 hours for Best Buy to fix your computer which will cost you over $800.". SO I TOLD HIM I'LL BUY A NEW COMPUTER THEN. Then he had a FAST TALKING EXCUSE FOR THAT, he says "The infections are not only on your computer, they are on your network, so if you buy a new computer the network will automatically infect your new computer right away with all 1.290 infections!". I NEVER HEARD SUCH BS IN MY ENTIRE LIFE!


Next came the "OFFER". He stated "Now you can pay $800, or you can pay me $369 and I can fix this all today in under an hour with a full guarantee.". I told him "I already told you I'm DISABLED and I can't afford this.". Then comes the "COUNTER-OFFER". He said "Well since you are in the position you are in, I can do it for $269.". THESE ARE THE EXACT SAME PRICES ALL SCAMMERS USE FOR THIS SCAM; the six times I've heard about from others, plus the three times I had to deal with it to LEARN what to avoid!!! They tried to get me once by calling me on the phone cold (unsolicited) and I've been on the National DO NOT CALL Registry since 2008!l I admit, I almost fell for it the first time, but I NEVER second guess my instincts. If it feels wrong, DO NOT DO IT! And don't be afraid to tell these scammers to go do whatever expletive you feel comfortable using. THEN IOBit's Customer Support tried to pull this with me two years ago...


?So I FULLY RESEARCHED all of this online after the first SCAM call. THESE OFFERS ARE ALWAYS SCAMS AND NOTHING YOU NEED EVER! They use SCARE TACTICS and luckily I've been an ADVANCED SECURITY EXPERTY online since 1997 and have been a PC user since 1980 with the very first home computer! But new scams are created every day and it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO READ POSTS LIKE MINE, OR SUFFER THE CONSEQUENCES. Most of these scams are to STEAL ALL THE PERSONAL INFO THEY CAN FIND ON YOUR COMPUTER, then your identity becomes theirs until all of your assets are GONE! But they have to gain your trust first (WHICH NO ONE EVER GETS FROM ME!!!) or you'll see them snooping where they SHOULD NOT BE (like your personal folders) if you have Average computer skills.


??So then I asked him "Why didn't ANY of my IOBit software catch even ONE of these infections?". He wasn't ready for that question, so there was the longest pause of this VERY LONG PHONE CALL! He spits out "Oh, these are very complex infections and no anti-virus program could catch any of these!".


?THEN I TOLD HIM TO DISCONNECT FROM MY COMPUTER IMMEDITELY! He had to get the last scare in and said "OK, but if anything happens to your computer I'm not responsible.". THIS WAS AN IOBit/Avangate Customer Support employee for God's sake! Either one of these two possibilities it TRUE: IOBIT knows their employees are doing this and they get a cut of whatever customers fall for this SCAM (I have to be 100% honest as I ALWAYS AM regardless of the situation), OR these Customer Service employees are doing this on their own without IOBit knowing and they'd have you send the money to their personal PayPal accounts.


?This would be BAD if this only happened once, but this almost SAME EXACT thing happened the last time I renewed ASC PRO 10! But they last time I luckily got one of IOBit's programmers named HSIEN who helped me get through all of this and he said SCAMMERS will copy web pages so they look EXACTLY like a company's web site, but the phone number will be off by one digit and you wind up calling a SCAMMER! This does happen, but knowing what I know now THIS DID NOT HAPPEN IN RENEWING MY ASC PRO!!! He said you need to look at the HTTPS:// address and make sure it says iobit.com and not something a tiny bit different. He renewed my ASC Pro for an extra year for free for having to go through all the hell I did scanning (ALL FULL SCANS for viruses, malware, spyware, etc. which took over 6-hours) for everything dangerous that could have been put on my system LAST TIME.


?Yesterday I tried calling IOBit's Customer Service (800-941-1839) FIVE TIMES and was ON HOLD up to 15-minutes (11-minutes and 5-minutes 3X) without any human ever picking up. The same thing happened today. Why do I get the feeling that this is all the other people that caught KEVIN trying this SCAM on them???


?Protect YOURSELF or no one else will. I wish everyone the best. If you have questions, feel free to ask: tao.te.ching.tzu@gmail.com




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Dear Customer,

This is Cicely

We are sorry for all the inconvenience. Yes. Advanced SystemCare Ultimate has BitDefender's antivirus engine and it also has all feature of Advanced SystemCare Pro. After checked, we found that your order for Advanced SystemCare Ultimate has been arranged to refund. However we will still keep your license code of Advanced SystemCare Ultimate to be valid as makeup for all the inconvenience. We have sent the installation instruction of Advanced SystemCare Ultimate to your email address.


The telephone service is provided by our partner. They do provide some chargeable service, but there should be no scam. Please send your telephone number to email address support@iobit.com(To protect your privacy, please do not publish your telephone number in the post) We will ask the partner to look into the issue further.





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