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Problems with Autorun and computer crashing


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I just bought AWC Pro last week. Since installing and running the program, my computer is constantly crashing. Nice trick how the program takes me back to pre-crash web sites though. But I really would prefer my computer to NOT crash 3-4 times a day.


Secondly, the auto-run feature is not working and neither is the auto-update.


I just read that maybe I should make AWC pro and exception in my firewall, so I have done that. We'll see how goes tomorrow. But so far the only time the program updates is when I manually tell it to. An the only time the program runs is when I manually tell it to.


What am I doing wrong here?? Any suggestions?



Windows XP SP2

Compaq Presario 6420NX

512 mg. Ram

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Hi Sandilew,


I can help you out with your problem I think. If your computer is crashing a lot you need to check into some other areas of your PC that may be the problem. Here are some suggestions:


1) http://www.trendmicro.com/hc_intro/default.asp

- copy and paste that url into your address bar and run the House Call program. Just use the Java applet or the browser plug in and make sure you are using either internet explorer or firefox (although I recommend internet explorer). Make sure you scan the entire computer as well. After the scan completes it will give you a full list of any spyware, adware, trojans, viruses, hacks, vulnerabilites, etc. that were found on your computer. Just click the button that says to automatically fix the problems using the recommended action and you should be all set although a restart of your computer may be necessary and possibly another scan for tougher malware.


2) http://www.download.com/Ad-Aware-SE-Personal-Edition/3000-8022_4-10639408.html?tag=pop.software

- copy and paste that address into your address bar and download the program called Lavasoft Ad-Aware SE Personal. This is a program you install and it should help you with other adware/spyware on your system like the program above.


3) Now check your PC for rootkits. These are VERY bad programs and you definately do not want them. Download and run this software: http://www.sophos.com/products/free-tools/sophos-anti-rootkit.html


Other than that rootkit detection, you may want to try this one as well: http://www.f-secure.com/blacklight/try_blacklight.html


4.) After you have done these things your computer should be rid of all malware. Other than this, you may have a bad hardware configuration or possibly bad drivers. Try running Microsoft Update and download all the high priority updates first and then all the additional optional updates to increase the stability of your system.



If you would provide me with additional information about your computer with the problem, I may be able to help you even more.

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Thank you




First, I always keep my computer updated through Windows Update, and through my computer manufacturer as well. I have made it a habit to check and install any updates when needed. My OS is set for automatic updates, but I do manual checks on a regular basis for the non-critical updates I might require as well.


I use both Ad-Aware and Spybot S&D on a regular basis as well.

I did run my system through House Call, and nothing was found.

I downloaded and installed the Sophos Anti-rootkit, ran that, and it found nothing as well.


It may be possible there is a driver conflict, but I have no idea which one or how to solve that problem. But I was not having the problem until after I installed the AWC Pro program and ran it. Which is why I posted the problem here.


I appreciate that you tried to help. And now that everything has been done and double checked, no problems were found, and I am still wondering what is causing the crashes.



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Hi, thanks for the update.


When your computer crashes, what exactly are the symptoms of the crash? For example, are you recieving the blue screen of death and what is the message it gives you (i.e. improper hardware configuration)? Or does something else happen.


Something to include would be the anti-virus software you use as well as any other important software that may conflict with AWC. Hardware specs of your computer should also be included... for example the amount of RAM you have and maybe processor type/model and speed.


Another thing to include would be when specifically does the computer crash. During a scan or maybe at a scheduled program execution? If it is AWC, for example, does it crash at a scheduled scan and repair?


Please include the OS you are using as well and anything else that you think could be useful. Particularly the symptoms of the crash.


The most I can tell you as of now is to check your manufacturer for system BIOS updates and to look at your processor's website to see if any updates are available for your chipset.

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Also, please bear some patience with me.


I understand how this issue can be VERY frustrating. But not to sound all emotional and corny, I will still include some technical details in this reply for you.


You see, PC crashes are most often caused by these three things:

1) wrong/not properly configured hardware or wrong/corrupt drivers for your hardware whether or not it is new.

2) A corrupted windows Registry

3) A virus attacking the Windows OS


Of this issues, the only one that you would likely have found AWC to be the cause of is the corrupt registry. If you still have the backups that AWC creates for your registry I recommend you try re-implementing these into your registry and then reboot to apply the new registry created. If this solves your problem let me know- likewise if it does not.


You may also simply be having a problem with the available amount of memory, although I cannot be sure of this since I don't know your hardware specs. It's also possible there is a conflict with another program on your computer. Do you have another optimizer/registry editor? Even a program such as a defragmenter or memory optimizer may be the culprit.


Since your computer seems to be virus free as well, I can probably assume you are fairly knowledgable as a user and keep your PC in good health so the problem is very likely something occuring due to a software or hardware conflict and I will continue to work with you until you find the cause.


You may also want to try to talk to Tim to see if he needs any error report/log files from AWC to help you better.



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Hello Clayton,


Thank you so much for your continued efforts to help. I do appreciate that.


Actually, my computer was running just fine. Then I downloaded and installed the AWC Pro program, and ran it for the first time. It found several problem areas (incorrect registry entries, some minor spyware, etc.) and so I told the program to repair the the problems. The program proceeded to do the repairs, and immediately after completion, my computer crashed. No blue screen, it just shut off, and then automatically restarted again.


Since then, it will strike at any moment, without any warning. I am reading a website, and suddenly it shuts down and restarts. Playing a puzzle or game on the computer that I have installed and have been using for well over a year with no problems, and the computer shut down and restarted. In a community chat room, and suddenly I'm not there. The computer is shut down again. The day after I first ran the AWC Pro program, I crashed 4 times that day. I decided not to run the program again for a while. LOL But the fact is that I don't have a clue what is causing the problem.


As to updating system Bios. I did go to HP site and searched for any such updates I might need, but there are not that are applicable to my particular computer. The only one mentioned was for an AM37 and I have an AMD Athlon 2200+ processor. Unless I did not understand what they were saying, I don't think it applies to my machine.


I am running a Compaq Presario 6420NX, 80 GB hard drive, with 512 MB DDR SDRam.

AMD Athlon 2200+ processor at 1.8GHz

Windows XP Home Edition with SP2 installed and all required updates are done automatically.


I use Avast Home Edition anti-virus software, and it has worked fantastic for me.

I have installed Ad-Aware and Spybot S&$, and I run them monthly.

I also have the program WinPatrol Plus running automatically at all times.


The reason I purchased AWC Pro is because I have been using Windows Defender, and also using Windows Live One Care on a monthly basis, to keep my machine runing in top condition, and then read that it has been doing a very poor job. So when I read about AWC Pro, I thought maybe this would do a far better job. Now I am not sure.


I hope this information will help you some.



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Okay, this does seem to be quite a unique problem. I will have to forward your message to Tim so that he can request any AWC files that may help. In the meantime, I will help you with possible solutions to why the computer is crashing. It does seem very likely that the AWC.exe process or .dll file is conflicting with another one.


If you have the backups that AWC automatically creates before repairing a problem, I suggest you restore these to your registry as well. Using system restore should automatically do this for you if you have a restore point from before the time you ran AWC.


I will get back to you as soon as I can with more help.

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Thank you,


I have done just that. I restored the computer back to before the first time I used the AWC Pro software.


The reason is because I thought I would run system file checker, to make sure all of my system files were good, and as soon as the program finished running, the computer crashed.


I ran it again, and as soon as it finished, the computer crashed once more.


I took the system back to before running AWC Pro (I had kept all of the restore points), then ran SFC again, and this time it ran to completion, and I have no problems there.


I will not be running AWC now until I hear from you or Tim, or know better what might be causing this problem. And also waiting to see if there are any more crashes, since everything was working fine before I installed the program.


Again, thank you so much for your continued help.

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Hi Tim,


OK, I found the link to AWC v2.4 in the "sticky's," but I see it is still in beta testing.


I am no IT person, just a simple housewife. I really prefer not to play with a program until it has been officially released in the final version.


So I think I'll wait and give it a try then. I am not using my program right now, waiting to see if the crashing stops. So far, so good. No crashes for 16 hours. But I'm still not convinced. LOL


If I could feel confident that the new version would work 100%, I would be happy to install it. But since I've already had so many problems after installing AWC just a few days ago, I prefer waiting.



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Hello Clayton,


Since I returned the computer back to the first restore point before running the program for the first time, I have not used the program again. THERE HAVE BEEN NO CRASHES since.


So I am sorry, but I can assume nothing else but that the program was causing my crashes.


I considered returning the program and asking for a refund, but I guess I am hoping that whatever caused the problem will be fixed because I would like to have a program that does what this program is wanting to do in protecting my computer. Crossing my fingers right now that the problem will be resolved soon. Otherwise I have wasted my money, right? LOL


Have a good day and thank you so much for all help and suggestions provided.

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Well that is very good to hear haha.


If you would like to help us identify the issue, that would be very helpful. Now that your computer is working alright again we can pinpoint the issue in AWC by testing individual components instead of just guessing all possibilities.


If you still have AWC installed and are not experiencing any crashes this is a good sign.


I recommend you download and install a program called ERUNT from this location http://www.derfisch.de/lars/erunt-setup.exe you can copy and paste that into your browser. After installing this program you can create a backup of your registry using the erunt (not ntregopt) program installed. Make sure to check all the available boxes of what things to backup when you run ERUNT. Save the registry backup copy to somewhere you can easily find like the desktop.


Then run AWC, repair all problems, and then restart. If your computer starts crashing again, AWC likely did something to corrupt the registry. We can check this by replacing the AWC repaired registry with the backup registry you created with ERUNT. Just open the ERUNT backup and use that as your registry and then restart. If the crashing stops again, it is definately AWC that caused the issue in the registry.


Before you do this I highly recommend you create another restore point again. Also, before doing this I am going to talk to Tim to see if he can create a quick program that gathers the information of what AWC is "fixing" in your registry so that he can see what the problem is.


The only other possible solution that I have that would make AWC the culprit (if not corruption of the registry) is that the AWC.exe or .dll file is conflicting with another. If this test does not fix the problem you can probably simply check this by turning off AWC from startup. If your computer doesn't crash with AWC off, then we can know that the .exe or .dll is the problem. I think this is possibly the issue because you said that auto run was also having a problem so an issue with the service may be the cause.

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Hi Clayton,


I have just downloaded the ERunt program. And I have printed out your instructions, so I get it right when I do this thing. It will probably be tomorrow, if that is OK with you. And then maybe we can figure out what is going on. I am all for helping out if I can.


Thanks again,

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Hello Clayton,


I ran the Erunt program, saved the backup, and then opened AWC and ran it. It completed running without crashing the machine this time. I then restarted the machine just a moment ago. So now we will wait and see what happens. Crossing my fingers this time things work well.


Before, the Auto Update feature, and the Auto Scan feature were not working either, so I am curious to see if that happens now. I have scheduled a time for both of them to run, and will wait and see.


Wish me luck, and thank you so much for all your help.

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So far, so good. I've had no problems of late. I can't imagine what caused the problem in the beginning, but it's not happening now.


I still can't get the program to Auto Update or Auto Care to run. Or MUST I be logged in for that to work? I don't have it set to run only if logged in, because I am the only person that uses my computer, and so I don't even log in to Windows.


I wanted to let you know how it was going. Hoping the updated version, once it's past beta testing will function better with the Auto features without being logged in.

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Maybe Tim can answer this for me?


When I purchased the AWC Pro program, I also ordered a copy on CD, which arrived last week.


Today another copy of the program on CD arrived. I don't understand how or why this happened. But I hope I am not being billed twice for it.


Thank you

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Hi Tim,


Thank you. To the best of my knowlege I also only purchased 1 CD, so when I get my statement from my credit card company I'll know better if I was charged for more than one. If not, you are right. Two isn't bad. :)


I think though that I spoke too soon. I managed to survive for a day and a half with no problems. Then I manually ran the program (since the auto scan doesn't work) and ever since, I started crashing again. Totally confused here.


At the moment I have removed the program and restored the computer using the ERunt program, to before I ran AWC Pro 3 days back. Now it's another game of wait and see how this goes.


If everything continues well for 3 or more days, I may install it again and see what happens. But right now I'm just going to do without for a while.


Have a good day.

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Hello Tim,


First, I don't know where to find ErrorLog.txt, so I might have some problem posting it for you.


Secondly, after removing the program, I crashed again. So I checked my error reporting, since of late, it hasn't been working. I discovered that either I had turned it off, or somehow it had been turned off. I now have the error reporting feature back on.


After that, the pc crashed again, and this time I was able to see what caused the crash because it was reported to Microsoft. According to them, there was a driver error. I can't believe that was caused by your program.


Therefore, this morning I have installed AWC Pro again, updated the file to the latest release, created a restore point, and ran it. The program ran fine, seemed to find a huge number of problems. I allowed it make the suggested changes, and so far I have not crashed. I think it's been running about an hour as of this posting.


I am going to play wait and see again. And if I begin crashing again, I will let you know. I will also let you know what Microsoft says is causing the crash.


I have enough experience with the computer for simple tasks, but discovering what driver might be causing the problem is a bit beyond me. I did read the recommendations by Microsoft, but they were numerous and confusing in some areas, and I did not feel confident at all about applying some of them. So I guess I will muddle along and hope this problem will go away or repair it's self somehow.



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