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I have a Win8 system that has a IMFCore.exe that is trying to call to a phantom drive F:

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I have gotten 4 Phantom drives which the IObit Malware program calls to. I cannot delete them, uninstall them, nor find them besides through My Comp. I have tried the suggestions on how to remove them and to remove IMFCore.exe. I have uninstalled/re-installed IObit after cleaning all traces of the program out of the system for a clean install. All of these have failed to fix this problem. IMFCore.exe comes back everytime IObit does a system scan through out the day and the error keeps coming up, after about 5 times it freezes the system.

If this phantom drive keeps being called to by the IMFCore.exe it will crash my system again to where the only answer is to do a reset to factory settings. Where I have to re-install a lot of drivers, settings, and programs that I need for doing the work I do with my computer. This takes a little over 48 hours to get reset to where I can work again. Lots of programs and settings that need to be adjusted for optimized work space on my computer. I do a factory reset every two years already to clean up the computer for work purposes, but I've had to do 3 factory resets since I started having this problem at the beginning of the year. Never had this problem before then.

With same settings and programs, Win10 computer has no problems and no phantom drives. Has same IObit programs and settings as well. Only difference is OS.

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Please supply additional info to help us assist you.


How were the Phantom drives created.

Are they Usb phantoms....mapped network drives....virtual drives....????

Do you have IMF Pro or free

Have you tried setting IMF to only run Custom Scan....where you can set the drive(s) you wish to be scanned.

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Pro. The Drives are not USB phantoms. There have never been Mapped Network Drives under those Letters. Any Virtual Drives I have are not on this computer in question. My Win 10 computer is the one using the Virtual Drives, not the Win 8.

When I can delete/remove the phantom drives, they are brought back into being by the IMFCore.exe calling to them. I then get the error that they cannot be found. I can disable and delete them, but they'll come back when called to by the IMFCore.exe or a restart and the disable/delete will be greyed out. I only run Custom Scan. It scans C: and D: only.


I think I'm to a point where I'm only going to run IMF once a month. I love the protection, but the last few months has been hell on my win 8 computer. Is it possible that Win8 support is slowly being phased out? This usually happens with other programs I have had in the past when they no longer support an older OS.

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I believe this is a registry issue, wgereby the phanton drives were never deleted from the registry.

Try these 2 sites for a solution. I think one of them will solve your issue.



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