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Send Your Feedback for IObit Malware Fighter v9

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I have some suggestions for next Iobit Malware fighter. Ok, We have only 2 options when a threat is detected in settings, manual one, we get notification every time a malware is detected and have to clean it by click button, and auto one, where we don’t get any notification or action options. That is not enough, for example, i wish to see a notification when threat was removed by Iobit Malware Fighter automatically. Cause even is not required my action, sometimes happens false positives and I want to know what and when Iobit quarantine something. So third option would be: process automatically and send notification.

 Next, Silent Mode. Silent mode is a good feature but is hidden deep into settings and can’t be turned on and off with one click. I suggest, besides adding manually apps that will run with silent mode, give us an option on the main screen, to turn on/off when we want and need, without any particular special configurations. 

General Settings has ugly and vague interface. I expect to control everything from there, as an advanced user. But there is almost nothing. Just few levels of protection, general interface options and few notification control. That really should be rebuilding, trying put every configuration this application has in an unified interface. Now is not pleasant to search in different places to configure a guard or schedule a PC scan.

Next, cloud. What is the point of that cloud? I tried to upload some file samples to test with cloud, it says always busy and fails. Also that statistic is more or less inaccurate, cause files are much more infected than shown there. Put VirusTotal api as cloud if really want to or remove that cloud forever. 

IMF has Malicious Action guard, I suggest add in this guard HIPS (Host Intrusion Prevention System) feature. By definition HIPS is an installed software package which monitors a single host for suspicious activity by analyzing events occurring within that host. In other words a Host Intrusion Prevention System (HIPS) aims to stop malware by monitoring the behavior of code. This makes it possible to help keep your system secure without depending on a specific threat to be added to a detection update. Also, good anti malware product has self defense, this feature also can come with HIPS. Self defense protect Antivirus from corruption or being disabled by malicious code. Exploit blocker is also welcomed.

Ok, we have 3 types of scan. Quick, Full, and Custom. I suggest adding one more scan. Hyper-scan or Cloud Scan. This scan, would do full system scan as fast as possible with cloud. With cloud I mean all processing files are in cloud engine, and local is just a very small component that consume very low resources. Like HitmanPro do, a full scan in about 10 minutes. HitmanPro uses cloud signatures also from Bitdefender, so is possible for Iobit Malware Fighter the same strategy adopt. Now, Full computer scan takes more than an hour if files are many. 

Also, speaking of scan, IMF every about 3-4 days give notification that needs scan. Really? This is a waste of resources and time doing that. If there is a good real time protection, no need to scan more often than once per week. So I suggest giving a custom scan notification option or set at least that reminder one time per week. An auto scan when is set in one day, for example Saturday at 10am. If pc is turned off, scan is not running. There would be necessary an option, scan after computer start if is off during that time. Or automatic do the scan as soon as computer gets back on.

There is also welcomed an option like Smart Optimization. This option, scans only new or modified files, to save even more resources. As a scan options there are also Self extracting archives, and Runtime Pack. 

IMF need a network devices scanner. More precise, scan devices connected to home network like computers, smartphones, smart devices, etc. and show their ip and MAC address. Based on MAC address, devices can be identified manufacturer. This way, can protect home WiFi network from unauthorized connected users. Also if a computer for example sends malware in the network, can isolate own pc and block that device from communication with it.

 Heuristic or Advanced Heuristic can have different levels of sensitivity. For example, permissive, recommended and aggressive. This way would be more suitable for different environments. There are sometimes dangerous environments where is necessary high sensitive heuristic. Of course this level comes with warning, usual as the level is aggressive heuristic, rises false positive chances. 
Last but not least, IMF seems not to detect tracking cookies, some adware and PUA when do a full scan or custom scans. I recommend including them in detection, I know we have feature called anti-tracking but not everyone may use it. Also speaking of adware, v8 is full of Iobit self promotion ads. For those who pay for pro version, give at least an option to disable all self promotion and ads from the app.

Thank you so much for developing Iobit Malware Fighter and expecting some substantial improvements in the next version of my favorite anti malware tool 🙂



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