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Thinking about Windows 7 ?


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Some information on the new OS (OS's) can be found here. Enjoy the read.


What do you think Detailer. Will it be good or not. All the hype around

Vista and I could not downgrade fast enough after trying. Think I'll build myself a system to go with 7

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Better than Vista....We hope


Got to agree with that Sunny.To answer you,deville,from what I've read so far ,and considering the great Vista debacle,there's no where to go but up.It seems that "7" will be faster and lighter on resources,as well as sporting a clever animated and very functional task bar ala Macintosh.A few old favorites like the email client(Outlook),WIN Photo Gallery and Movie Maker,will only be available as "upgrades" through the new "Live Essentials"package(cost if any,unknown).My biggest concern-you guessed it-compatibility.I'm sure every one is holding their breathe on this issue.My next concern is going to be price-point.If I bop on down to my local retailer for a copy,will I be met by someone at the cash register brandishing a firearm and wearing a mask?Also,with as many as possibly seven versions available,will the first "patch-fest" Tuesday be like turning the first page of "War And Peace"?Perhaps we'll just have a patch day for your particular version-possibly one for every day of the week.All we can do is read articles and reviews for the better part of the coming year to see what the "experts" have to say.In the meantime,you'll need that cashier's gun to stop me from running XP,as I'm sure it will be on a PC of mine until it's no longer supported,or I can't support myself.Check back with me in the Spring of '10 to see what I think then!

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Hi guys, here are two of my previous posts on Windows 7



Man... I was the guy who ALWAYS wanted to have the latest and greatest software. I upgraded 95 to 98 and then ME. However when I upgraded to Windows Xp it almost put me out of business!! None of my business programs were "licensed" by Microsoft and half of my hardware would not work at all!!


So, I'll let you guys find the headaches with this "new" system.


BTW I was never interest in even looking at Vista.


Best of luck to you all, I like what I got and don't want to change it

( I know eventually I will have to, But only then will I)




and then....



Like I said in the other Win 7 topic, XP almost put me out of business.


Now, they will have to pry it out of my cold dead hands...lol




Looks like my feelings about Win 7 are similar to detailers




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Hi guys,


Windows7 Ultimate+ ASC 3 FREE + XSkin


All utility programs are run as Administrator.


So far so good!!!


Since ASC 3 is not 100% compatible with Windows7 yet, and ASC 3 is FREE edition, I have put 75 of 78 problems found in "System Optimization" to Ignore List.


Each and every utilitiy works. Defragmenter works. All the functions in Options work

I will edit and add when and if I find problems.


-AWC Init window gives " Failed to set data for" "error

-Apply button is not greyed out when you click, but Apply works.

-Another glitch, hitting OK button in Options window does not close the window.

-Although "System Restore" within "Restore Center" works, "View System Restore" gives "List index out of bounds (185)" error.

-No privacy sweep in right click menu of Recycle Bin.



I have been using Vista Ultimate since August 2006, and I have never liked it, as I was using XP Pro all the time together with it, always preferred the XP.


Now I am telling you guys that Windows7 Ultimate dual booted with Vista Ultimate in the same Notebook (Which was only Vista capable) is uncomparable with Vista on nearly every aspect. Very fast guys. One thing though, IE8 is older than recent IE8 RC1.


Here is a teaser attachment for you. 8-)


Best viewed when in full screen and zoomed to default size.



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From Wikipedia

The Siamese fighting fish (Betta splendens), also known as the "betta fish" or just "betta", is one of the most popular species of freshwater aquarium fish. It is native to the rice paddies of Thailand and called pla-kad or pla-kat ("Biting Fish") in its native Thailand.

Siamese fighting fish have a labyrinth organ in their heads that allows them to take oxygen directly from the atmosphere in addition to the oxygen taken from water via their gills. Bettas that cannot reach the surface will drown.


From what is seen of the fish I would say female. :?:




enoskype without the fins visible cannot say but the males have more vibrant colour, here in the uk they are called siamese fighting fish.
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Betta is doing good in the aquarium!!!


My betta in my aquarium is doing well renewing itself since it is thrown in to the aquarium. :-P

I have given it -AVG8 IS- for protection against virutic diseases. To maintain it's health, ASC3 is perfectly tolerable.

SD is keeping the vitality up. :-D


My other fish called the "Ugly Ultimate", contrary to samr's comment about not getting well together, has accepted the betta and betta accepted the other one.

Although they are seperated by partitions in the same aquarium, they can use some of the sources and other utilities of the other division and viceversa. :!:



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