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Why does my computer not startup due to a "Critical Process Died" error?

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I have been a long time customer of IObit products. I recently (today) installed ASC14 and now my computer WILL NOT START!

It started originally and worked as I have always had it work. I tried to run a program that the computer is built for (Prepar3D v5.2) for which it locked up the operating system (Win10 Home). The system completely locked up requiring a hard reboot. Third time of this happening and now the system will not start with the "Critical Process Died" error.

Doing some investigating under the Command Prompt I have found that ASC has completely taken over my system by taking over the DEFAULT, DRIVERS, SAM, SECURITY, and SOFTWARE system files and reconfigured them. It saved backups to each with a ".iobit" extension.

The System Repair operations will not let me into System Restore as it keeps telling me my password is invalid. I have gone as far as to change my password for my primary Windows account without success.

What I want to know is Why this happened and How to fix it! I do know that should I have to do a complete reinstallation of Windows, which will require a full reinstallation of all programs taking multiple hours of work, I will no longer be a believer in nor a customer of any IObit product.

If you can help, very quickly, get my system working I would greatly appreciate it.

Dana Wiles

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In order to help you, it is important to get clear information and detail.

You have posted in the ASC 14 forum and only mentioned ASC 14 in your first post.

Now you are mentioning other programs, including Driver Booster.

Also, I have just Updated my ASC using the check for updates in the ASC program, and it simply downloaded and installed the new version.

It did not take me to any website.

However, when I look at the file you uploaded, I see it is a request for a re-install of ASC, not an update.

So, as you can see, your information is confusing and it makes it difficult to help.

Can you please give a detailed account of exactly what you did..and what happened.

Additionally, iof you downloaded and installed Driver Booster, and allowed it to scan your system and allowed it to update all drivers it found,

then, that could have caused the issue you describe.

Also, please state what the status of your pc is at the moment, and what accesss you have.


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Sorry about what can and should be considered incomplete information in my initial post. It was out of frustration.

The events are actually over a couple of hours.

I planned to do a flight today. I installed all three of the IObit software I mentioned. Starting with ASC. I had to do a fresh Windows installation a few weeks ago and just now got around to reinstalling my IObit software. As you seen, I still had some time left on ASC so I did a reset as to not use my last remaining seat. I repurchased Uninstaller and Driver Booster and installed them.

After installing the three products and rebooting the system I tried to open Prepar3D and the system froze. Mouse pointer moved but everything else was locked up. I waited about 10 minutes to see if the system would respond but it never did. Performed a hard reboot. After the system restarted I tried the opening P3D again and had the same result. I again performed a hard reboot.

Knowing the only changes I had made since operating P3D yesterday was installing the three IObit products, I performed a system restore to an installation of P3D scenery yesterday. After the system restore finished I opened P3D without issues.

I reinstalled ASC and this time only ASC and tried to start P3D. Once again the system locked up requiring a hard reboot. the system never started thereafter.

I did several searches on the reported error and found that it is mostly an issue with bad drive sectors or corrupted partitions. The drive I'm working with is an SSD.

Trying to use the recovery tools after Windows went to Startup Recovery it never let me in to try another System Restore stating an incorrect password. This, in my opinion, is NOT an issue caused by ASC. I don't believe I have ever had my password work from this startup state.

I never was able to recover.

I have completed a new installation of Windows and P3D. I have not reinstalled any IObit programs at this point. I'm just about to finish with the scenery addons (from one source at the moment) and rerun P3D to verify functionality.

At the moment I have Windows fully updated and P3D installed with most of my addons. But, no other programs installed to include Norton 360.

I am willing to help trouble shoot the problems of this morning by seeing if ASC performs the same way with P3D as my complete set of programs I use have not been reinstalled and not much more time will be lost should things go awry.


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Thank you for such a detailed reply. I fully understand your frustration.

I had some advice found regarding fixing your critical error issue, but I see that is now not needed.

I am surprised that it is ASC that has caused the problem, as my suspect would have been Driver Booster, which can cause such

issues when not used carefully.

From what you say, just the mere installation of ASC causes this lock up, without even running any ASC functions.

I am sure that you want to get ASC working without issues having paid for it and because it is such a useful program.

If so, I suggest that you first make a restore point.  Then you ensure that any Anti-virus/antI-Mlware programs (including Windows Defender), are temporarily disabled, before you install ASC. Sometimes these programs prevent certain elements of ASC from installing, which can cause system issues.

Before you install ASC open P3D. Ensure it is working. Then install ASC. See if any issues occur.

If no issues, then open ASC and check the settings. Ensure that the Deep Clean option in Registry Clean is NOT selected.

Ensure all Automated Functions such as Auto Care and Auto Clean and Auto Ram are NOT enabled.

Let us know if there are any further issues.

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Thank you for the tips on functions to disable or leave disabled in ASC.

One thing I can assure is I always disable my anti-virus software when doing any system control software and flight simulation software as I know they are both anti-virus sensitive. I also run programs such as ASC with administrator privilege's.

My first plan before starting today is to perform a restore point, system image, and a repair disk (USB) to try to make it easier for recovery should the system fail to start.

I am using my second (flight sim support) system for posting here so I do have communication capability should my main system fail.

I will get back with you once I have installed ASC...good or bad.

Thank you again.

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I am currently starting P3D.

I did a clean install of ASC after ensuring P3D started normally prior to doing any other processes. I left all ASC settings to the default settings. However I decided to do things a little different. Before installing ASC I uninstalled P3D. Rational behind this was, as my end result is to have both programs work properly, I figured if ASC changes the system files mentioned earlier to allow those changes then have P3D install into those changed system files opposed to the possibility of the ASC installation corrupting the P3D portions of those files during ASC installation.

P3D has started normally and is showing the cockpit view.

I noticed the seats available in my ASC registration was reset and I do appreciate you doing that.

I will be installing Uninstaller Pro and Driver Boost Pro. I will let you know how things are working...good or bad after those installations.

At this point I have restarted P3D three times without issue.

Again, thank you for all your help in this issue and I will get back to let you know how things are going after performing additional installations.

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Glad to hear you were successful. The credit is entirely yours.

When you install Driver Booster, if it finds lot's of drivers needing updates, do not be tempted to allow it to proceed

and update them all. Look at the list, and if you decide to update some or all, do so two or three at a time. Then if

there are any issues, you will have a better idea which driver update caused it. In fact it is better to update one at a time.

I always recommend not updating drivers unless you have a specific driver problem, or the manufacturer strongly recommends

a new driver.

If it's not broken....don't fix it.

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I usually am quite careful with Driver Booster. I mainly ran it to update my Bluetooth drivers. They are very hard to find an updated copy that doesn't cause my headset to stutter during playback. I had found, before having to re-install Windows a few weeks ago, a driver that stopped the stutter and believe it was a driver update by Driver Booster.

I do admit that I used Driver Booster a bit recklessly and installed most of the recommended driver updates it suggested. The reason I did this was to update DirectX and DotNet as I did do a complete system reset. I knew better. I had to perform a system restore to undo the changes as I ran across problems after the process completed and I restarted the system. It was after re-installing ASC, Uninstaller, and DB (without updating any drivers) that the issues of this discussion surfaced. As it is only Bluetooth drivers I need to update, I will leave it at that with DB for now. Like I recently heard; If it's not broken...don't fix it.

I have quite a bit of installation to complete but I will do my IObit installations first and let you know if there is or is not any problems after the installations, and if everything works after the IObit installations, if it was the Bluetooth driver from IObit that solved my stutter issue.

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At this moment everything is running very well.

Actions Performed:

  1. Installed Driver Booster. Registered. Restarted system
  2. Ran P3D to ready to fly state. No issues.
  3. Updated Bluetooth driver. Headphones connected without previously observed issues connecting. Stutter remains but not an IObit issue. Driver did solve issues.
  4. Installed Uninstaller. Registered. Restarted system.
  5. Ran P3D to ready to fly state. No issues.

I want to thank you for your patients and help. As far as I'm figuring it was a one-off installation issue though I did change the order of the installation.

I am very happy with the support you offered Scannon and thank you again. I will remain a loyal user of IObit products.

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