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itop vpn surreptitiously installed during update

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All software to be installed should be opt-in instead of opt-out. The difference between opt-in is that the user has to make a decision to install the program. In opt-out the user has to do something to stop the program from installing. The better way is to make the company earn the right to be installed by the user. So Opt-in is the way to make that happen.

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I am also infected with the itop malware. There is no listing in apps to remove and your uninstall program also cannot find it to killl it off. Action center updated itself and brought this plague along with it. At least give us a way to kill it off. Please!

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On 11/4/2021 at 1:02 AM, Scannan said:

Go to C\Program Files (or Program Files x86........and delete the relevant folders

also go to C\Users\name\appdata\roaming....and do the same....

Its not possible to delete, because the programm is running. And its not possible to deinstall (see Screenshot) because of missing file (Not really missing).

I installed "Drive Easy" and got no Chance to disagree the Installation of these malware kind of products. Its not cool! I hope you get a solution for this. Otherwise i have to re-boot my PC as well. Im very disappointed in your "Service".



Screenshot (7).png

Screenshot (8).png

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What is wrong with you people.

No one wants to keep uninstalling programs because your company cannot get its act together. Stop keep telling us that you are sorry.

you keep giving the same reply to all,

As I mentioned before you can untick the checkbox for iToP  VPN if you do not want it during your installtion of IObit programs. But you may need ot check it with more attention.

I will report your feedbacks to our product team.

We will try a make a better balance in the future.

If you can insert this rubbish into your programs without consent from the customer, then you can just as easily add a fix to delete it from customers computers. 

Stop hiding behind, IF, MAYBE, COULD HAVE, CUSTOMERS SHOULD. Take ownership of the problem you have created and sort it out. It is not a customer issue or fault, IT IS YOURS.

Like the other customers, if it is not sorted I will cancel all my IObit programms and go elsewhere.

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