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IO Bits is eroding my trust in their ethics


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I chose these items of software (Advanced SYstem Care, Driver Updater, Uninstaller etc) software because in my testing of the free editions, they seemed very capable. And indeed they are, especially with the Pro editions. The Driver Updater in particular does an incredible job of finding older drivers.

BUT, and these are some BIG buts....

1) With both editions (Free and Pro) The software is annoying with the updating process.
FREE edition: Every time a pop up comes up saying there's new software, clicking on the popup takes me to the IOBits webpage. Where it begs me to buy the software. I appreciate the need to market but there is literally no button I can find that will let me just download the new version of the free edition. By all means upsell the product, but if you annoy your potential customers at the very first step, they are much less likely to buy. Other companies with the same model will have the download option for the free edition towards the bottom of the page. That is much more friendly.

PRO edition: Every time a pop up comes up saying there's new software, clicking on the popup takes me to the IOBits webpage.  WHY!!!!???? It should just run the update. In the main interface, there is the update button in the top right (the little arrow with a red dot on it). Clicking on THAT will take you to the webpage which begs you to buy the software (with no option to just download the new PRO version). Software I have already bought and licenced. It CAN just do the update automatically, but thats hidden in a couple of menus down in the settings interface. Most other software out there that detects updates will just install it for you directly. 

2)  It keeps popping up dialog boxes every once in a while about the IO Bits VPN. The dialog is dark grey with a VERY SLIGHTLY lighter grey cross in the top right corner to close it. At first I thought they had created a dialog that REQUIRED me to click on the link to your software to get rid of it. Then I spotted the close button. But they have deliberately make the close icon almost unseeable. That is deceptive.

3) And when I get pop ups about updating the software, there is a tiny little box in the bottom left corner that will download one of IOBits other pieces of software if I don't untick it. And the same deceptive trick is used when INSTALLING the software as well. As you click through the install dialogs there are one or two places where it will try to install other software if you don't notice the TINY box and text. Again, deceptive. STOP IT.

They need to stop making their very capable software so annoying to use that I'm genuinely considering just not using it at all anymore. 

The fact they seem to think it's necessary to CONCEAL other software they are installing makes me trust them a lot less. Its this kind of behavior that has made me and others stop using other software in the past. 

We are opening up our computers to their software. Their behavior erodes that trust to a huge extent. Once they lose it, they will likely never get it back. That's why I will never use Norton or McAfee products again. 

Seriously, its at the point where I'm considering only installing the software like Driver Updater when I have a tricky driver installation, then uninstalling when it's done. I don't want to do that, because it really does seem like the software is very good. It's the surrounding business practices that are eroding my confidence.

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You have posted on the forum with all your complaints about Iobit software, and surprisingly after all the effort you put into your post,

you did not put a fraction of the effort into posting in the correct/relevant area of the forum.

Surely it was not too hard to read the Forum home page and post in the correct area.

If you want to be taken seriously, then at least follow the rules.

This is not a "General Forum Item"

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Can you suggest where it should go?

I did scan through the titles on the home page and none of them stood out as being the right place.

Since the issues are to do with at least 4 of IoBits products. 

There is no section that clearly indicates from the title that its for problems across a number of the applications.

If I'd posted the same thing in 4 different places, then I could also be accused of spamming the forums.

General does seem to me to be about the right place.

I am of course happy to post in the right place if you can suggest one. 

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I received a subscription renewal charge to my paypal account. I do not have any premium programs from you. I installed the uninstaller program to check it out but didn't upgrade to premium......... (The remaining text from User EFG has been removed by Moderator as EFG has posted in a Topic that is

not related to their issue. A second post by EFG has also been deleted as it is a repeat of this post and is also posted in a non-related Topic.)

You must post in the correct area of the Forum, and hijacking other Topics is not allowed.

In your particular case, if you search the Forum you will find that the Solution to your problem already exists, and by following same you will solve

your issue.


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