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Sent this to Iobit today

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Under your Software Health section of Iobit uninstaller I find your categorizing of two notifications of benign educational materials, namely the Western Journal and the Epoch times, as "disturbing", in and of itself disturbing. No explanation is given as to why these notifications are automatically found disturbing but the removal of them is automatically selected. People relying on you to clean TRULY disturbing notifications are likely not going to trifle with seeing what you consider disturbing and, as human nature would have it, rely on you to keep them safe. And what you find disturbing is based on political opinion that is likely opposed to what your subscriber has as a viewpoint if its there in the first place. I find your behavior insidious. Doing your part for the unhinged left or allowing someone else to do it at the cost of Iobits reputation? Of course Facebook,, YouTube, google, a slot machine app, and even a porn site notification were left as optional on the PC I am using. In fact the only notifications you recommend to block were those two conservative news sources. And you list the blockage rate by customers in the 80%'. If they are automatically deleted by you, arent we now talking about a "self fulfilled prophesy" sort of statistic you are using as influential leverage to puppet there is truly something wrong? People rely on you to have enough professional integrity to be above such petty political stunts.
For those who rely on the integrity of your company to not inject political bias into software, who expect you to avoid political ticky-tack mischief, and conduct yourself as a company who takes itself seriously, this venture into what can only be defined as "silent persuation" only identifies you as someone not to be trusted. Malware, for instance, now becomes what is your OPINION of what malware is based on your political leaning? I am disappointed. A company should take itself more seriously. Remove the petty political leaning if you want customers to take anything Iobit offers seriously. I am uninstalling unless I become aware of your practices. Professional companies are governed by codes of ethics that prevent this practice. Its a shady practice. It has me questioning what else you may be tampering with in my PC. I've recommended to those within my sphere of influence including my customer base to hesitate before installing any Iobit software until you correct this practice.
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First, I want to be clear that this is a Help forum. We do not work for Iobit, but are volunteers who give their time freely to help others.

As a moderator, my first instinct upon reading your rambling article, was to Delete it, but I decided to leave it for others to see and make their

own determination of the nonsense contained therein.

Nowhere, is Uninstaller or Iobit forcing you to Uninstall the items you have listed. They are simply making a recommendation based on the rate

of blocking by other Users. You can simply ignore it if you wish.They are not making the recommendation for political or any other reason, other than the already existing rate of

blocking, which is a format used by many companies. What other criteria would they use?

The "Disturbing" reference does not mean "upsetting" as you imply, but rather refers to popups disturbing you while using your pc. So there is no

political component there.

Your reference to "the unhinged left"...clearly shows that the only political bias or opinion here, is yours.

I have been a Moderator on this forum for many, many years, and I can state categorically, that yours is the first and only accusation of political

bias or influence, ever posted here.

I strongly suggest that you read the User Manual of Uninstaller, so that you actually understand what the program does and what the references


I am quite sure that the Users of the forum will recognise your article for the drivel it is.



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