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Problem with Disk Explorer capacity settings

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I used Disk Explorer for the first time today. I am not sure how I managed it but I created an 1GB capacity on my external hard drive that I use for back-up purposes. I am not sure if I lost all my data there or not as I cannot get into it to check. Could somebody help me to get back in and also tell me how I can reset the capacity back to what it should, namely 120GB.


Thank you for any help anyone can give me.

Bernard Hubbard

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Hi Bernard61h,


I am sorry, but I did not understand what happened with Disk Explorer of ASC, and what you want to do.


Will you please give more information about the situation and your PC's setup.


Thanks and cheers.

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Problem with Disk Explorer capacity settings


Hi, I used Disk Explorer in ASC for the first time last night. When I clicked on then icon I recieved an error message which said "Load language file failed" and under that there was an OK button. I clicked on the button and after a few seconds a new page appeared. On the top row of buttons there were only two not greyed out and they were "analyze" on the far left and "exit" on the far right. Below that were three tabs, "Overview", "Contents" and the third read "Top 100 files". Below this was an area divided into two parts, to the left was an icon of a monitor and at the side were 4 headings and details of my computer status. These read as below:


NAME: My Computer


TYPE: My Computer


FOLDER: Unknown


FILES: Unknown


Immeadiately to the right of this was an area surrounded by a fine blue line and was labelled "Top 5 Folders" and below there was a grey bar with Name, Size, Type across it, there were no folders listed.


The lower half of the page was also out lined by a thin blue line and was labelled "Top 10 Files" below this was a grey bar labelled Name, Location, Size, Type across it, there were no files listed.


I then clicked on "New Analyze" a new page appeared which was divided in two and had two radio buttons. The top was labelled "analyze disk" and had a green dot inside. The lower was labelled "analyze folder" and was blank.

In the space below "Analyze disk was a large box outline by a thin blue line and inside the box was a grey bar with Disk Name, Capacity, Used Space and Free Space. Below this was the names of my two hard dives and their details as below, however I can't recall what the Free and Used Spaces were.

The box looked something like this:


Disk name Capacity Used Free

Local disk (C:) 232.00G xx.xxG xxx.xxG


Local disk (E:) 113.00G xx.xxG xx.xxG


Both of these disks had green check marks against them.


Beside the blank radio button labelled "analyze folder" was a greyed out area that appeared to have a folder called C:\Documents and Settings\hubbard\desktop and to the side was a browse button. at the bottom right of the page wher two buttons, the left said "analyze" and the right said "cancel".


I analyzed both drives and the results displayed on the overview page the top 5 folders and the top 10 files. I then clicked on contents which gave me the two disk drive names and the used space and all appeared normal. After that I clicked on the top 100 files. The listing started with my 3 back-up files, one for each of the last three days. I deleted the oldest as I was goining to do a system back-up when I had finished. There were some duplicated files that appeared on both C: and E: drives as I had recently had to transfer some videos from C: to E: and had copied instead of moving them.

I deleted the C: drive versions, then exited Disk Explorer.


I then started to run the System Back-up program but it would not let me back-up to E: drive saying there was no space available. I went to My Computer to check how much space I had on E: drive and it came up as Free space 0 bytes, Total size 1.00G. I returned to Disk Explorer, clicked on overview and was greeted by the following:


Disk name Capacity Used space Free Space


Local Disk © 232.88G 26.53G 206.35G


Local Disk (E) 1.00G - 92.35G 93.35G



I have no idea how the capacity of E: drive dropped from approx 113.00G to just 1.00G. I can now get E: drive to display its contents but cannot do anything with them. I just keep getting error messages. I cannot transfer files back to C: drive nor to my F: USB removable drive, I somehow have to be able to increase the capacity of E: drive back to its normal size of something about 120G.


I hope that I have given you enough information so that you can figure out a way to help me. It is quite possible that I did something when I started the program but I dont know what.


Thanks in advance,


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Hi again Bernard,


Thank you for the detailed explanation.


It was weird in your first trial of the Disk Explorer that there was an error, and normally if you start Disk Explorer, two windows are opened together and only Analysis window is active.


I have not come across with your situation before, but it really sounds serious.


Most probably you have emtied the deleted files in Recyle Bin. If not, did you try to restore from there?


A checkdisk (chkdsk /R) command for Disk (E:) in command prompt may correct the indexing.


Somebody else in the forum may respond too, but the trials adviced here may result with data loss!


If you are using ASC PRO, before doing anything, best thing to do is contacting Tim Xue in IObit.


Please keep in touch.



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Problem with Disk Explorer capacity settings Reply to Thread


The problem is not that the files have gone as the only file deleted from E: drive is the 3 day old back-up that I wanted to get rid of. The major problem is that E: drive will no longer accept files as its capacity is listed as only 1G although the used space is listed as a negative 92.45G and the free space is a positive 93.45G. To fix the problem I think I need to get the capacity allowed on E: drive up to the 120G mark. Is there away to configure the drives in the program?


I have thought that if I remove the external drive E: then restart the machine without it and then delete ASC, reboot without E: drive and download ASC and install, switch off, reconnect E: I might get back to the way things were, but I am a bit worried that it might cause further unforeseen problems.


Can anybody provide some opinions on this.



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