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Please Post Bugs or problems with IObit Security 360 Here


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New XP Pro Install


Hi! Been a fan of IOBit for a few years now, so I was happy to see 360 come along.


I've recently reinstalled XP Pro (with SP3 installed) on this system, so aside from AVAST!, Smart Defrag, Magical Uninstall, and uh, KeyScrambler, there's NOTHING on this system. Before the reinstall, I ran KillDisk on the HD, so it is really a clean machine.


As mentioned elsewhere, the program doesn't recognize the antivirus.


Gateway E4000

P4 2.66 single core

768 megs of RAM

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Disappearing icon


The 360 icon disappears on occasion. I thought the program had quit, but Windows Task Manager still shows it as a running process. The icon went away this time when I simply placed my cursor over it to bring up the program. Start/Programs/Security 360 brings up the program, and it may OR many not place the icon back in the tray. This time it did NOT, so I ENDED the running process, and restarted 360. The icon is back in the tray and is stable for the time being.


I also completely scanned my computer for "bugreport.txt" and it's not there.



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Just started using Security 360 this morning and found I couldn't use the web for my home page, or any google searches. Other things were so tight that I have set it to not run at windoze startup, bult will check back periodically for a cure.:grin:


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This is further to my recent post about the disappearing icon. I disabled Spyware Terminator and re-booted again. The 360 icon was in the tray. I opened up Windows Task Manager and IobitSecurity360.exe was NOT in the running processes. AWC.exe and IobitSmartDefrag.exe were there among many others.


I moved my cursor over the "S" icon in the tray and it immediately disappeared. I then hit Start/Programs/Iobit Security 360 and opened the program from there. The icon is now secure in the tray, and IobitSecurity360.exe is a running process. Something is weird for sure.


I do hope that eventually, 360 will be fully automated to remove nasty things after a scheduled scan. Keep up the great work @ Iobit.

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Dear IObit Team,

Overall this software works perfectly. 'Removable Disk Protection' is a high featured 'Ad On' since virus and other malwares from removable drives have become a great threat. However if some modifications are made this software can be made better. I would like to suggest some:


1. The letters displayed in the interface is not that clear in it's white and ash colored background. The interface should be made more Visible,Colorful and Attractive as possible.


2. While Scanning if the 'Percentage of Scan' is available with the 'Progress Bar' it would be easy for assessment.


3. If the Approximate Time Remaining for the scan to finish is available during the scan it would be better.


4. If 'System Restore and Backup' facilities are available it would be an added Advantage.


5. Now a days software proffesionals as well as home users are facing great threat of infection from removable drives.So I would suggest Protection From Removable Discs and Drives along with a Firewall should be included with the Removable Disc Protection feature. Also now this feature can't be turned OFF which should also be taken care of.


6. 'PC Security Analysis' displayed in the Status section is visible but cannot be accessed which should be corrected .


7. The Tools displayed in the Tools section is visible but none of them are responding which should also be corrected.


8. At last the Letters of 'Anti-Malware' , 'Real-time Protection' , 'Advanced Detection' and 'AntiVirus' which is displayed in the Status section should be displayed in Bold Letters and in an attractive color.


'' I Wish IObit Security 360 Team ALL SUCCESS''


Jerin George


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Think I might as well take a quote on myself from Wilders in this topic as I find it most problem or bug related, kinda. Please see below:



"Tested with HotBar thoroughly, 360 would sooner or later react - but it wasn't the automatic operation somewhat noted on the download-page. It would ask me to make a decision. Not too bad, but being a signature-based detection, I expected one-way ticket straight to the quarantine.


Speaking about that, "Quarantine" actually says "Qurantine" in the window when a known-malware detection occurs.



EDIT: This is kinda worse... it does detect it, but it won't finish of all the traces doing so. The damage has already been done."

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I tried 360 beta 1.1 on Windows 2000 with Avira Free Antivirus. So far there are no problems with Avira starting as there was with beta 1.0, however it still does not detect the Avira. It shows " No Antivirus".



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default OFF ??


just downloaded and run v1.1 it would appear that the protection defaults are OFF logic dictates they should be On.


On v1.0 scan option showed external drive choice, has this been removed or is it part of the upgrade,(i havnt got any so it might not show it anyway.


NO problems with

OS XP Pro SP3 IE8 Firefox and av (avast) details correct


It took about 25mins to run scanning approx 80000 objects

exact total not shown on summary


Its lookin good keep it up

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IoBit and Virgin PC Guard



IoBit 360 conflicts with Virgin's PC Guard antivirus program but Only on XP based machines so far I have tried it on 3 XP machines and it crashs PC Guard every time. But it Works fine with PC Guard on 2 Vista based machines both 32 and 64 bit



P.S. 2 Hours for a Complete Scan appears a Tad Long on a Phenom2 955 8gb Ram running vista 64

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So far 360 beta 1.1 seems to have fixed the problem with AVG crashing when I boot up XP. However, it still shows my antivirus as eTust and I have AVG (even windows security center shows AVG). I did have eTrust years ago, so thinking there may be a stray registry entry I contacted support on the eTrust and got manual removal instructions. None of the registry entries that they had listed were in my computer. So there may still be a bug there.


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Vista permission problems


For testing purpose;


I installed 360 and no problems there. I ran the full check and the software performed well. After reboot the file "IS360systray.exe" did not start and Vista gave me a pop up that it has stopped this program from running. I had to manually start it from sys tray.


Also Firefox, and vista froze on startup.


After using the computer for a while (10m) i wanted to open the program to check if updating goes well. Again my whole computer froze and no program started, not form the systray icon clicking left or right and not from the desktop icon. after using CTRL ALT DEL for a view times the system unfroze ans slowly the 360 program started. under scanning the program performs on 90% cpu and computer is not usable.


Using multiple computers


** HP Notebook Vista HB 1.7Ghz 1.5GB,

Clone PC XP 2.4Ghz, 1.5GB

CIS 3.9x, Avast


** system for this bug

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The program found the spyware iun6002.exe and removed it yesterday so I thougt that with the autoprotect option that piece of software was gone for ever. Today I scanned again and again it found the same spyware in the same place.


How does 360 protect me? :?

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As I mentioned previously, the conflict with Macrium Reflect has been resolved, but three other strange things have cropped up this morning. Not sure if IOBit security is to blame or not.


1. I get the attached Error message when opening Tubemaster Plus.

2. My startup music now plays when rebooting. (I had disabled it).

3. My drop-down menus in FireFox all have a grey background now. (I rather like that, though).

I haven't uninstalled IOBit security again to see if it is to blame.

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Actually, there are now grey shadows on all menus on the computer! I have tried to find a way to turn this off in Advanced Settings,but can't do it. Seems to be a bug caused by Security 360.


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Hi, sam,


Just noticed the thumbnails were taking ages to open in my Photo Album, plus my computer was acting very sluggishly, so I've uninstalled IOBit security again and that's all fixed, but my FF drop-down menus are still grey and so are the Outlook Express menus. Just realized that my IE 8 and Opera drop-down menus are grey too! My startup sound still runs at bootup, so something's been changed.

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Just noticed this today, IObit Security 360 will not let me save my screensaver, keeps going back to the default "WindowsXP" screensaver. I am using Windows XP Pro 32 bit, I tested this by uninstalling the program and all went back to normal. Was using the latest beta.

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