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Will Not Remove Trojan


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IObit Security 360


OS:Windows XP


Define Version:1057

Time:7/15/2009 3:48:07 AM



Disabled.SecurityCenter, Registry Data, HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Security Center Value=AntiVirusDisableNotify, 6-515

Disabled.SecurityCenter, Registry Data, HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Security Center Value=FirewallDisableNotify, 6-516

Disabled.SecurityCenter, Registry Data, HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Security Center Value=UpdatesDisableNotify, 6-517

Trojan.Vundo - Removed, Registry Key, HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\CLSID\{bc728c13-5691-4529-a1c2-e662a9ad1c87}, 5-188

Trojan.Vundo - Removed, Registry Key, HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Ext\Stats\{bc728c13-5691-4529-a1c2-e662a9ad1c87}, 5-188

Trojan.Vundo - Removed, Registry Key, HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Browser Helper Objects\{bc728c13-5691-4529-a1c2-e662a9ad1c87}, 5-188

Trojan.Vundo - Removed, Registry Value, HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\ShellExecuteHooks Value={bc728c13-5691-4529-a1c2-e662a9ad1c87}, 5-188

Trojan.Vundo - Quarantined, File, C:\WINDOWS\system32\xxywwurS.dll, 4-7983

Trojan.Vundo - Quarantined, File, C:\WINDOWS\system32\tuvUKEts.dll, 4-11526

Trojan.Vundo - Quarantined, File, C:\WINDOWS\system32\tuvVLeCs.dll, 4-11526

Trojan.Vundo - Quarantined, File, C:\WINDOWS\system32\tuvVpqQi.dll, 4-11526

Trojan.Vundo - Quarantined, File, C:\WINDOWS\system32\cbXQhHxX.dll, 4-11528

Trojan.Vundo - Quarantined, File, C:\WINDOWS\system32\cbXRKbbY.dll, 4-11528

Trojan.Vundo - Quarantined, File, C:\WINDOWS\system32\geBuRHwV.dll, 4-11537

Trojan.Vundo - Quarantined, File, C:\WINDOWS\system32\geBuTmKD.dll, 4-11537

Trojan.Vundo - Quarantined, File, C:\WINDOWS\system32\geBuTmMf.dll, 4-11537

Trojan.Vundo - Quarantined, File, C:\WINDOWS\system32\ddcAqPiF.dll, 4-12079

Trojan.Vundo - Quarantined, File, C:\WINDOWS\system32\ddccaAQI.dll, 4-12079

Trojan.Vundo - Quarantined, File, C:\WINDOWS\system32\byXNFyaw.dll, 4-12712

Trojan.Vundo - Quarantined, File, C:\WINDOWS\system32\rqRJDwWM.dll, 4-12778

Trojan.Vundo - Quarantined, File, C:\WINDOWS\system32\nnnliHXP.dll, 4-12781

Trojan.Vundo - Quarantined, File, C:\WINDOWS\system32\pmnKApQk.dll, 4-12782

Trojan.Vundo - Quarantined, File, C:\WINDOWS\system32\urqNFyYq.dll, 4-12785

Trojan.Vundo - Quarantined, File, C:\WINDOWS\system32\urqolIxX.dll, 4-12785

Trojan.Vundo - Quarantined, File, C:\WINDOWS\system32\urqPghfE.dll, 4-12785

Trojan.Vundo - Quarantined, File, C:\WINDOWS\system32\awtuspoM.dll, 4-12797

Trojan.Vundo - Quarantined, File, C:\WINDOWS\system32\efcbccbx.dll, 4-12799

Trojan.Vundo - Quarantined, File, C:\WINDOWS\system32\hgGxUOih.dll, 4-12801

Trojan.Vundo - Quarantined, File, C:\WINDOWS\system32\mlJcdbAr.dll, 4-12806

Trojan.Vundo - Quarantined, File, C:\WINDOWS\system32\mlJCUKdC.dll, 4-12806

Trojan.Vundo - Quarantined, File, C:\WINDOWS\system32\mlJCUOif.dll, 4-12806

Trojan.Vundo - Quarantined, File, C:\WINDOWS\system32\mlJddbxu.dll, 4-12806

Trojan.Vundo - Quarantined, File, C:\WINDOWS\system32\yayvVPFy.dll, 4-13106

Trojan.Vundo - Quarantined, File, C:\WINDOWS\system32\ssqRJcBu.dll, 4-13133

Trojan.Vundo - Quarantined, File, C:\WINDOWS\system32\wvUnKBtT.dll, 4-13589

Trojan.Vundo - Quarantined, File, C:\WINDOWS\system32\fcccbcdc.dll, 4-14096

Trojan.Vundo - Quarantined, File, C:\WINDOWS\system32\khfGvtRL.dll, 4-14098

Hijack.ControlPanelStyle - Removed, Registry Value, HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\Explorer Value=ForceClassicControlPanel, 4-22123

Hijack.ControlPanelStyle - Removed, Registry Value, HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\Explorer Value=ForceClassicControlPanel, 4-22124

Trojan.Downloader - Quarantined, File, C:\Users\Administrator\Start Menu\Programs\Startup\santa.bat, 4-27638


Many thanks for the program the above will not remove from the system,keep on the system every scan??

I have used 4 different scanners and this is the first time Your one has picked this up it wiil not Buge

And i understand its a new program So i am not ,Upset it could Not as you will Know or Fix this...

Thanks again And keep up your Wonder full Program....



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Agian Thank you all for this program Thats realy free---and hope it stays So.---its rare to find Good programs

free..and reading your forems i decided to Jion in..

ok here is my set up..

i use LookNstop fire wall-Zone labs are fine working program's,No need fore the any ather--i also use Proxomitron as a filter program ..Peergaird..privacy Mantra..ver 2.06...

I block very heavy,and only allow TCP ...Block all other UDP ,icmp,arp's , and packets. all OS ,loging to the nett As in apps....

at acccess ,Server,rights....

ok my System is XP,winborg 2009 full install..No updates Or any MS allowed (fire wall and Its linking)Log on.Svhost,Genrics.and so on.only the browser,and proxy program are allowed to the nett,the rest is internall use only..

So i have this trojan i cant remove ,as you see above,have no idea what it is nor what its desined to Do bar, log to the nett

all i can think off it was installed at setup of the XP ,or some ather program added on later,no scanning program picked this up

but your program did,..and cant seem to rid it! every time i try it's still there..i am thinking you probly know of this trojan

as your program found it..so perhaps you may know how to rid it?...At this time of posting Your program cant rid it also..

i have set the IObit to stop ,this from linking,i hope?..or when and if it shows up...in a pop window..

also can i be so bold as to suggest you add ,to able a proxcy port to use ..like Localhost.and Port.? to the options setting..

As stated in a few treads i been reading ,there is a update problem.in my case it will not link.allowing it full rights,,

i would say its a localhost setting problem,why i cant update..

Ok in the hope this will help in some way to add to your IOBIT program next eddition..

Like all new Beta it take's time .

thanks for the time spent reading this post


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This is by no means Bagging the program:----

1 scanning is ok

2 there seems problems with ridding virus attachments...the program looks to be riding pests-

but like the one i have will not or cant,reason ? its being used by ather exe.as in winn exploror,and this program

and it will not budge,so if one looks where it is at ,the pest,and you try to rid it up pops a window saying ,its being use


therefore you cant dilate it..i used norton vodo removal tool ,when done it tells me we are cleen,rerun to make shure

and the same we are clean,your program tell us it not,and its right! its still in the 32.system files...i can see the thing !

and its got this silly grin on it!!!

3 i used kill disk armed it at the pest ,hit ,kill it ,reboot ,and now we got a system that re loops ,booting as the drive is now

corrupted,reason, it took win explorer with it probably to much dynamite! ,i used a boot cd to access and did move the files i need


,and reinstall from the start....ok so here we have Mcfee app thats not worth a pinch,and at the

moment this program unable to realy kill it of.perhaps needs a bit more dynamite?

even as the logs show it has,

this virus seems to be in use ,or rather used (attached) to win log on,in, and explorer,and when scanned ,the cp tells me

its being used as well and cant be dilated!,,Clever uh , we have a system that speads this pest to ather systems or the net...

ok the new install has now rid it..reformat 100%.and a new install..run the scan and we are clear.used a lot of dynamite to


make sure!.hard way to rid a pest!

4 :-perhaps you pll may be able to work out a way to realy kill this and Virus attachments (go easy on the dynamite though)

even a reboot will not move the pest ,perhaps there could be a way before the Os kicks in (kill) a pest before its used by the


apps of a OS? say in between the log of and reboot? when the os shuts down,and before a apps starts?

no matter what i tried at times it seemed it was gone only to reapeer ,by the way my system was rotten

and it had 45 attachments,38 were cleaned but 7 stuck like a hungry dog to a bone!and it looks like my ather 2 cps if i cant


find a way be redone as well,i don't have a clue where i got it from,or how it ended in my system ,as i had no idea i even had it

untill i used your scanner,that i will now install on all my systems,,!..i supposed i could of left it and run happy on,as it made no


difference to my system ,but i dont want to help **##$ *** who make virus programs! and the idea of a pest cloning on my


systems, or perhaps ather systems ,the ather thing i noticed the pc tring to ,or wanting to be on the nett asking to turn on my


modem when unplugged..has now stopped..

any how please take this post as constructive advice,as is not ment in any way to bag your program..thank you fore the time

spend reading


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Thanks any way ..i don't think its worth the bother trying to kill of unknowns,or even the one's that show and reinstall at boot--

so the best idea,hit them hard..every thing..20 pound of dynamite!(format) did the trick,Mmm, well this makes sure of a clean

drive,So we installed the program and its working 100% with no hickups.It showed me what it classed as a possible worry,

that i told it to forget about,and not show.like win fire wall,updates,and so on ,that i disallow..i love the pop up warning of

programs that want to run Unknown and known ,to the scanner,IOBIT:- and lets one decide ether way..i really think this is going to be a top

spy,scam,and rouge stop's..it was just a fluke i came across it ,the site,saw it downloaded it after a lot of reading,and am

very happy to have it ,i do not like as a rule ,So called removers ,or anti this and that , to even see my system,

as reading in this site,and Some known To me, The so called stoppers are false.many of them are scamming made programs,

.yet when one looks at them and what thy clame thy are supposed to be,are made up very nicely , get one in ..and install try out ,Suddenly,things slow down , or glitches appear,then one decides to uninstall ( TO late!) and are left with VIRUS bits and peaces,that now spread on the system..witch to me is No better that the bu&&ers who make them!!

i be leave that's how i ended up with a rotten system,that spread to my ather Systems.

as i have try ed a few unknown to me as bad programs ,the trick is how thy are presented.....draws one in...Scamming type software ether half tured of,Or most of the time install Viruses or pests,To show how good the program is !!

And then the con job comes on..After all it free!!But ---------

As in its FREE a very lose word on the Net.I was , Concerned this may also be one,But seems to be Realy free and working

rather well..I understand also it always comes Down to the $.. i have seen many start of free and later on some sort of catch..

is applyed..or pay up to get it running 100%...But So far Its looking GOOD...I have Taken a good look at the site and the pll

running it.Very nicly presented and i feel a little at eaze.After reading all there is to read..So decided to trust ? ,and install the IO BIT to my systems,having 3 cps working 1 on 24 hours a day ...to look after the PC...At first i held my seat than re lacked

a Little ,as i saw it go to work,doing its thing,after a time saw what it found ,and tried to rid,So we are at a point of, OK lets Use it.Looks good,works well---

and hope its real...we are now looking to add them to our shop pc(demo) and show costumers that this may be for them to try...Again i want to thank the pll and the programmers plus all the sites pll ..for this application...its been a long time

since We got a top program FREE.really working and really FREE....and will help where i can or sent any info as to make it better or fix Glitches ...if any appear...

The install,On XP,vista,works 100% I will try it on win 7 next....as its also a beta ,But be leave it should be fine,if it works like on XP.

Again thanks very Munch


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This is friendly advice that may help..and some thing to ponder over------

Adding new Programs-

First thing--Any important Files Copy past to a safe place-or burn it to a cd,Backing up ? a drive well that useless if the c:\is gone

corrupted-Or messed up by a non moving Virus.or a program made it So..You have a so called Back that only has and able to restore

your C:\as you had it . if the drive is Not infected ,our its Partition is intact 100% you would find Most case's it will not be restored as you had it

Do not be confused

as back up means restoring a systems os ,You need a reinstalled OS ...if you lost your Boot power on...or can boot by cd/our floppy,pen drives,to retreve files

The proper fix and shure FIX (Dynamite) Format clean..

i think pll who decide to try this program.turn of any ather type of scan program one has installed.like Mcfee,nortons,or similar types, ,Extra--

Just use The program IObitt only,and scan The c:\ drive only- if you decide to use it,.And test it let it be your Protector..This way you will have no conflicting Glitches -That would apply to any new App that one wants to try ,EXPECT at best it works...

or Format ,start new...

(-A new install.)

before you add any App.this is first on your pc.IOBIt(if you decide to Use it).....it should Stop any rouges ,type app from installing.by warning you First

to allow or Block...

Rules when computing--READ_!!any and all help files..know what you are about to install...And then think hard on it ,Do not MONKEY around with your MAIN System

i read many many posts where pll install and lose every thing ..or cant do this or that.as its gone..take care with cleaners ,what a cleaner says our clams is a virus

Make sure the program has a restore option build in....if you Do not know what a file is meant for leave it there till you know ! many dll file's are classed as virus or malawhare

and thy may not be ,most ppl think it fine ,and reboot ,kill of files after all the scanner used says it a bad file-

and the system has a fit .fails you lose any thing from screen to apps booting..

if you are like me Who can get all back in a few hours ,ok As i have all The drivers And installers ,programs i need And then Some..its not a worry ..

if at all possible get hold of a 2nd hand pc..beef it up a bit and use that as a test pc....if your into testing out new Stuff....

use comen sence..and be patent .in what you do ,never lose the plot...if some thing fails go back and try again..if you try out something new never lose it..if things went very wrong..Don't go silly and Blame Athens Or bag a program

That you failed to understand,as to what is was made for..or made to Do..or perhaps cannot do , read the help files..

you failed to understand why, perhaps you should not even installed it...

Something i want to point out.your system is running perfect.before you install a try out A (beta)

And have already a rouge Attached to its system .you do not know about,.Yet runs at top speed

You suddenly discover a Smiley Virus ,OH my we got to get rid of it! Yes, So you run around looking for a way ,cant be done

or will not move..or the program in BETA stage cant,Then bag the scanner,or virus remover or the programmers,for making a

peace of Junk as it would not move it..and cant fixed the problem , Ok report it see if it can be done,if not the ppl may fix it in a later BETA..If you than sit there

and think should of never installed this Junk! now i have a system that went wrong-Not a problem

Hey its easy ..

THE BEST WAY USE DYNAMITE .Lots (FORMAT) cant beat that cleans any ROUGE,VIRUS,and what ever els!

best thing if you know how Rid the partichion Remake a new one-format.and forget the program

..MAKE shure you have a booting OS.not a upgrade type BUT a BOOTING cd..OS type .Fix it Sart new . DONT CRY WOLF! Forget What happened and be a little more attentive,before you try either a -BETA..Sometimes thing's go wrong ,So if it did

you NOW format your c:\drive..have the boot disk like i siad,

in the dvd drive..leave it there ,till its all done....when a format is done its the cd that doing this ,giving you the option what drive to install the new os on-

and than installs system files making your drive bootable.and usable.

Do not inter fear ---: or with the Boot menu,Ever..the new os will take care of this

replacing the menu ,it will make no difference if your c:\drives os went or is rotten ,it will allow the reinstall.. a new clean set up system! the best virus killer i know of...

Please read on .................


Here is what I propose to any one reading the post_ have 3 drives. c:\ for your normal dayly use- D:\ installed in the pc....one external In a box type USB.

prefer the larger once as d:===example 100gig c: 500 gig d:\and a spare what ever for the outside...


i have( 9) 2 internal 500gig- external 1 700 gig..and a 40-80 gig where i store all my files i download...next be a 1- or 2 terrabite the athers are in my Pentiums

i use a shell (tower) from a old pc that i modefied to fit in the external boxes added a extracting fan.that sit under my table.out of the way..all the cables

from them sit in a hub..and are pluged in a ather hub,to my working pc's .

200-100-80-40- that are IE drives...No pc is netted use USB cable only, to access them...and spare 20-40 gigs drives IE...sitting in a box even got 500 meg drive..

that i plan to put to work ....

any how here is my piont

On the c:/drive is your working OS..on the d:\drive is a spare installed OS with nothing extra.bar a fire wall,scanner,and modem set if needed..thats it and only used as a gate way..

this is so you can boot into your system if something went very wrong on your C:/drive..install all apps to the d:/drive baring tryout programs,like any Beta type or software you don't know anything about.

Do not be tempted to install any thing on the Second drives OS this is your gate way to your system..Ok? its Just for that..

it should not be allowed to be updated to from the net our used for any ather reason bar the backup Os...So you can boot into your system .or even reinstall

a clean OS to the C:\drive...if it went bad-- Most of the apps will not need to be re installed NEW , on the c:\as you already have them on the d:\Just add sort cut

on the c:\ NEW OS, presto your done and no loss..make a folder on the D:\drive called apps Or what ever where all your installed programs are....

and when a app is to be installed point it to that folder

D:\apps\------But never ,Never a unknown Program...or BETA type ,or try out..avoid scanning the d:\drive.

if you can afford a extra drive have at least 1 externall .for storeing all your stuff....and this drive Never ever sees the net.....keep it tiedy make folders for programs

like apps ,fhoto,text,and so on--say fire wall ,scanners, would have there own folder,extra---not all over the place i can tell you this my 700 gig is near full---of stuff i downloaded

from the first dos.to the last OS .also many many on cd,----let me point this out --i have all the fire walls Zone alarm.and there ser numbers..from the first made one to 6.6.00

and than 8 more modern ones i don't use....i use 2 versions For XP 4.5--and 5.500...the later for my Dou as the older ones dont work on this type of pc....any how just a pointer

And advice ..that could save a lot of grief .every driver you get hold of keep! every driver for Video,sound,Keep.Evey disk (APPS)keep...you never know..i was gifted a pent 3

and it works like a steam train.as i had all its drivers ...installed Dos - win95 and apps ,allows me to play my old games again....and run this for fun ,giving me a lot of fun

thus why the above did not worry me .just put in a xp disk ,pointed to the c:\Format reinstall..2hours later up and running as before.Clean..i dont bother with restore or rely on it

Or back up this or that..Most of the time its the OS that is and will go wrong...if a app went wrong .ok reinstall fixes this..funny thing was only my c:/drive was rotten.The d:/ have nothing on it

it was all in the system files folders..i be leave that is where virus are aimed at..any Working OS,now and then a app may cop it ,

one ather way HAVE a working BOOT CD With apps build in.That you can start with..nothing can touch them..

By the way make the os files read only on the d:\drive! you see losing a os if nothing But info is ..or running apps..as you get a spare $ put it away,save fore a item ,like drive,card,or a device

in a few years you end up with a lot of stuff your happy to have..thy the older pcs are fine work horse's for downloading and browsing,

hope this may give you the reader some idea's ....

OK after all of that the IOBITT program Works like a dream..along my fire walls,3 of them.,win optimizer,proxy, PG2,

and all my apps installed.is doing its JOB pop up appear now and then asking if its ok to run something.and seems to be doing whats it made to DO


and i bet it will be better and better as time runs by ..thank you for reading the rather long post


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Nice Essay! but it's hard to read because all the lines are so close together use some more paragraphing.


Something like this:


**This is friendly advice that may help, and something to ponder over


Adding new Programs:


1. Any important Files Copy past to a safe place and/or burn it to a cd.


2. Backing up a drive! well that's useless if the c:\ is gone corrupt or messed up by a non moving Virus or a program. You have a so called 'Back up' that is only able to restore your C:\ as you had it before.


If the drive is Not infected, our Partition is intact 100% you would find Most case's it will not be restored as you had it.


Do not be confused!


As back up means restoring a systems OS ,You need a reinstalled OS**


I know it may be hard to fit it all on this way, but you can paragraph by using several big spaces at the start of each new paragraph to.


The bottom half is nice and readable tho ;-)


Doing this will make it easier for non computer savy people. Also use real grammar not slang. Like "ppl" because people who don't use English as there 1st language may struggle to read it as "people".


There is also a lot of grammar issues. English may not be your 1st language either but you may want to check your post again.


This is also friendly helpful advice so please don't take it the wrong way.





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Readers wanting to uninstall Apps or programs --and make shure of A cleen drive ,to Able reinstall the Same

__Understanding what happens..__



As a program installs Files --Thy install VIA the Os., from there to A drive directory.,and then register in its SYSTEM Registration also several places on the drive, Short cuts are made . "So what you may think?"


Ridding (removing) a program


You can bet you back teeth on it -bits and peaces are left behind on the System ,sometimes half the program Are still there.

also you may get a new type of pop window saying you cannot dilate it (file or files) as its in use! " Please close its working APPLICATION ,and try agian."


Most of the time a reinstall will deRial As its reports ,uninstall the version you have.

Or the app,is corrupted please reinstall. Why ?

left are parts on the system that try to run the siad program,hence the pop up,or warning it failed to load.

or reinstalling may fix the problem...ever Seem this BEFORE pop up on your system ?? " YES ?"

you are thinking..


Now here is what i would advice Readers to do .find your self a program like YU (your uninstaller) OR (Perfect Uninstaller)PU

Or perhaps a Free Version ? that i would be a little wary about..---- i would advice The 1 of the 2 - thy really work 100% can download them

Think on it, it May be What you need.



How Thy work

Uninstallers as a rule , Should completely removes applications - some cant , such as Install Shield, Wise Installer, Microsoft Installer and many others. -WHY?- this type have a unique install 'database format', which makes it difficult to find all the changes programs' make to your computer.


" Uninstalls of this type Standard --" like build in a OS,

( The standard Add/Remove program ) WILL not uninstall applications completely - leaving broken registry keys and unused files on the hard disk. that even your Dayle cleaner will not see or find.


YU or PU use a unique technique called :"Smart Uninstall ."


Smart Uninstall

having a database containing information about all installers on the market, so when it uninstalls a program, it automatically detects which installer the application is used, then it simply uninstalls the application properly. That's the reason thy completely remove all the programs and icons from your computer. This i a added Part to the Program That Most Do not Have.


Completely Uninstalling.

Y U! -- PU !-- completely takes the place of Windows Add/Remove program as i stated


Y U or PU scans deeply into your computer and remove every trace of A program. Registries and large numbers of unnecessary files Slow systems , This type of Uninstaller clears broken keys and files , using SmartUninstall


Finding the unwanted . ?


YU-or-PU contains several useful utilities such as an internal Startup Organizer that safely removes or hides unwanted

auto-run applications. "You get that OPTION"

very useful for finding perhaps, spy programs. The Startup Organizer can also search all possible startup locations, it then lists these applications and their details for you. also added is A temporary files remover included.in the programes.


Where to find Them

Google___ type in Your uninstaller-- or Perfect Uninstaller or Just UNINSTALLER'S _--

i can tell you and known The two are 100% safe to use..I have them and use them ..

Please read the help files and be aware what the program's DO ..


MOST inportant ADVICE (tip)

when installing,turn of the Modem ,WHEN completed.REBOOT.than turn on the Modem .Block the App when Ask by a fire wall

to Allow,and Why ?

So thy cannot be remotely Started ,if using a wireless system! If you feel you want to update

Do this Your self ,without the auto Start..updates.or linking..


READ it agian (this part ) to make shure what i am posting ------------>

HERE is someting Very inportant you Must understand when useing a uninstaller like YU (your uninstaller) OR (Perfect Uninstaller)PU ,Many persions fial to grap this, "take your time" whats the hurry up to do So ...


1 make shure you pick the right app you want to rid of.Simple one.Take your time LOOK be aware ..pick it.

Check it again, its the right one you realy want of the system..then Go a head..click it.

you still have the option to back away..at he the next pop up..watch carfull its the right one you are ridding...


2 ok ready to go-you can now click yes - when it starts uninstallin,(pu-or yu) ,and a pop up window appers anser "YES'

only if it is using the> "defalts program uninstall "< , the one you are getting rid of.."OK" ..if you do not SEE a pop up

By a defalt program , then alls should be well-lett PU or YU do its thing


3 if you incounter a ather pop up saying __all done or install has completed!__ ""NO it has NOT.""

so do not reBOOT .watch carfull here in what you DO ..


A) DO not hit the reBoot tab, Close it (MARK-- X) NOT cancil or the reboot Box...ONLY hit the X MARK box

B) Anser "yes " to the pop up to uninstall (remove- completely)the program you are ridding of.

The app's defalt pop window that you are uninstallin,i repeat DO not allow,or hit the REBOOT..close this

PLEASE be aware of this.


C) "lett PU or YU finnish its job scanning your system"

it will tell you when its DONE before you reboot,not before..READ This carfully agian So you understand -------------<


WHY I posted This Info is ,AND help, readers.

as i read a lot of "Readers posting " haveing problems with trying to reinstall OR uninstall..And hope that this will assist them from avoding the problem of Junk files Left on system..or even reinstall a program..




ok hope it better to understand .my English and writing is ever so poor

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Startup collected

BHO plugins collected

Service collected

ActiveX collected

Files collected


part of--------------------------

MD5: 774D60CB0AD198F493CEFC9057755A05 - 221600 bytes

Error: Invalid PE signature (probably NE file): C:\WINDOWS\system32\lzexpand.dll

MD5: C7F038338BF55DE73B57C1FC7B23671A - 9936 bytes

Error: Invalid PE signature (probably NE file): C:\WINDOWS\system32\mciavi.drv

MD5: 174BD475D798303DF480416F4BEDB58E - 73376 bytes

Error: Invalid PE signature (probably NE file): C:\WINDOWS\system32\mciole16.dll

MD5: CEB721BBF51E4C7B104085717DBA51D8 - 8192 bytes

Error: Invalid PE signature (probably NE file): C:\WINDOWS\system32\mciseq.drv

MD5: 26C7F2EFBC94964CDE27EBE9CB5395A3 - 25264 bytes

Error: Invalid PE signature (probably NE file): C:\WINDOWS\system32\mciwave.drv

MD5: E05EE7069DE3CCD5B984CFF5AC82858F - 28160 bytes

Error: Not a PE file: C:\WINDOWS\system32\mem.exe

MD5: 390762963E6B4C861E5E0CA5A3E56E40 - 39274 bytes

Error: Invalid PE signature (probably NE file): C:\WINDOWS\system32\mmsystem.dll

MD5: BAC7CA4576EF5509F336F5B007DC195B - 68768 bytes

Error: Invalid PE signature (probably NE file): C:\WINDOWS\system32\mouse.drv

MD5: 7D29780AC88BB7292CDCFF71BA67433D - 2032 bytes

Error: Invalid PE signature (probably NE file): C:\WINDOWS\system32\msacm.dll

MD5: 8EE0B6EDCD5FE63BDEEEB82351B110EE - 61168 bytes

Error: Not a PE file: C:\WINDOWS\system32\mscdexnt.exe

MD5: EC63595D72A69FB5B4E481A7B90CB513 - 817 bytes

Error: Invalid PE signature (probably NE file): C:\WINDOWS\system32\msvideo.dll

MD5: AD060CFCE701410D7FA4B3461AB83EF5 - 126912 bytes

Error: Invalid PE signature (probably NE file): C:\WINDOWS\system32\netapi.dll

MD5: D8F01AB82D5699A6A278651777D00B67 - 108464 bytes

Error: Invalid PE signature (probably NE file): C:\WINDOWS\system32\netware.drv

MD5: EDF56E4601B55BA6411402478D222BEB - 2656 bytes

Error: Not a PE file: C:\WINDOWS\system32\nlsfunc.exe

MD5: 5E835121A3899CFA37E285E0CA2B4E7D - 7052 bytes

Error: Invalid DOS signature: C:\WINDOWS\system32\ntdos.sys

MD5: FFFF296A08DBF2AC0126C62E3778AC0D - 27866 bytes

Error: Invalid DOS signature: C:\WINDOWS\system32\ntdos404.sys

MD5: CF9ED169FF86D935E47999E82359E898 - 29146 bytes

Error: Invalid DOS signature: C:\WINDOWS\system32\ntdos411.sys

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Loaris Trojan Remover v.

Report file date: 18/07/2009 10:19:26 PM

i just posted a tiny bit of its report!

Scanning for 71477 virus strains and unwanted programs.


Please take a good look at this Sort of report rather be-zaar and misleading..i should Think


Installing and running the program first thing it Starts to try and link! So we blocked this fast ,thanks to looNstop who picked


this up i a millisecond, i just spent 3 hours carefully ridding 1 by 1 what the scanner

By simply Soft ware ,tank's to our friend

in the post thread pointing me at it..Trojan remover,RMVTRJAN.exe...


and after 6 scans getting the same result CLEAR....it removed 13 trojan's ! tested this on 2 pcs with the same installed OS

COM-paired them ,giving me Now the same results ,IObit ,reports i am clear- as well as the RMVTRJAN..

So i give this one a go-- And you see part of its log ,i only pasted some, as it would be just to boring and long!


Now as already stated in many posts ,BE aware of program's like this ,had i allowed it to So call clean up my System

i would have a null-- and would lose the drive..it reported and Was at the ready to kill of 15 So called Trojan's and threats.


i think scanners people who make them can -go over the top .Ms only started this Genuine Rubbish late in the Xp OS.

95,98,2000,never was it a informant , this as in the early Xp versions..


And DOS ? what utter Rubbish yes there was and is a check sum

for all its apps . to see if thy were not corrupted,but never did you need Ms blessing to run it or any of there apps..till the 1998


-99 there a bouts.."how can i be sure about this " i have them all .it started with 95 ,where it the os asked for a installed disk


or on a hard drive.when it saw you had a disk

Winn 3.1 diskette (1 floppy) popped it the a:\ drive--away it went,this was a start of ,

ways to stop the pirates,as for Dos itself Never there was a need ,.to run it..never any of this are u genuine,now we have to


ask after you if it was payed for or there os

can we please use it ! and as for updating,yep we got it on a CD..Upgrade,if you wanted to i have them all..

that's after you entered there given id number . NOW DAYS-you have to link and verify ,ok i understand there thinking.But UMM



you buy a car ,pay for it ,registration is done,all paper work is Good.,fill it up drive it home ,next day will not start ,you have to


verify you have the right CAR ?PROOF of ownership? and piad for the car ? ring the company tell them all about your self


give over your DNA ,and then thy will decide its ok ... to send you a code so you can drive ? Right!..you see as far as this Thing


,pirates,will never end or be stopped, it only makes thing's hard on the Normal people..

pirates love it ,the harder it is the better thy in joy cracking,Same as virus people who love there work,the more we try to stop


them the better thy get at ,But i think ,we have to keep conman seance here and not Set of normal app as a danger ...to your


system that needs the Dll files or the older Os files,build in as part of running a System..

anyway thank you again for spending time reading the post ...


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Why all the post on this subject ? i want or rather like readers to understand

not every scanner is A good scanner- Be aware when you use one ,Very careful

What you allow it to rid ,if you Do not know what it is ,Just post here at the forum and for goodness sake ask..Some body will know what to do or if its safe

Saves a lot of Grr-- reef all round. .and misunderstanding.. safe's a lot of hard work

if you a rather new to pc's ask don't be shy there are plenty of us old folks

that are in the know..i have had it all happen ,you name it .and learning how to stop stuff you do not want to happen.trust this .one time a long time back i lost 4 years of data ,apps is a millisecond the drive rendered useless ,that could not be recovered. back then there were no tools to fix a drives first 10 bytes

when corrupted ,rendering it non usable..we were all learning ....So please ask if not sure don't panic if a scanner rings it's bells and whatever,your pc is still

working even with a rouge attached .and could be fixed,


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Good Advice


Better than your English http://smileys.on-my-web.com/repository/Confused/sorry.gif But I can only imagine how I would look posting in your language,so don't be sorry.I follow you all the way.I have always used Revo,but will look into your suggestions.Thank you for the tip.And you're quite welcome for the trojan remover.

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tried and tested :- get this !! from whats considered one of the Best







Unsupported Browser or Operating System


Thanks for your interest in SiteAdvisor software. Unfortunately, we do not currently support your browser and operating system configuration.


We do offer SiteAdvisor software for other configurations.


Click here to select SiteAdvisor software for Windows (Firefox and Internet Explorer) <<< same result..


Click here to select SiteAdvisor software for Mac (Firefox only)



So really This for me Is Wmaaaa !!! This tells me I have no problems as far as

some unknown to try to install ,as Nothing is leaked out..


no site can See my system or rather read what i use ,run ,or is!!

cant be ping to ,longed to, or installed to,cant see my working programs,

as non are allowed external use , the 2 that are ,trusted only(nett) accesses

only .NO server RIGHTS..

Ok Big deal ,some may think .as most operating apps are used by Millions of people. Sure thy are.its the links that are programed to probe ,---these cant that is what i am happy about...

identify the system So thy spit the Dummy.like above....


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any one using LookNstop Fire wall Please read the New Release


pick your version as in32-64-bit download and install allow the file to download and install the new update..p4....

all your setting are there at the final boot.


any way read on this at the post above by the way it fixed the no entry point problem i had...and obit is back to normal ---do i feel happy ? oh yeh

also its now seems to be working Better than ever -reason ? may the file it downloaded with the install (VC2005-SP1 Libraries ) Well don't have a clue But seems to fix the problem...any one elaborate please do



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Test your antivirus

« on: June 29, 2009, 12:58:55 AM »

Reply with quoteQuote

Open notepad

use your note pad -----


Then paste the following:





This is a harmless file the European Institute for Computer Anti-virus Research (EICAR) have got developers to program into their Anti-Virus' to recognize it as a threat.


If your anti virus is on it should recognize this as a threat and put it in quarantine or delete it after you've saved or will not let you save it at all.


Its good to use to see if a virus has disabled your protection.


try it out and See!!!!



PERHAPS THIS could be added as a danger to our OBIT ??

to pick this sort of thing up ?


i know that you are flat chat improving and changing --and the program is bnow very stable..has still some glitches as in recognizing apps

but you will get it right .....

its now very stable on win7!!!!

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