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The Good old...... (Closed)(Moved to Lounge section)


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think i should talk a little about my self , i have now been using pc's as a hobby since the first commodore's were made now hitting 65 years young

and this now a full time hobby..

if any one can remember them ? Thy had 2 floppy drives A + B - later on the first 10MG hard drive .we were trilled ,like some one bungee jumping

we could not be leave how much storage we had ,gees i remember the fellars saying one would never fill it

Next thing a mouse ..

we had Dos new rev - 4.00 tm. with all that power ! than came the first real PC 286 ,this this was a power house it came in a big steel box i still remember looking at its inside and just went into "wonderment" she had a 50 mg drive,a video card 500 k had this ather small card it had this mouse on a wire that showed this pointer on the screen ..where was this all going to ,and guess what a printer , with this big box of feeding paper --we heard about a thing called

WINDOWS 3.00 ,we had apps and games on Floppy's ,that were able to store 1 mg --along came a thingy called a modem ,it could talk with pc,s

20 miles away ! than later 100 MILS you know we could download a 2 mg file in a hour!! .that was so fast ..

next thing we had Win 3.1 on our pc's and owed a 386 20 mgz . before we knew it a 486 was introduced..and 100mg drives!

that grew to 500MG drives i still have one today that runs the same as new ..we had now pc's with memory cards 4 mg!

and video cards 1 meg BIG long cards .that went from the front all the way to the back , in its case.next this Sound ! thy were even bigger now we needed a tower case ne'er 3 feet high .were all the gear could fit from the big floppy to the smaller floppy

and 2 hard drives! next thing a cd rom reader..was fitted ,yes that's how i started .

up to then things were really good on the net virus started of as a funny ha hat's

like a bus running at the bottom of ones screen

i remember sitting there one day with my friend's fooling around with our power house.all of a sudden all the text collapsed in a heap to the bottom of the screen! .oh no the screen has died! we unplugged it let it cool try again ,perhaps it was over heating

(it was summer) oh dear we were revealed its ok .and working! few Minni's later the same we saw heap's of letters collapse again .well of to the pc shop,get it checked out ,after a hour or so the retailer told us its 100% ok.we piad the man went home plunged it in .yeh the same happened .that was the first nasty VIRUS invented (and i still have that slimy File) on floppy...

ok we now discovered there are bad guys on the net..how we gonna stop them .No worry's along came McFEE ,and the wonder

floppy virus killer..i think it was 250 k not sure now have to check that .yes i still have them ,boxes .of floppy programs ,

my first mouse driver (commodore's disk) any one remember the tape drives ? same as used for playing music? heeee,

that's going back a while..any how along came more and more devices.more powerful pc's and the nasty virus became more deadly thy now could wipe out a pc ,in a flick of a eye lid .and be leave this thy are still out there !i ran a old virus program from my floppy and found 2 .that the modern scanners cant see .oh there no problem and very harmless ,but there out there!

and always will be.breeding away .having baby one looking for a home..

part one

i hope you will enjoy reading _ also the perhaps educational side----- perhaps pick up some thing from it ,i would like to express all my experience and learning

How to make one safe from the rat bags learned the hard way ,

and still learning!! Please remember i a am a hobby, pc person not a programmer i know how to but cannot Program...


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Something wonderful about switching on your pc.you watch your chem come to life,amazing this ,it start to almost talk to you,

w hating your command,to do whats asked,so you tell it ok lets play a game ,you hit its icon and away it runs,or hit a ather Icon and your on the net

have you ever sat back ,and wondered ,thinking Boy this is So Good ,every thing runs perfect now you may be doing some sort of typing or home work

perhaps using a program to do whatever you interests are,Suddenly all is frozen ,nothing moves your looking at a stunned pc .no key board,no mouse,your screen,is ether black,blue,our stuck there

with its last view.than as nothing is or rather can be done about it---- bar the reboot,so hit that dreaded button...NOW a little concerned ,sight a little re leaved, as it boot's away and kicks in and away it runs

your gem is ok just a hick up,a well that can happen ,perhaps a power glitch? 10 15 Minn later again ! the same ,you sit up now wondering what THE-------- and again have to hit the reboot.

ok its start's but now we got all this MESSY looking screen ,bits all over the place nothing is working,properly your mouse leaves this trace as if there is a large pita brush smearing the screen...

you now turn of the power ,sit a bit your now getting upset,what up ? so you try again ,come on you mumble ,come on baby go! ,and then your pc looks like as its dead.all you see is a blinking small

line,you nervously grab that boot floppy insert it ,this fix it! it boots.you hear the floppy drive grind away ,up comes all this text ,Showing what stuff gets loaded,and now sit there looking at a prompt. A:\you type in

c:\ and now the pc tells you DO NOT HAVE ONE installed..our cant find one invalid ,Fial,abort,reboot.ok the drive is dead! our perhaps some thing else.of to the pc shop ,walk in and ask them to look as to what wrong

come back the next day .yep your hard drive is dead! ok you take it home ,A little sad ,dissipation you lost all your stuff,but well that's life,we ok ,at least i may get it back or some of it. your thinking better start

this ,whats call back up programs,Store them ,don't ever want that to happen again,so you decide time to look into this.you ask about ,get heaps of advice ,ideas,and think yes ,got to get a virus program running,fire wall,ante this ,ante that.now you read about some Top fire wall ,or antie virus program ,pay up install,this should ,stop this happening agian! you run ok for a while ,but it seems thing take a long time to happen

this or that fails,data loss .programs fial to run, you install or try to fix what May be wrong,as you don't really know what it is!

reinstall,uninstall,it gets no better! Now the format! a dear! ok you redo again ,all now in place ,after a few days .its happening again ,your on the net.done all the fancy updates,all the latest drivers,every day checks.loging in to the programmers,and installing.rebooting,scanning,and things go wrong,its not the same as you had it 2 years back ,its getting no better ,it take a long time to boot as every thing is booting up ,allsorts of thing happen,installs,re-do's changes made ,you really have no idea whats happening, sometimes one get lucky and thing improve,So now you get flusterd ,every time you turn on your Gem,that now your not that happy with,become a bit dissolutened with.

Time to get a new one.Faster ,More power What .needed a bigger PC..Bigger Programs bigger drives .and now you start to get involved in different forums,

trying to understand Stuff.Like Me! always try hard to work out why thing's may be going wrong..and its all part of to days

system..because the net is a dangerous place to be link to ...and all sort of Stuff are there ready to hurt your New GEM....you now pay attention to protect it..

to be continued


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